Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


18. 18

          There were screaming fans everywhere. I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t be able to get to my seat. I had purposely chosen one that was in the third row, and was on Michael’s side. Hopefully he would see me, and just in case he didn’t, I had made up a Free Hugs poster, because I knew that Michael always loved his snuggles. I used a crap ton of makeup to cover up the start of a bruise on my face. I wasn’t about to step out into public, with people who might know me, especially those with cameras.

          We started filing into the arena, damn there were a lot of girls here, which meant a lot of cameras. I walked to my seat and waited for what felt like forever until Hey Violet came on the stage. Girls started screaming and everyone was singing along. I felt bad that I didn’t know any of the words, but I wasn’t here for Hey Violet.

          “Thank you every body, are you ready for 5 Seconds of Summer?” They asked into the microphones. The crowd responded with thousands of pre-pubescent screams, I was definitely ready for them. Then, the lights went out and there were only sparse lights around the stage when the music started playing. I first saw Ashton come out in a black tank top. He started drumming, adding to the beat of the guitars. Next came out Michael, followed by Luke and Calum. I smiled and cheered along with the sixteen year old girls.

          Michael looked good, he had added streaks of color and a feather into the front of his hair. I smiled and jumped up and down, cheering for the boys. I then saw a hand right in front of my face and it hit me on the bruised side of my face. My hands quickly grabbed the side of my face as I sit down in my chair. The pain was throbbing, and I was worried that the makeup was rubbing off, exposing my bruise to the whole world. Right as I went down I saw Michaels eyes flash to me as we watched me go down. I don’t know if he recognized me or not, but he definitely saw me. He continued playing as he walked over to the side of the stage where he talked to a security guard. As soon as I knew it, I was being ushered backstage by two burly men. They brought me into the boys’ dressing room where I was given an ice pack and a medic to look at the bruise. I guess the now had a medic after Michael’s accident.

          “That’s a pretty bad mark you have, how did you get it?” She asked me as she put the ice pack back on my face after looking at the bruise.

          “I got hit by accident.” I responded quietly.

          “Well, just keep that on there, and it should reduce the swelling.” She said as she left the room. It was just me, in their dressing room, by myself. Any fangirl’s dream. I started dozing off when the nurse came back in and directed me to take the ice pack off. As I was handing the ice pack back to her, the boys walked in. Calum came in first, extremely sweaty in his grey t-shirt. He stopped when he saw me and turned toward Michael.

          Michael grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the dressing room and past Luke and Ashton who looked very confused. He pulled me into the nearest closet, which just so happened to be the janitors closet. His lips crashed into mine. I moved my hands up his back and around his neck and his wrapped around my waist. Our lips were unlocking and interlocking with each kiss. His hand traveled up my side and onto my face where he accidentally bumped the bruise.

           I pulled back as I ducked my head down,“Are you okay?” He asked me as both of his hands went underneath my chin on the sides of my neck.

          “Yeah, I said, I’m fine.” My hand went to the bruise on the side of my face. His thumb and pointer finger grabbed my chin and lifted it towards the light.

          “What?” He whispered as his thumb brushed across the top of my cheek bone near the outer corner of my left eye. I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.

          I felt one roll down my cheek as I said, “It’s all gone, and I don’t have anywhere to go.” “Don’t worry, you can come with me.” Michael said as he softly kissed me again.

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