Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


8. 8

          I stand out on the balcony of the hotel room, running my fingers through my hair. In my mind I’m running through what to say to him.

          Michael, it was a complete accident, I swear. No don’t start out on a bad note. Uhh, I have something to tell you. No that’s no good either. Okay, while you were gone, Kennedy and I went clubbing for her birthday…

          I was immediately distracted when I saw Calum push his way into the hotel room. “Hey,” He said while smiling his classic Calum smile, while giving me a hug.

          “What are you doing with my girlfriend?” Michael said while chuckling his way into the room. I immediately let go of Calum and ran to my Mikey. His arms wrapped tightly around my waist, and mine went perfectly around his shoulders. “I’m never letting you go.” He whispered into my ear. He leaned in to kiss me when Ashton interrupted

          “Come on people, keep it PG.” Ashton said while taking off his beanie. I laughed as we finally kissed.

          Luke walked over and asked where I was staying. “I actually have the room next door.” Michael had is arms wrapped around my waist as he was holding me from behind.

          “How did you swing that?” Calum asked looking through his duffel bag.

          “Believe me, it wasn’t easy,” I said, “It took countless pictures, a virgin sacrifice, and a few fans to prove that I was indeed dating Michael Clifford.” I felt Michael laughing as his chin was resting on my shoulder. We were standing, listening to Ashton ramble on about something that had happened on the airplane when my Pac-man text tone went off. I rushed over to it and found a text from Kennedy, asking if I had told Michael yet.

          I told her I hadn’t yet, and probably would tomorrow, since they had just gotten in only an hour ago. Better sooner than later Kennedy responded. I sighed and excused myself into my adjacent room, saying that I had to call my mom. I dialed Kennedy’s number as soon as I got into my room.


Me: Hey, I have no idea on how I am going to break this news to him.

Well, I recommend doing it sooner than later, because who wants to find out through social media that your girlfriend was kissed by some random guy in a club? :Kennedy

Me: Do I just say it, or do I like ease into it?

Well, doing it sudden might be better, you know, get it over with right. :Kennedy

Me: I just don’t know how I am going to do this


          As I finished my sentence, Michael walked in, “How you are going to do what?” I looked up and I heard from Kennedy’s end of the line was, “Oh shit.” And then I hung up.

          “How are you going to do what?” Michael asked me again.

          “Okay, come sit down, I need to tell you something.” I said while patting the bed next to me. He looked nervous as he came and sat down on the bed. “Just to let you know, I decided to fly out here before any of what I’m about to tell you happened.”

          “Okay……” He said while his green eyes looked into mine.

          “Kennedy and I went clubbing for her birthday, and we wanted to dance, have a good time,” I said while bringing my legs up to sit crisscross. “And we had a couple drinks and were dancing, when we met this guy named Josh started dancing with us. Kennedy went to get us some waters, but we were pretty out of it.” His eyebrows started to move into a concerned look. “The next thing I knew, he had kissed me.” I started talking faster and faster, “I swear, once it happened, I pushed him off and told him that I have you and then Kennedy and I…” I was interrupted by him kissing me. I was surprised at first, and then melted into it.

          “Well, I hope he doesn’t show up again, because you’re all mine” Michael said.




          I woke up the next morning, feeling like a whole new person. After I told Michael what happened, we both had fallen asleep watching the cheap Irish gameshows that were airing on the hotel T.V. I was half asleep as their manager walked in, telling me to wake up.

          “Come on, the boys have an interview and Michael wants you to be there.” Zoe said while opening the curtains and I was immediately awoken. I lazily got up out of bed, and proceeded to get ready for the day.

          My curls weren’t in that bad of shape for being slept in, so I decided to go for the unruly bedhead thing. I slipped into my denim overalls with regular high top converse, a green day tank underneath and my note necklace. With a little bit of mascara, and I was ready to go. I headed downstairs to the lobby where Zoe was waiting by a car.

          “You get ready faster than the boys, I can’t believe this!” She said while looking behind me for any sign of the sleepy people. As soon as I was standing right beside her, we saw the procession of four, tired boys appear.

          “How do you do it?” Ashton asked me.

          “How do I do what?” I asked him back.

          “Get ready in such a short amount of time?” he said while looking at my hair.

          “It has taken me years of practice, training, discipline, and being very late to things to look this good on such a short notice.” I said while stuffing my hands into the pockets of my overalls.

          “Well, we need some of that discipline.” Ashton said while motioning to the boys who were already being ushered into the car by Zoe.

          We arrived at the radio place, thing where they would be conducting the interview. It was quite nice, as well as recording it, they were also filming it. I got to stand in a sort of backstage place along with Zoe, who had now relaxed now that we were here and on time. I smiled as I heard the interview start. I was allowed to listen in along with Zoe. It was a classic normal interview; the introductions of who was interviewing, who was being interviewed, the thank you’s, I was all too familiar with it. It was a while into the interview when I heard the question that all interviews seem to contain: Are you single?

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