Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


14. 14

          We had just started filming the first section of the script three weeks after we had rehearsed it. We were taking this movie in chunks, that way I and my other costars didn’t have to memorize the whole movie script. After our first day of filming all of the actors and actresses were pumped and we were super excited to finally get this movie on the road.

          “Hey, Sam!” Evan hollered after me as I left the studio and towards my car.

          “Yeah?” I said as I turned to face his piercing blue eyes.

          “Some of the guys and I wanted to know if you were willing to come clubbing with us tonight? You know, to celebrate our first successful day of filming.” He said as his eyes scattered across my face.

          “I should be able to, what time?” I asked

          “I’m not sure, how about like 10?” He responded.

          “Then I will totally be there, just pick me up at my hotel room.” I said as I gave him a hug, told him goodbye and headed towards my car. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw Evan standing in the same spot, waving me goodbye. I giggled to myself as I drove to the hotel where all of the cast and crew were staying at. I opened my door and looked into my closet to find the perfect clubbing dress for tonight. I decided on my little black dress.




          I heard a knock on my door around 10:15 at night. The back zipper of my dress was caught in the fabric and I could not get it unstuck for the life of me.

          “Come on in, it’s unlocked!” I yelled from the middle of the room trying to get my zipper unstuck. Evan walked in and gave me a confused look as he saw me grasping for the zipper on my dress.

          “The zipper got caught.” I say as I dropped my hands to my sides.

          “Here,” he said as he walked towards me and turned me around, “let me get it for you.” His nimble fingers worked at the zipper, and I wanted to turn around and kiss him for a good moment.

          He finished zipping up my dress and I spun around and asked him, “What do you think?”

          He stood there staring at me for a minute when he finally spit some words out, “You look, amazing.”

          “Thanks, this is one of my favorite dresses.” I responded. I really did love this dress. It was a pretty tight dress. Not tight to the point where I couldn’t move, but it accented my curves. The neckline was pretty deep, and it had fishnet see through stuff striping around my back, but stopping parallel to my hips. I always felt sexy in this dress. I slipped on my bright red covers to dress down the dress and grabbed my bag and headed towards Evan.

          “Shall we go?” he said while linking arms with me.

          “Most definitely.” I responded. We met the other cast members in the lobby. From there we headed out to the club. “Sun Dance” was its name and it was a very high end club. The music they played was great, the dancing was great, and the alcohol was great, everything was wonderful. At around 11 at night I received a call from Michael.

          “Hey, I was calling- where are you?” He said into the phone.

          “I’m at Sun Dance! With Evan.” I yelled half-drunk into the phone, “I’ll call you back later babe, I love this song!” Michael let out a pissed off sigh and hung up the phone without saying goodbye. No biggie, I would call him later.




          I plopped myself onto the bed in my hotel room, furiously giggling because I was a very happy drunk. I decided not to call Michael back, he sounded pissed and I didn’t want to talk to him right now. My phone started vibrating and I turned over to see Michael calling me.


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