End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

Copyright to @_calumsnude_
We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


22. Chapter 22


After Rylie went to bed, I went in the living room to watch tv.

I was missing Calum really bad so I FaceTimed him.

"Hey babe. Miss me already," he said with a smile.

"Yes I do okay. I need to hear your voice," I told him.

"Oh okay. So what are you doing?" He asked.

"Watching supernatural with out you," I told him.

"What with out me," he said in a playful voice.

"Yea. And it's your favorite one." I told him.

"And that would be?"

"When they are... I don't know your favorite one," I told him.

"Hahaha I knew it!" He said.

"I'm tired so I'm going to bed. I have classes tomorrow. I love you. Goodnight," I said.

"Okay love you too goodnight," he said.

I put my phone on charge and went to bed.


I woke up the next morning to Rylie betting my head with a pillow.

"Would you fucking stop. I'm up," I told her.

"Oh. Sorry," she said.

"Ugh we have classes today. I don't want to go," I said walking to the bathroom.

"Get over it, hoe," Rylie said giggling.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked.

"I have a surprise for you," she said," but it has to wait till after class."

"What why. You know I hate surprises ," I told her.

"I know that's why I told you that," she said and grab her car keys.

"Ugh Rylie why?!" I said.

"Cause I said so fucking deal with it," she said.

I rolled my eyes and walked out the door with here to go to class.


(Sorry so short and not posting in a while. I didn't have my phone. Once again I'm sorry -Jade)

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