End Up Here || CTH & LRH

When I wake up next to you I wonder how did we End Up Here?

Copyright to @_calumsnude_
We wrote this, and didn't steal it from anyone.


10. Chapter 10


Everything just went black and I was nocked out.

I woke up with a bright light shinning in my eyes.

What the hell?

"Ummm," I said.

"She's up!" I heard someone say.

My eyes focused and I saw my mom, stepdad,and my sister setting in a chair.

I'm in the hospital. Why am I here?

"What happen?" I asked.

"Jade honey you and Rylie were in a car wreck," my mom said," Rylie is in a comma. You just banged your hard in the dash."

"Oh where is she where is Rylie?" I asked.

I heard someone running into my room. I turned my head and saw Calum standing in the door way.

"Who the hell are you?" My step-dad said.

"I'm Calum. Her um her boyfriend," he said.

"And when were u goin to tell us about this Jade?" My mom asked me.

"When I was in Miami. I was goin to see his band play a concert. His name is Calum," I told them then looked at Calum,"how did you find out?"

"It was on the news that two teens named Jade and Rylie were on a wreck," he said.

"Oh is Luke here?" I asked.

"Yea he is with Rylie in the next room," he said.

"Okay. I need to sit up," I said.

Calum and my mom came and help me.

"Well. Calum why don't me and you have a talk?" My step-dad said.

Fuck!! Why here?

"Okay," Calum said as my stepdad put his hand on his shoulder and walked out.

"I want to see Rylie," I told my mom.

"I don't know if you can get up. But I will ask a nurse," she said.

She went and got a nurse and they let me go see her.

They put me in a wheelchair, and rolled me to see Rylie. I don't care if she is in a comma. I wan to see my best friend.

I get to her room, and saw Luke and her parents in there talking.

I looked over to Rylie and there was tubes and all that hooked to my best friend.

"Oh my god," I said on the urge of tears.

I rolled over to her and lost it. I was balling. I don't know what I would do with out her. I couldn't lose her.

"Will she wake up anytime soon?" I asked.

"We don't know. The doctor said that she should wake up any minute now but she hasn't," her mom said. Her voice was shaky.

"Do you remember anything before the wreck happened?" Her mom asked me.

"Not really. It's all blurry. All I remember is everything going black," I told them.

I looked over at Luke. He was about to cry.

"Jade I need to talk to you," Luke said.

"Okay," I told him.

I rolled out of the room and followed him out into the hallway.

"I umm texted Rylie before the crash. I think that's what caused it," he said.

"Oh. I do remember now. I did heard he phone go off and she reached for it. Then we hit another car and flipped about two times," I told him," hey don't fell bad."

"But I caused the crash. I fell like shit cause I texted her and she was looking at her phone. It's all my fault," he said putting his head in his hands.

"Don't blame it on you. Okay," I told him.

"Okay," he said.

"I know she is your girlfriend but she is my best friend so if your going to be with her, that's means your my best friend too. She tells me everything. So you can do the same," I told him.

"Okay thanks. Would it hurt if I hugged you?" He asked.

"No just don't squeeze," I said and he gave me a hug.

"She's awake!!" I hear Rylie's mom say.

Me and Luke went back into the room and saw her eyes open.

"Nurse we need a nurse," she yelled.

The nurse comes running in there and took the tube out of her mouth.

"There. How are you felling?" The nurse asked Rylie.

"Like shit. Like a fucking car ran me over," she said.

"Okay I'm going to get the doctor. Jade he is waiting for you in your room," the nurse said.

"Okay," I said and roiled into my room.

"Hi Jade. I'm doctor Rylie, how are you doing?" The doctor said.

"Good I'm sore as hell but good," I told.

"Okay. I was telling your parents and your boyfriend that your arm is broken and your shoulder is dislocated. That's all that you hurt. I will give you some pain medicine to stop it. But that's all. We will get you in a sling and a cast and the you will be one your way," he said.

"Okay thank you," I told him.

He nodded his head and left the room.

"Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it was," my mom said.

"Can Calum take care of me?" I asked.

"Yea if that's what you want," my mom said.

"I will take perfect care of her," Calum said.

"You better take care of my little girl," my dad whispered not meaning to say it out loud.

"Okay," my mom said," we will leave you two alone. Kent come on," she said.

"Well that went better than I expected it to go," Calum said.

"What did he say to you?" I asked him.

"Just that if I hurt you an anyway,which I'm not, he would do the same to me," he said.

"Oh that's not bad he has said worst," I told him.

I told him to give me a hug and he kissed me.

I heard my mom tell my dad not to go into the room. So that made me think they heard everything that just happen. I didn't care.

The nurse came and asked me what color cast I wanted. I told her green.

She got done putting it on when Rylie walked in.

"Hey how are you felling?" I asked her.

"I'm sore as hell but nothing is broken just some cuts and bruises," she said," what about you?"

"Just a broke arm and a dislocated shoulder and some cuts and bruises but I'm fine," I told her

"That's good," she said.

"There you go. You are ready to leave now," the nurse said.

So me and Rylie left with Calum and Luke to get some rest at the hotel they are staying at.

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