Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


9. Don't protect yourself, it's for the best.

Don’t protect yourself; it’s for the best.


The bully was sent out of M9’s office,

Breaktime ended,

They went back into class,

They did more work,

Now it was lunchtime.

No, she was coming over, please say she hadn’t told the teacher.




Liberty opened her eyes and grimaced.

The bully was standing right in front of her.

“Ughh!” thought Liberty.

“So, why did you lie to me?”

“Ahh, the teacher told her I was lying, well, it’s better than being expelled, sent away and my name taken away,” thought Liberty.

The bully smiled a twisted smile, “No-one lies to me. Now you’re in for it.”

Liberty winced as she heard the faint sound of a clenched fist start on a collision course with her face.

Then everything went black.

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