Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


3. 3

          I wake up to the sound of a crying baby. Calum is standing in the kitchen holding Mckayla and a set of directions while Michael is trying to disassemble the Pack-n'-Play. It looks like he is trying so hard not to start kicking the thing to bits. I sit up and give a sleepy hi to Calum and ask why he's here.

          "Well I rang the doorbell, needing to borrow some guitar strings, when Michael put her in my arms and said 'hold this and help me take this down.'" I laughed as I walked up to Calum and took the crying child out of his arms.

          "Thanks for putting up with her, she's usually not this grumpy." I say as I walk to the kitchen trying to find the other jar of baby food.

          "I don't see how much help I gave, seeing that she's crying and all." Calum said while pulling a metal rod out of the crib.

          "Careful not to break that, we don't need to buy another one." I said while feeding a small child plum and coconut baby food. Michael laughed as he continued to take apart the crib. Calum gave confused looks and continued working.

          The child was taken away around eleven which gave me the rest of the day. Michael had to go and practice with the guys, so I wouldn't see him until later in the evening. I decide to get to know Mallory better so I send her a text:


Me: Hey so I was thinking that we could hang out, since the boys are practicing and all

That sounds great, what time? :Mallory

Me: I was thinking around noonish

Great! Do you want to come to come to my house? :Mallory

Me: I can come and pick you up

Okay, see you at noon :Mallory


          The conversation ended and I was pretty pleased with myself. I would be able to approve of Luke’s girlfriend, she seemed pretty cool, but I never had a decent conversation with the lady.

          I arrived at her house around 12:10. She walked out her blonde hair was blowing majestically behind her. She was wearing a pair of ray bands, a tank top that had flowers on it, and a pair of short shorts. She was a very pretty girl. No matter how hard I tried, my hair would never majestically blow in the wind like that. I waved to her and she waved back and hopped into front seat of the car.

          “Hey!” I said

          “Hi” She replied.

          “So I was thinking that we could get a bite to eat, and then perhaps do some shopping?” I said as I started the car.

          “Totally,” she responded, “where do you want to go?”

          “I was thinking Joey’s,” I said, “I love that restaurant!”

          “Me too! I go at least once a month!” She said. We headed to Joeys, while we argued on who was the better band. I sided with Green Day, and she went for classic rock, Journey. Both bands are great, so it proved for a very successful argument. We headed to the restaurant, ate, and then went shopping at the mall. I did get to know Mallory better, but she didn’t really stand out to me, and she didn’t seem good enough for Luke. But that was just my opinion. I dropped her back at her house, and left to go back to mine.

          I knew the boys would still be at their recording studio, so I headed over there. There they were, playing away at their guitars, drums, and singing. They were practicing their acoustic version of Voodoo Doll, one of my favorite songs. I smiled as I set my stuff on the coffee table, and sat down on the couch, just listening to their playing, I could tell when Michael sang, it definitely sounded different than Calum and Luke’s singing. I smiled as I heard them finish, and they started packing up. Calum and Luke walked out at the same time, followed by Michael and Ashton. When Michael saw me he came out and gave me a hug, and said he needed to talk to me.

          I was kind of worried, like every girl is when her boyfriend says he needs to talk to her. He pulled me into the recording room where he kissed me hard on the lips. I stood there and kissed him back. He pulled away and he looked at me with happiness in his eyes. I raised my right eyebrow as I looked at him quizzically.

          “You know how we have been planning the Rock out with Your Socks tour?” He asked me.

          “Yeeees.” I said anticipating more.

          “Well, we were just told today that we got the last venue booked, and we are leaving in a week!” He said with happiness on his face.

          “That’s wonderful!” I said while holding his hands.

          “I will be gone for five months.” He said

          “That’s okay, we can make it work, and we have before.” I said. He looked me in the eyes as he kissed me again, I smiled as we walked out of the recording studio. Luke was on the phone, with who I could only guess was Mallory. Calum and Ashton were eating somewhere in the kitchen, I could hear Calum’s and Ashton’s distinct laughs and the crunching of some unknown food.

          I looked over to Luke, who eyebrows were furrowed and his voice was stern. He was in an argument with Mallory. The boys had gotten home only gotten home eight months ago, which was a long time for them to be home, and apparently, Mallory was mad. He angrily hung up the phone, and walked out of the studio.


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