Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


17. So... Why

So… Why?


“What the hell was that for?” Liberty questioned.

“Well, if two IBP operatives want to kidnap you, and I’m presuming you were kidnapped if you want to escape, then they must either need you for research, or you need to be contained. And if it’s the latter, that’s good, because you are one of us. Or if it’s the former, then we can hold you to ransom, for either money, or the others back” The boy said.

“Others?” asked Liberty

“Yeah, there used to be seven of us based here, we now have only five”

“They took them?” Liberty said, shocked.

“They took them,” he confirmed.

“May I ask why?” said Liberty, sticking to the rule of politeness that she was brought up with, even though the current situation warranted the opposite.

“It was one month ago, three operatives jumped out on us, one got shot in the leg, the second went to help the first,the third grabbed J1009, and instead of shouting for J170, the twins’ older sister, J1010 ran to help J1009, and ended up getting taken as well.”

Liberty was horrified.

“So, what is your identification code?” The boy asked Liberty.

“Well,” said Liberty, “It’s M1004, but I prefer people to use my name.”

“Your name?” said the boy, bewildered.

“Yeah, my name is Liberty,” she responded, unfazed. “What’s yours?

“We don’t have names, you are the only person with a name.”

“But you are part of the Anti Establishment Group, right? That means you go against the rules, right? And this is the biggest rule, so go against it! You are meant to be rebels, so rebel!” Liberty exclaimed.

“You want me to name myself? Okay…” Said the boy

“what about…” Liberty started to suggest.

He cut her off, “Brave.”

“Good choice, but will you untie me now you have proof I’m on your side?” Liberty said.

“No thanks,” Brave joked, starting to untie her. “I think I’ll just leave you here forever.”

Liberty made puppy-dog eyes, “aww please,” she playfully pleaded.

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