Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


17. 17

 Two Months Later

          We had just recently gotten trailers on set and I was so happy to have my own space. I was sitting on the couch, watching Netflix when Evan walked in. He gave me a dirty look and started rifling through my stuff.

          “What the hell Evan? What are you doing?” I asked him as I grabbed his shoulder to keep him from tearing my trailer apart.

          “My phone! I know you took it! Now where is it? Did you look through it?” He said pissed and paniky.

          “No! Why the hell would I take your phone?!” I yelled at him, stepping between him and my bedroom.

          “If you don’t have my phone, then why won’t you let me look for it?” He said as he harshly pushed me aside and I fell to the floor.

          “It’s just a phone, and why would you be so paranoid if I had it?” I asked him as I pulled him away from my stuff.

          “Just because.” He yelled as continued digging.

          “Evan! Stop right now, or I will call security, boyfriend or not!” I yelled walking over to the door.

          “Fine! I’m out! And if you do find my phone, give it right back to me, you understand?” He said as he walked out of my trailer. I had no idea what the hell that was about but I could feel my elbow start to hurt due to the fact that Evan had pushed me down. Why was he so paranoid about me finding his phone?

          I walked out of my trailer and started to head over towards hair and makeup when Annie, one of the PA’s, came up to me holding Evans phone.

          “Hey, Evan left this on set, I thought he might need it.” She said handing it to me, “I can’t find him, but I’m sure you’ll see him soon, so would you mind giving it to him for me?”

          “Totally.” I responded as she handed me Evans black IPhone 5c. I promised him I would give it back to him, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t look though it first. I clicked open his phone and typed in his password, which just so happened to be his birthday. Not knowing where to look first I opened up his text messages. I gasped in horror at what I read first. As I headed over to hair and makeup I continued to read the messages. How could he do this to me?

          I decided to ask him about it. “Evan!” I yelled at him from across the set. I held up his phone and shook it in the air to tell him that I had it. He quickly rushed over to me and took it from my hands.

          “You mind explaining to me those messages?” I said as I folded my arms across my chest.

          “What?” He said angrily and he pulled me into the nearest trailer, which just so happened to be his. “You look through it didn’t you?” He said as he stared me directly in the eyes. Not willing to back down, I returned his gaze.

          “Why didn’t you just end it if you felt that way?” I harshly said. He started to say something when I cut him off. “No! You don’t get to explain for yourself, I am going to talk. Apparently I wasn’t good enough and you cheated on me? For who?! This damn Ashley girl? I can’t believe you! And don’t act like this isn’t your fault! WHILE I WAS GETTING MY HAIR AND MAKEUP DONE I SAW THE PICTURES TOO! You are disgusting and I wish I had never even met you!” I screamed at him and I started to walk towards the door.

          “Don’t you leave!” He said as he stepped in front of the door, preventing me from making a dramatic exit.

          “And why shouldn’t I?” giving him the worst look I could possibly think of.

          “Because I won’t let you, not until you give me your word that you won’t tell anybody!” he yelled as he pushed me back.

          “And why shouldn’t I?” I said trying to push him out of the way.

          “If you would just listen!” He yelled as he smacked me across the face. I reeled back in horror. I wasn’t going to stay here. I couldn’t be near him.

          “Move, or I swear to God.” I said as I held the side of my face. I pushed him out of the way and left his trailer. I headed directly to the producer of the movie’s trailer. I barged in, not caring whether or not he was in a meeting or not. By the look on my face, the people he was meeting with left the trailer and filed out the door behind me.

          “I am done! I refuse to stay on this movie with Evan!” I said as I sat down in front of the producer.

          “Now now, we don’t want to make any rash decisions.” He said as he leaned forward. I felt his eyes looking at the side of my face which Evan hit me on.

          “This!” I said while pointing at my face, “is not makeup! And I refuse to participate in this movie while Evan Phillips is costarring in it with me!”

          “Okay, I completely understand.” The producer said while pulling out his phone and sending something to security. “Evan will be taken care of, and since we can’t continue filming without him, we will just have to call off the movie.”

          I filled out the paperwork that released me from my contract. I got paid what I had filmed for, and I left. I didn’t look back. This was supposed to be my big break, and it all went down the drain. I opened my laptop on the flight back to Sydney and ordered front row tickets to a wonderful band, it all depended on if they would take me back or not.

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