unnoticeable || M.C

Have you ever felt like you were invisible? Even by your family? Well, thats my life. But, there's this guy and i want him to notice me. Will he ever?


4. 4

Michael's POV

"Hey, how'd you find me?" I ask confused to why the girl at the airport was suddenly at my door.

"Uh I-"

"We found her on the curb sitting and listening to All Time Low." Calum says cutting her off.

"Thanks Calum I didn't know I was talking to you."

"Sorry" he says.

"Uh well my parent and sister live next door and-"

"Wait you're Tracy's sister?!" I say in complete shock.

How can SHE be related to HER.

"uh yeah. How do you know her?"

"She came over and introduced herself. She's-"

"Yeah I know" she cuts me off.

"Well the reason why I was on the curb was cause I kinda told my parents I was moving out not knowing I have no where to stay." She says looking down at her feet.

"Well you can stay here, if you want. You don't have to. I mean like we could-"

"Thanks but don't u have to ask your parents?"

I shrug "I'll ask right now. Come on in guy-" I cut myself off seeing the guys were already inside. "Well come on in Hope."

She smiles and walks in.

Hope's POV

I walk in and sit on the couch with Michael's friends.

"Hey Hope wanna play FIFA?"

"What? What's FIFA?"

"YOU DONT KNOW WHAT FIFA IS ?!" Calum yells and so does the blonde.

"Uh no. I loved to try it." I smile.

"Ok." They say calming down.

"Oh I'm Luke" the blonde says.



I just smile. I look over to see Michael talking to his mother, probably about me staying over.

I see him turn over and walk towards us and I quickly look away.

"Ooh we're playing FIFA!" He says jumping on the couch and picking up a controller.

"So how do you play?" I ask.

"Here I'll show you." Michael says. He scoots closer and puts his hands over mine showing me how to play.

"Got it?"

"Huh?" I say snapping back to reality.

"oh my weren't listening." He huffs.

"Sorry. I'll just watch." I say putting down the controller.


I lean back and stare at my hands and play with my fingers. His hands weren't soft but they weren't rough either. They were just...


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