unnoticeable || M.C

Have you ever felt like you were invisible? Even by your family? Well, thats my life. But, there's this guy and i want him to notice me. Will he ever?


1. 1

My name is something I lost. I lost all of it. Hope. That's my name. I live in Florida but, recently my dad got a new job in Australia.

Am I sad to leave?

Am I going to miss my friends?

No. I'm not.

That's because I don't have any. I'm glad because now, maybe I can actually be noticeable.

Hope's POV

I don't exactly know when we are leaving my parents never told me. They never tell me anything anyway.

"Hope we're leaving now bring your bags down."

What?! Ugh. I'm not even awake. I rummage through my pile of cloths, which I have very few of, and put on black tights and a Pierce the Veil tank top. I'm just glad I packed before.

Once I'm dressed I practically sprint to the car before they could leave me, because they would.

*On the Plane*

Now the part I'm going to dread. 21 hours on this plane. Oh yeah my parents didn't want me to sit next to them so I'm sitting somewhere far from them. My only worry is trying to catch up to them when we land.

I put my earbuds in and shuffle my playlist. 21 hours....

* 21 Hours Later In Australia*

Michael's POV

My dad is coming home today from a business trip. There's so much traffic at the airport I hate it, especially because my mum is at work now and I have to do this myself. I park in the garage and walk to his gate.

I can't find him, why are there so much people? I decided to text him.

Dad. I'm here where are you?


How long does it take to just say wh-

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry." I say to the girl I just bumped into.

"It's alright I'm used to it." She says ignoring my hand to help her up.

"I'm Michael what your name?"



Hey luvss so this is our new story. Comment if you enjoyed the first chapter bye ❤️

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