Liberty: Is she the only one with a name?™

M1004's identification band has the word Liberty stamped into the back of it. Is she the only one with a name?


22. Back at the camp

"You're back!"

"No, we're a mirage," Brave stated sarcastically.

"Sarcasm is always at someone's expense, Brave, you're aptitude for it is rather disturbing."

"Give him a break, Justice. He insisted on taking the last three driving shifts so I would be well rested upon arrival," Liberty reasoned.

"How very gentleman-like of you, Brave. Anyway, you better go and see the others. They are in the main tent, the twins have missed you especially.

"So," Liberty said as they walked, "We delivered the news, the rebel leader has sent out coded letters to all the other rebel camps, telling them what to do, we are back where we started. What do we do now?"

"The natural progression from a life changing event is to reunite with family," said a chirpy voice behind Liberty.

"Courageous!" Liberty threw her arms around him, "How I've missed your brainy gobbledegook!"

"Yes, and I've missed you two too,"

"Wait what was that about family, Courageous?"

He repeated the sentence, "The natural progression from a life changing event is to reunite with family."

"Yes, family. My Aunt! I've not seen her for ages, I should go and tell her that I'm okay, that I'm with you guys and helping with the rebel effort. I will ask the others if it would be all right if we went to see her.



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