Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


14. unlocked doors

Unlocked doors


They stopped with a jolt, Liberty guessed that it had been about two hours since they got in the bus.

She heard a click as the doors were unlocked and then two doors slammed, signalling that the driver and passenger had got out. Liberty expected another click, as the doors locked, but it did not come. She tried the handle to the back door, it opened without hinderance. Ah ha, she had triumphed!

She hopped out the van and shut the door, just so it was closed, very quietly without slamming it,

She turned around and inspected the building they had pulled up outside, as she did so, a conversation drifted out of a window on the ground floor;

“Her and her aunt have committed a dreadful crime, punishable by death, but we can’t have either of them becoming a Martyr, if the anti-establishmentarians find out, there may be an uprising.

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