Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


7. 7

          Something terrible has happened, I don’t know if I should blame myself or him. It was a week after the song and to celebrate Kennedy’s birthday, we went out clubbing. I enjoy clubbing, I mean the dancing, the music, everything about it was amazing. We had gone to a place called “The Hydra”, it was a really cool place. They had an excellent taste in music, and everyone was willing to dance. Kennedy and I had migrated over to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks, one for me and one for her.

          “Someone over there had eyes for you.” Kennedy said while pointing her head in the direction of a very handsome man who was looking right at me.

          “Well, he’s out of luck,” I said and I pointed to myself while saying, “this girl is taken, by an adorable kitten.” Kennedy laughed and we both moved to the dance floor. A couple of drinks in, we were dancing to Just Dance by Lady Gaga when the guy from earlier came over to us and started dancing with us. His name was Josh, and he was a very nice guy. Kennedy went back to the bar to get some water, and I stayed, dancing with Josh. As soon as I knew it, he was grabbing my waist and pulling me into a kiss.

          “I have a boyfriend!” I shout as I realized what just happened and push him away from me.

          He took a step back and looked at me with an apologetic look on his face, "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

          "Well don't let it happen again." I said as I walked away to find Kennedy. I soon found her, chatting up the bartender.

          "We have to go." I said grabbing her arm

          "Why?" she said looking confused.

          "You remember the boy, Josh, who had danced with us?" I asked her and she nodded her head, "Well, he kissed me."

          A surprised look appeared on her face, "Oh okay, we better go then." We got into my car and we drove to my place.

          “I am so stupid, how could I have let that happen?!” I said while pulling my magenta hair out of its messy bun and running my fingers through it. “Do you know what would happen if the paparazzi found out about this?! Through my Eyes Star, Samantha Connelly kisses unknown man at London Club!”

          “Okay girl you need to sit down.” Kennedy kept her cool through the whole situation. “Did you lead him on?” She asked.

          “No, I would never do that, we had just been dancing, so hardly any words were exchanged.” I said while sitting down on the couch. “He kissed me, and I pushed him away, and told him I had a boyfriend."

          “Okay, the more important question is, did you like the kiss?” Kennedy said.

          "He was a good kisser, and at first yes, but then I realized and ran." I said I went to the fridge for some food. I got leftover Chinese food from the fridge and turned to her and asked her, "Should I tell Michael, or do you think that isn't the best idea?"

          “I think you should tell him, before bad word gets out, and he hears it for himself.” Kennedy said.

          “Okay, I will do that, my flight leaves tomorrow, and I will explain everything to him.” I said, as I walked upstairs, flopped on the bed and stared up to the ceiling, thinking about how stupid I could be.




          It was the next morning, and I was packed, ready to go and see my baby at the airport. I was nervous as hell, but I desperately wanted to get out of London. My flight arrived two hours before theirs did, so I was on a plane with what seemed like a hundred girls decked out in 5SOS gear. A few of them recognized me. Both as the movie star, and Michael Clifford’s girlfriend. A few asked for their phone numbers, which I politely declined to give them, and a few just stared at me in awe. It was the most awkward flight I have ever had.

          I was lucky to get out of that plane alive, like a stampede of elephants, these girls left the airplane. I grabbed my carryon bag, and proceeded to walk to the baggage claim for my other bag. Michael told me the hotel room they were staying at, so I went there. There. Were. Girls. Everywhere, waiting for the boys to arrive. I pushed my way to the front, and checked myself in to the room next to Michaels. It took some persuading of the front desk attendant that I was Michael Clifford’s girlfriend. It required lots of pictures, one of us kissing, it required text messages, and a fan to verify that I was indeed his girlfriend.

          I set my stuff down, and got decked out in 5 Seconds of Summer merchandise. A 5SOS t-shirt, black skinny jeans, all black converse, with a I <3 Michael bracelet. I was going to surprise him. I headed over to the airport an hour before their plane was supposed to arrive, I needed to be right at the front row. I have never been a very patient person, so this was hell. Especially the fact that I heard three girls talking about which one they thought was cuter, and which one would marry her. I laughed to myself, knowing the boys, and I knew they wouldn’t date any of them, but I wasn’t about to tell them that.

          I heard the screaming of girls when I saw Marcus walk by (one of the boy’s escort) he saw me as I put my finger to my lips as if to say don’t tell Michael I am here. He smiled as he continued walking and stopped right next to the elevator. I saw Luke appear first, followed by Calum, then Ashton, and then my Mikey. Girls were screaming and I had moved out of the crowed to where Marcus was standing. He let me out of the gate and I walked over to where Michael was taking pictures with the fans.

          I tapped him on the shoulder, “Excuse me, could I get a picture with you?” I asked.

          “Yeah sure.” His head turned quickly to glace at me, then went back to the fan he was signing a poster for. Realizing who I was, he turned around and wrapped his arms around me and planted a kiss on my lips. We heard the girls scream and I laughed against the kiss.

          “Get back to your girls.” I whispered in his ear as I pulled away from him. I headed to the elevator where Marcus was standing smiling as girls were screaming everywhere. I sat on the floor of the elevator, smiling. The thought of how I was going to break this news to him danced in the back of my mind.

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