Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


4. 4

          I decided not to go after Luke because if I was a guy and my girlfriend got pissed at me for going on tour, I wouldn’t want anybody talking to me. I responded to Kennedy’s text. Kennedy was my friend who recently started seeing Calum. I told her I was at the recording studio, and I would be to her house soon. I walked into the kitchen and proceeded to look in the fridge for anything that could possibly be eaten. I debated eating the Chinese food but decided against it, because who knows how long it had been sitting in that fridge. I settle for an ice cream sandwich which I double check the expiration date on. I walk out into the “living room” where everyone is asking where Luke went.

          “He left, he got into an argument with Mallory and left,” I said, “I didn’t want to follow him because if I just got in an argument with my girlfriend, I wouldn’t want to be around people.”

          “Okay, we should leave him alone for a while longer, and then try to find him.” Ashton said while taking a bite of what looked like toast with vegemite on it. The boys all agree through a series of nodding and grunting. I turn to Calum and ask him if he’s told Kennedy that he’s going on tour. He turns to me and says no.

          “It’s better to tell her sooner than later.” I say.

          “What if she pulls a Mallory?” He asks. I start laughing at his comparison.

          “I know Kennedy, she’s had and sustained a long distance relationship before, she won’t mind.” I say still giggling to myself. Ashton stands up and declares that he is going to call Luke. He whips out his cell phone and dials Luke’s number. We all hear a Hello at the other end of the line, and the conversation continues from there.


Ashton: Hey man where are you?

I went back to my place. :Luke

Ashton: Well, we were going to get pizza, and we were wondering if you want some.

Totally, lets order it and then watch a movie. :Luke

Ashton: I’m cool with that *turns to us* guys?

Sure! :All Together

Ashton: See you soon man

By dude. :Luke


          We all head over to the boy’s house and order three pizzas; one is Hawaiian (Mine and Michael’s favorite), Pepperoni, and Cheese. Calum texts Kennedy, and tells her to come over to have pizza and watch a movie with us. About ten minutes later, she rings the doorbell and Calum goes to answer it.

          For as long as I can remember, Kennedy has been one of my closest friends. We met around year six, and have been friends ever since. Her dirty blonde hair is pulled up into the most perfect messy bun I have ever seen. She is wearing a pair of leggings that come down to her calf, a loose tank top is draped over a black bandeau, and Calum notices all of this. I run up and give her a hug, after Calum gives her one first, and we all sit down to watch The Lego Movie. The boys have had an obsession with it since it came out, and they finally bought it on DVD.

          I am leaning up against Michael, my head on his shoulder, and my legs resting on top of his. Kennedy is in a similar position with Calum, her head lays on his chest, and their hands are intertwined. Ashton looks over and sees us all snuggled up and he then proceeds to snuggle with Luke. An eruption of laughter fills the room as we are all being squished by Ashton laying across all of our laps. Luke still looks shaken up about the Mallory thing, and wasn't his usual bright self.

          We all decide to take a late night swim in the pool, it was Ashton's idea. Because neither Kennedy nor I expected the idea of swimming, we just swam in our clothes. Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael all borrowed each others swim trunks and met Kennedy and I in the pool. It’s probably two or three in the morning, and we are still swimming in the warm water (Michael turned up the heater to 90°) Kennedy has to leave first, because she has to let her puppy out to pee, or else it will pee all over the house. Because Kennedy left, we all decided to pack up. I borrow a towel from the boys, and try to dry off my shorts, which stay dripping wet.

          I drive back home and shower off the chlorine, careful not to let my magenta hair to fade. I climb into my Snoopy pajama pants, and a New York T-Shirt. I lay in bed for a while, happy that the band is becoming more popular, but sad that my Michael is leaving again. I turn in the covers and find the stuffed Pikachu lying amongst my massive amounts of pillows. Michael gave it to me on our fourth date, along with our first kiss. I fell asleep to the thought of my Michael.


          It’s the end of mine and Michael’s last week together, and we are trying to get the most out of it. We went clubbing last night, and we are planning to go to the beach tomorrow night. But for tonight, Kennedy and I are hanging with the guys. I picked her up around two or three in the afternoon, and we headed over to the boy’s place and walked in on them playing video games. Mallory was nowhere to be seen, and Michael told me Luke hasn’t talked to her since the telling of the tour. We could all tell they broke up. I didn’t like her anyway.

          They would yell at each other when they got killed, or killed one another. They would push each other, hoping to make them loose, and it was very entertaining. We sat and watched them play for a good hour or two when Ashton announced that he was hungry. All of us agreed and we headed to the kitchen. Kennedy took one look in their fridge and pantry and told them they needed more food in the house.

          “That the thing,” Calum said while walking up behind her, “We don’t know how to cook.”

          Kennedy looked to me and I said, “It’s true.”

          “Well, how about we make something,” Kennedy hollered, “What do you guys want to eat?” We immediately heard the words SPAGHETTI shoot from Ashton’s mouth. We all laughed and agreed with Ashton, spaghetti did sound good. We all shuffled to the front door. Michael put on my favorite black boots, I put on my bright red, high top converse, Ashton and Luke wore all black converse, and Calum wore his black van type shoes.

          Let’s just say, our store trip was, eventful. First of all, the boys couldn’t decide what type of spaghetti noodles they wanted, and then found fake foam swords and fenced in the middle of the toy isle. The sauce wasn’t that hard to pick out, it all looked the same to them. In order to check out, we had to walk past the CD section, where they found every one of their albums and bought them. At this point in time, I truly understood Luke’s analogy, the band really were distracted squirrels.

          We finally made it back to the house around 6:30 pm and started making dinner. Kennedy was an excellent cook, her mom taught her everything, and her mom makes the most amazing food you could ever eat. I was fairly good at cooking, but nowhere as good as Kennedy. The boys could cook pasta, and cover it in sauce, so they weren’t at all helpless, but it was funny watching them complain over how much sauce to put on the noodles, and how long they should cook the noodles. By the time the spaghetti was ready, we were all starving. And the boys put away those noodles in less than thirty minutes. It was the first time I have ever seen Michael, and every single one of the boys make something other than Vegemite on toast.

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