Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


18. The rebel camp

The rebel camp


Black was all she could see, Liberty was blindfolded, she had agreed to this for Brave and his companion refused to take her back to the camp with her being able to know the way they were going. After all, trust was something that had to be earned, not freely given.

After a while the van stopped. Liberty heard Brave and the other person jump out and slam the doors, she flung aside the blindfold, slid the door open and hopped out.

“This way,” Brave called over his shoulder.

“Yup, I’m coming,” Liberty responded, catching up with him.

The camp consisted of a couple of huge tents and then five smaller ones, it seemed like they had been there for some time as there were yellow circles dotted around the clearing, obviously where they had moved the tents, allowing the grass to recover from the lack of sunlight. She took this to mean that they respected nature, unlike the people that had destroyed rainforests to create nuclear power plants.

Liberty thought that all of the people there seemed friendly, she listened while Brave told them all about her having a name, but then someone decided to voice their opinion “What’s so special about having a name? Our identity numbers are personal to us and we are used to them.”

A couple of people nodded in agreement but then Brave said, “Having names is practical too, you don’t want to have to rattle off a load of numbers when you are referring to a group of people, and you don’t want to have to remember all those numbers either.”

“Also, names can mean something, they could be your best characteristic, or what you are fighting for. My name…” she continued “My name, Liberty, means freedom, freedom from the confinements of the system!” There was a murmur of approval as they discussed this new idea amongst themselves.

One boy loudly told Liberty, pointing at the girl next to him, “She always tells the truth, whether it’s good or bad.”

The girl next to him proceeded to say “Yeah, but Honesty is a weird name, it sounds stupid.”

“Well the truth is always clear when we are with you,” said her companion.

“Yeah, I’m like rays of Clarity. Clarity, that’s me, I’m Clarity!” She said with a smile as wide as the ocean. Names were then shouted out as people realised their best characteristics, or what they wanted in life.

J170 wanted Justice (for what reason, Liberty didn’t know), H191 decided his best characteristic was courage and so he became Courageous and because he thought his younger brother’s (Clarity’s companion) was his fairness, he named him Fair. Liberty went round and made conversation with all the residents in the camp.

Liberty was with Justice, the oldest girl there when she confessed that she really wished she had her younger sisters with her, but she said they had been captured by some IPB operatives. “Ah,” Liberty thought, these must have been the ones that Brave was talking about. “It’s hard,” she confessed, “even when you are happy, you have this hole, that friends just can’t fill. I have been their mother since our mum was murdered, by the government, of course. I had to recover from that as well, they had not only taken my mother away from me, but their mother from them, and that was worse, they needed her. Sometimes, I still resent her for dying, and at others I feel okay, happy even, it took me a few years to stop plotting revenge, though."
Liberty had an idea, she whispered it to Justice. Brave, being naturally nosy, insisted on knowing what they were talking about,
“What’s the secret, you two, Justice is not usually one for gossip, so it must be worth knowing!”
“Less of a secret, more like a master plan!” Justice giggled.
Liberty and Brave shared a look.
Brave seemed confused, Liberty imagined that this was probably because she hadn’t laughed much since her sisters were taken.

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