Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


11. Dreams don't come true.

Dreams don’t come true.


Trees… running around…singing loudly… uncontrolled laughter.

Trees? But there were hardly any trees left.

Running around in open spaces? That was silly, all the grass and plants are treasured in open spaces, there were mainly pavements, lots of concrete and only rich people have gardens .

Singing loudly? But you might disturb people that are busy, you can get punished for that.

Uncontrolled laughter? What a load of old nonsense, no-one has cause to laugh nowadays, especially in an uncontrolled manner.

What an unrealistic dream, Liberty thought.

But what if there was a place like that?

Once again, the drugs took over and pulled her back into the void of contrived sleep.

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