Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


5. Picked on and taunted

Picked on and taunted

Two years later

Liberty had been Learning for two years now and she hadn't been asked to give any answers straight after the "Incident" but now she was constantly picked to answer questions. The teacher who had been so nice to her on the first day, was now telling Liberty off for tiny things, like rocking on her chair or glancing out the window. Just yesterday she had been made to stay in at lunchtime for not completing her work only because she was trying hard to deflect the insults the other children were throwing at her. Liberty was tired of being picked on by the teacher and taunted by her classmates, they all seemed to know she was different. She kept trying to tell herself not to lash out and tell them that she was different. She was special, for she had a name, but she knew it would just cause conflict and inevitable punishment. She wasn't outstandingly good at anything, she was average or below at everything, she never got praised or rewarded and that meant she would never get a second chance if she did make that mistake. There was no safety net there to catch her.

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