Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


20. 20

          “Babe, what silverware do I use?” Michael asked as he walked out of the kitchen.

          “The stuff that I had before, not the stuff your parents gave us, it’s way too nice.” I responded from the couch.

          “It’s all silverware to me.” Michael said as he walked back into the kitchen.

          “Well, when we have to put on a fancy dinner, you would be thankful for the fancy silverware.” I said as I went back to looking through my magazine.

          “Like we are going to hold a fancy dinner.” Michael said over the noise of the microwave.

          “Well,” I said whilst flipping the page.

          “Were not holding a fancy dinner, right?” He responded with a mouthful of mac and cheese.

          “No,” I said while giggling. I walked up towards Michael. I grabbed a fork from the drawer and took a bite of his mac and cheese.

          “Hey, this is mine.” He said while moving the bowl away. “But I will share with you.” He brought the bowl back underneath our faces.

          “You know its true love when they share their food with you.” I replied as I walked into the bedroom. “By the way, you might want to get ready, Kennedy called me and said that they wanted to go to the beach today. I told them we would go with.”

          “Lemme finished my mac and cheese first, and then I’ll get ready.” Michael said as he scooped up half the bowl onto his spoon and shoved it into his mouth.

          “Which one?” I said as I held up a bikini with a black top and a pair of high waisted floral bottoms. The other one I held up was another bikini with teal short bottoms with a black bow on the back and those were paired with a white top and black straps.

          “Gosh, here,” Michael walked over towards me and took each one out of my hands, “Pick a hand.”

          “Uh, your left one.” I pointed to his left hand where he pulled out the one with the floral bottoms. “Dang it! I wanted the other one.” I replied.

          “Then, that’s the one that you are going to wear.” Michael said as he gave me a quick peck on the lips and handed me the teal and white swimsuit.

          “Thanks babe!” I shouted down the hallway. I slipped into the swimsuit and convinced Michael to leave the mac and cheese behind. On our way out the door I grabbed a random t-shirt from the floor, which just so happened to be Michaels Metallica shirt, and we headed over to the beach.

          “Who’s that with Luke?” I turned around in my seat and looked out the window trying to get a good look at this new girl.

          “I’m not quite sure, he hasn’t said anything about anybody.” Michael said as we pulled into the parking lot.

          I stepped out into the car, where the bright star in the sky had me seeing only white for the next couple of seconds. I grabbed my black knock-off ray bands from the car and linked arms with Michael. We walked over to where we saw Luke and this new girl of his when I felt something wet jump onto my back. My first reaction was to scream, which I did, but once I realized who it was, I wasn’t as freaked out.

          “Kennedy!” I yelled as I turned to give her a hug. “Girl, it’s been forever!”

          “I know, so much has happened since I last saw you, which was before you left for the tour.” She replied.

          “Yeah, a lot has happened between then and now.” I replied. Kennedy and I walked down the beach as Michael and Calum walked towards the ice cream shop.

          “Hey! While you’re up there, get me a cake batter with gummy bears and snickers!” I yelled after the boys.

          “That’s disgusting! But I suppose I could do that!” Michael yelled back.

          “You’re the best!” I responded.

          “I know I am!” Kennedy and I kept walking where I told her all about the last couple of months.

          “I can’t believe he did that!” Kennedy said as we made it to where the beach towels were laid out.

          “Me neither,” I responded, “but it is better for me to find out sooner than later.”

          “Yeah, of course it is, but the fact that you and Michael got back together is so romantic.” Kennedy said while crossing her hands over her heart and leaning in to me.

          “Oh so romantic!” I responded leaning back into her. “By the way, who’s the girl with Luke?”

          “Oh! She’s the cutest thing, her name is Jackie, she was in one of their concerts and Luke asked the security to get her number.” Kennedy responded. “They have been talking ever since.”

          “That’s cute, did he ask her out?” I said as we watched them mess around in the water with Ashton.

          “Actually, this is their first date.” Kennedy reapplied sunscreen.     

          “That is adorable!” I said while taking the sunscreen and applying some to myself.

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