Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


21. 21

          I sat and tried to get a tan, but being a natural redhead, I knew it was impossible. I sat up to see Luke and Jackie coming up from the beach with Michael and Calum coming back from the ice cream shop. Jackie was riding piggy back on Luke and they were laughing as they came up the sand.

          “I know I said it was disgusting, but that actually tastes really good.” Michael said as he handed me my ice cream.

          “I told you, why you ever doubted me, I don’t know.” I said as I snuck a bite of his ice cream and then proceeded to give him a kiss on the cheek.

          “No stop that tickles!” Jackie shrieked as Luke was bringing her up towards the towels. He finally set her down and she grabbed her towel from the ground and started drying her hair.

          “I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Jackie.” She said as she held out her hand for me to shake it.

          “Samantha, but you can call me Sam.” I took her hand in my own and gave it a firm shake.

          “That’s cool, I’ve always wanted a name like that, but I just have Jackie.” She said as she wrapped her towel around her bikini body.

          “Hey, I think your name is beautiful.” Luke said.

          “Thanks Luke, I’m going to go get some ice cream, that stuff looks good.” Jackie pointed towards my ice cream.

          “It’s really good!” Michael shouted after her as she ran up towards the shop.

          “Ooh, Luke has a girlfriend.” I said right as we saw Jackie disappear into the distance. “How’s the first date going, and why did you invite us along? Because it is a first date.”

          “It’s going good, and I thought she should meet you guys, plus, I haven’t even asked her to be my girlfriend yet.” Luke responded, “This is just a friends thing.”

          “Didn’t look like a friends thing mate.” Calum said as he sat down next to Kennedy.

          “Well, she seems better than Mallory.” Michael said. We all grimaced at the sound of her name.

          “But nobody could be worse than Mallory.” Luke added on to the conversation. I put my sunglasses back on and rested my head on Michael’s TMNT swim trunks which he just had to have. I thought about the time that Michael had asked me out, the first time, not the second time.




          “Okay, that was not fair, I wasn’t even ready.” I shouted at Michael.

          “It was totally fair, it was just your fault for not being ready.” Michael responded as we continued fighting.   

          “You’re just better at this than I am.” I said as I flung my sword at a guy behind him. I convinced Michael to go to Comic Con with me, I had bought two tickets, planning for one of my friends to come, but she bailed last minute and Michael was more than thrilled to come. Michael and I had become close friends since we had met at the pizza place. I was introduced to Calum shortly after, one of Michael’s best friends. I convinced my mom to spring for another ticket so that we could take Calum with us. We had been filing around the area when Michael had spotted the new 3D gaming systems. The ones with the goggle things, where you wear them and it feels like you are actually in the game. I was persuaded into playing with him.

          I wasn’t used to this kind of gaming, and I wasn’t very good at it. As soon as I knew it, there were alien, creature things all around me. Before I had a chance to even react I felt Michaels hand grab mine and we spun around back to back and lit those bastards up. I took my goggles off to see the score. We had beat the high score!

          “Yes!” I jumped up and stood on my tiptoes so that I could wrap my arms around Michael’s neck. He hugged me back while smiling. I took one arm off and stood with my arm resting on his shoulder.

          “Great job you guys, I could never do that.” Calum said as he did something on his phone.

          “Thanks, I wasn’t sure if I could actually do that, but now that I did, I really want one.” I said while walking over to the price tag on the gaming system. “Or maybe not.” My eyes got wide as I slowly stepped away from the price tag.

          Michael and Calum laughed, “How much was it?” Michael asked me.

          “500.” I whispered walking quickly over to them. “If I had the money, I would totally buy that, but I’m not wasting my money.”

          “No kidding, I wouldn’t even know where to do that stuff, I’d probably end up accidentally smacking my head or hand or foot, or any body part for that matter on something in my room.” Michael said as we continued to walk around the arena.

          It was around 11 when we had gotten home. Michael offered to drive, even though it was my car we took over. Calum and I had fallen asleep on each other in the back seat until Michael took it upon himself to start blasting Metallica over the speakers.

          Michael laughed his little kitten laugh at the sight of us being suddenly awoken.

          “That was so not funny!” I said as I climbed into the front seat giving Michael a playful dirty look.

          “Was to, and Calum, we are going to drop you off first, because your house is closer.” I told both Calum and Michael.

          “Sounds cool, and that was really fun today, we should do this next year.” Calum said while leaning forward so his head was between the two front seats.

          “Yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this for years now, but my friends aren’t interested in this stuff, so having someone to go with, other than my mom, is way better.” I responded.

          “Cool, so plan on it next year.” Calum said as we pulled into his driveway, and he climbed out of the car. We waited until Calum actually made it into the house before we pulled out and started heading towards Michael’s house. I got out of the car and walked Michael up to his door.

          “That was really fun, are you free tomorrow?” Michael asked me.

          “I think I am, I don’t work until Monday, but I will find out.” I replied.       

          “Cool, just text me when you find out.”

          “Most definitely.” I gave Michael a hug and told him goodbye as I walked back towards my car. I safely made it to my house, my mom wasn’t home yet. She worked the night shift and didn’t get back until one in the morning. I went on a quick Instagram check when I saw Calum had posted a video. It was the moment in the video game where he had grabbed my hand. The caption read: Looks like Michael has himself a girlfriend! Calum! I laughed to myself and I felt my cheeks turn red. My phone then started ringing.

          Michael: I’m assuming you saw the video.

                   Yeah, I did: Me

          Michael: Would you care to make the caption true?

Most definitely: Me

          Michael: Good, I’ll see you tomorrow, so we can make this official.

          I can’t wait: Me

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