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When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

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23. Chapter 23


"Okay, I have to go to the main building to get my schedule... I'll get some help from someone to show me around, I guess..." I told Jade, and walked in the opposite direction as her.

I finally found the building, and walked in. "Hi, I need to get my schedule, I was just accepted here..."

The woman smiled, and looked through the new student files. "You must be Rylie Miller..."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you for your help..." I smiled as she handed me the schedule.

"Do you need help finding your first class?" she asked politely.

"If you don't mind... I never got a tour of the campus."

The woman nodded, and walked out from behind the counter. "Okay, so your first class is Voice, correct?"

"Yes, ma'am, it is..."

"Okay, so that is in building one, and after that, your next class is in building 3, which is America's music. You will have a lunch period of about an hour in between you're classes. Both of your first classes are an hour and a half each. After that, they are only an hour." the woman said. "Your third class is in building 2, and that class is Global Popular Music. And your final class, Piano, is in building one.  Okay, so we are at building one, you're class is right down the hall, fourth door on the left. Have a good first day!"

I told her a quick thank you, and walked down the hallway to my first class.

Okay, this is it, this is where the dream begins.

"Oh, you must be Miss Miller!" a man told me. "I'm Professor Higginbottom... You can take a seat wherever you like, this class is a little short on students this semester. Welcome to Voice!"

I smiled, and sat in a seat in the second row.

"Okay, now, I want to see what I'm working with this semester... When I call your name, I want you to come up here and sing me a little something... It can be an original piece, or anything you're comfortable with... I'll give you a second to prepare something to sing." he said. "Okay, Miss Miller, you're first. I just have to pick on the new kid on her first day."

I walked up to the front of the class, and I decided to sing Photographby Ed Sheeran.  After I sang, the class applauded, and I sat back down in my seat.

"Not bad for the new girl..." I heard someone say in the back of the class. I smiled, and felt my cheeks get red.

After everyone sang something, the professor told us that we could socialize and get to know the other classmates.

I got my phone out of my purse, and texted Jade.

R- Meet me in front of building two for lunch period.?

J- Yeah, okay. How are you liking everything so far?

R- I absolutely love it here! It's everything that I've dreamed of...

J- I knew you would love it... Make some friends and stop texting me!

I silently chuckled, and put my phone back up.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and a guy sat down next to me.

"Hi, I'm Reece. Welcome to Voice." he smiled.

"Thanks, I'm Rylie. It's nice to meet you, Reece."

"You look really familiar... Where have I seen you from?" he asked.

"You've probably seen her all over social media! She's the girl who was dating Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer..." a girl said from behind us.

"Okay, yeah.. That is where I've seen you... But I'm not going to remember you like that." he smiled, and put his hand on my leg.

I coughed, and moved my leg away.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable... I'm trying to be friendly.." he said defensively.

"You're being a little too friendly, Reece." the girl said. "I'm Tegan, by the way. It's nice to meet you... If you have any questions just ask me. What's your next class?"

"Um, America's Music..." I said.

"Oh, really? Me too.. We can walk together if you like.." Tegan smiled.

I nodded. "Yeah, sure, I'd like that..."

"So, are you friends with that Jade Taylor girl?" Reece asked. "She's a total babe..."

"Yeah, we're actually best friends.. But she has a boyfriend.. You look like a fucking pencil compared to him." I snapped. Tegan giggled, and gave me a high-5.

"Nice, one." she said.

Before we knew it, it was time to go to our next class.

Tegan and I walked to building 3, and the class came and went pretty quickly.

I met Jade outside of building two, and we went to lunch together. We ended up going to Wendy's, and we told each other our schedules. Our third class was the same, and our fourth class was in the same building.

We quickly drove home after all our classes ended, so I could get ready to hang out with Niall.

"So, what was that surprise you were telling me about this morning?" Jade asked.

"You'll find out after I leave with Niall... I'll text you when it should get here..." I smirked.

"Okay... Ugh, fine." Jade sighed.

I smiled, and ran upstairs to take a quick shower. After I finished, I threw on a teal blouse, skinny jeans, and some floral combat boots. I went back into the bathroom to dry and straighten my hair. When I got finished, I heard Jade talking to someone downstairs.

"Niall!" I said, walking into the living area.

"Hi, Rylie! Wow, you are gorgeous... This is the first time we've actually ever met.." Niall smiled.

"Thank you, Niall... Are you ready to go?" I asked, and he nodded. "Bye, Jade. I'm going to text you once I shut the door, okay?"

"Okay, have a good time!" Jade waved.

I shut the door behind me, and we got into Niall's car.

"So, why do you have to text Jade?" Niall asked.

"Well, Calum is coming to surprise her, and I couldn't tell her until after we left... So, where are we going?"

"Um, I'm not sure where some fun places are here in Nashville.. What do you suggest?"

"There's this really cool place called Dave and Buster's.. It has an indoor bowling alley, pool tables, and a huge arcade..." I suggested.

"That sounds perfect... Perfect place, with a perfect girl." he whispered the last part.

I smiled to myself. He thinks I'm perfect?

My phone started ringing, and Jade's picture flashed across the screen.

"Rylie, thank you so so so much! I can't believe you got Calum to come down here... But the other boys are with him... They keep asking where you are..." Jade screamed. "Should I tell them?"

"No, please don't... I don't know what I would do if Luke found out..."

"That's the thing, Rylie... He came here with that Amber girl from the hotel..."

My heart dropped. What? He was so heartbroken over all of this, and now he's just fine with a new girlfriend? Jade's probably going to beat the shit out of him... He deserves everything he gets.

"Whatever.. He's a big boy, he can do what he wants.. I got to go, have a good time! Bye!" I said, and quickly hung up.

I sighed, and slid down in my seat a little.  I typed the directions into the gps, and let Niall do the driving.

We finally arrived at the building, and we went in and bought a Power Card. We went straight to the bowling alley, and played a quick game. Niall "let" me kick his ass, but we all know that it wasn't really like that. I'm just an awesome bowler.

We went into the arcade, and scanned over the games to play. We settled on playing Mario Kart, when I saw a familiar face.

"Jade?" I asked, walking closer to the person.

"Hey, Rylie! I didn't know y'all were coming here! Oh wait, shit... Luke and Amber are here too..." she said. "We should all sit at a table together and eat?"

"Yeah, that would be nice.." Niall answered for me. "Hey, Cal! Nice to see you old pal!"

They had a quick bro hug, and we walked to a table that could sit six people.

On one side of the table, it was Niall, Calum, and Luke, and on the other side, it was me, Jade, and hoebag. (sorry, I just had to XD)

"So, how was your first day at school?" Niall asked. "I know you must've been excited to go.."

"Yeah, tell us about it.." Luke mocked.

Calum elbowed him in the side, and Luke yelped in pain.

"Anyway, it was awesome... I met this guy, Reece, and a girl named Tegan... Tegan and I have the first two classes together, and then we have a lunch period." I started. "Well, my first class is Voice, and at the beginning of the semester, the teacher will call each student up, and they have to sing a verse or chorus of a song, so he can see what he's working with over the half-year."

"Oh, what did you sing?" Calum asked.

"Photograph by Ed Sheeran..." I said shyly. That was the first song that Luke and I slow danced to.

"Oh, I wonder why you chose THAT song..." Luke barked.

"Can you not? I'm trying to have a nice time, and all you're doing is ruining that!" I spat.

Luke's eyes softened, and he mumbled a quick sorry.

The waitress brought us our food, and we all dug in. The food was exceptionally excellent, and we all devoured the food that was on our plates.

"Well, we should go play some more games, Ni." I told him, and stood up from the table. "Movie night at our house tonight?"
"Yeah, totally..." Jade said. "Have a good time, Ry."

I grabbed Niall's hand, and drug him over to the big claw game.

"What do you want me to win you?" Niall asked.

"The teddy bear..." I said, pointing to a rainbow colored bear in the middle.

Niall guided the crane and hovered it over the bear.

"Go.." I said.

He pressed the button, and the claw dropped. It grabbed onto the bear, and drug it over to the drop out box. He reached in and grabbed the bear, and handed it to me.

"Thanks, Niall...." I smiled.

After hours of fun, we finally headed back to my house.

We walked into the back door, and heard everyone talking.

"Where's Amber?" I asked Luke.

"She got mad, and broke up with me... No big deal or anything... All she wanted was sex and money..." Luke sighed.

"Awe, I'm sorry, Lukey..." I frowned.

He slightly smiled, and my heart leaped.

"Hey, Rylie? Can we talk for a minute?" Niall asked.

I nodded, and he followed me into the kitchen.

"Listen, I don't want you to get the wrong idea... But I only want to be friends..." Niall said. "I know that you and Luke are perfect for each other, but you will have differences..."

"I know, Niall... I could tell by the way you acted that you knew something was up..."

"Well, I'm going to head back to Miami... I'll call you when I get there, okay?"


He gave me a quick hug, and was off.

I walked back into the living room, holding popcorn and drinks.

"Where did Niall go?" Jade asked.

"He had to go back to Florida... We're just friends though... That's the way it was supposed to be..."

Jade smiled, and I sat down in the floor in between her and Luke.

The next morning, I woke up in my bed.

"How did I get here?" I asked myself.

I got out of bed, and slipped on some shoes. I was still wearing the same clothes from last night, so someone must've carried me into my bedroom after I fell asleep.

I walked downstairs, and heard laughing coming from the kitchen.

"Who took me to my room last night?" I asked lazily.

Everyone looked towards Luke.

"Thank you... I appreciate it.." I said.

He smiled, and nodded.

I felt my heart skip a beat. What in the world has this tall, blue eyed Australian done to me? I'm pretty sure I know the answer... He made me fall in love with him... But how do I know that I cant trust him? I mean, he's "cheated" on me... Broke up with me cause I wouldn't have sex with him... What's next? I think Niall was right, we are perfect for each other, but we are going to have some differences...




Long update for me! Woooo! I'm so happy that I got to update...

So, Niall and Rylie are just going to stay friends... And Rylie's in love with Luke..

Is Lulie going to get back together?


I didn't listen to music while writing this chapter, but I watched a couple of movies...

Crocodile Dundee  and Twilight.

So, technically they were playing in the background but oh well..




Love you guys! Stay awesome!


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