Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


8. The little white lie

The little white lie Five minutes later, in the teachers office

“The girl’s got a name? What a load of old nonsense!” stated the teacher.

To someone who didn’t have the full story, it would have seemed as though the teacher genuinely did not believe the bully’s story that the small pupil had a name stamped on the inside of her identification band. The truth was, in fact, that the teacher did not even consider the possibility that the bully may be lying to get M1004 into trouble. She already knew that what the bully had reported that M1004 had said was completely true, but they could not know that this was the case, so she made an excuse that M1004’s mother had died when she had just been born and that she probably wished that she had something from her mother. Its only a little white lie, she thought. This seemed to do the trick with the bully and she just hoped that they wouldn’t pick on her more because of this. She was already the prime target for all the bullies’ negative feelings. She did not want to see the young girl upset. She had only started giving her a bit of a hard time in class because in a meeting the head teacher had been constantly repeating himself about how there was to be no favouritism at all and if there was the teacher would be fired and not given the percent of the pension that the employers save up for the employees. M9 knew she had to protect herself; she had worked there for a long time, nearly all her working life. The organisation had a lot of the money that was owed to her when she reached the suitable age for retirement in a few years, and she wanted her reputation kept intact till then, she was a fully qualified teacher, and that title was quite unusual nowadays. The universities were the first thing to be bombed in the third war, they had only two per country now, so there was lots of competition to get in, and the work was even harder, so less than 75% came out with good grades.

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