Music, Love, and Everything in Between

Michael and Samantha had been one of the best couples that you would ever meet. But once distance, and another player gets added onto the board, they are not so sure their relationship is as strong as they hoped.


10. 10

          I leaned up against the stadium wall and slid down to sit on the hot asphalt. I heard the sounds of sirens in the distance and thought nothing of it when they started to come closer. As soon as I knew it they had stopped right at the backstage door. I was thoroughly confused, shocked, I had no idea what emotions were going through my mind at that time. I was not prepared for what happened next. I was trying to find my way through the people backstage when I saw my black haired dork holding the side of his face and sitting on a gurney while medics rolled him out to the ambulance. I rushed towards the ambulance when a herd of fans swarmed the car. I was lost in the sea when I found their stage manager.

          “Jackie! What hospital are they heading too?” I quickly asked her as I felt tears well up in my eyes.

          “The one just down the street, I think you know where it is.” She responded as she tried to calm down a couple of fans who started having a mental breakdown in the middle of the street.

          “Thank you!” I yelled as I started running down the street, trying to follow the ambulance as best as I could. I was out of breath, but at least I was at the hospital. There were hundreds of fans surrounding the building and in the lobby. I broke the barrier of fangirls as I made my way to the front of the crowd where a body guard I didn’t recognize was keeping the crowd at bay.

          “Excuse me sir, I need to get in there.” I said as I tried to push my way past him.

          “No miss, I’m under obligation to not let any fans close to the boys.” He said as he put a hand on my shoulder and keeping from letting me into the emergency room.

          I tried to push through with more force, but he just kept me back. “I am his girlfriend!” I yelled as I saw Luke appear from the hallway.

          He immediately walked over and put a hand on the guards shoulder, “Hey, she’s cool, she actually is Michael’s girl.” He said as he looked at me. I could tell he was freaked out, I mean, I was freaked. I walked in and that is when I couldn’t keep it together anymore. His face was bandaged up, and his hair was all messed up. He was definitely in pain and I could tell. I felt the tears start running down my cheeks as I walked over to his bed and took his hand in mine. I wasn’t about to freak and ask him if he was okay, he was obviously a little shaken up, but he wasn’t dead. It only looked like his face was burned and not the rest of his body so I laid down next to him on the hospital bed and rested my head on the side opposite of the one that just got burned. We sat there for the longest time, I didn’t want to let him go.




          It was ten in the morning when we finally woke up. Everyone had fallen asleep at the hospital and was completely tired because of the previous night’s events. The boys were already tired because they had just done a concert, and on top of that most of them fell asleep in uncomfortable hospital chairs. Michael of course got to sleep on the hospital bed, and I slept along with him. Throughout the whole night our hands never separated from each other’s. One of the nurses had brought pillows for all of the boys. I looked over to Luke whose knees were tucked up to his chest as he was snuggling the pillow. Calum had found a nice couple of chairs. His legs and feet were laid out across one chair and his torso and head were leaning against the back of another chair. Ashton was kind of sprawled everywhere with the pillow resting behind his neck. I was so lucky to have these boys, they truly are a gift to me. I looked over to Michael who was still sleeping and I thought about how strong he was. After going through something like that he was still able to keep people updated and letting thEm know that he was okay. I could never do that, not in a million years. Then Michael started to wake up. He wasn’t so keen on talking the first night, mainly because he was in some type of shock, that or it must have hurt really bad to move his facial muscles.

          “Good morning,” I said as I looked up to him.

          “Good morning,” He responded as he cranked out one of those classic Michael smiles. “Do you remember when we first met?” He asked after a couple minutes without talking.

          “Like it was yesterday.” I said

          “How we basically met over pizza?” He mentioned.

          “Yeah I do, that was before either of us were well known.” I said as I snuggled back into his shoulder. He laughed as he started dozing off again, and I couldn’t get the idea of how we first met out of my head.




          “You are so dead!” I screamed into my earpiece as I shot at the opposing team. I had recently met this guy over an online shooting game. His username was CliffCills95, but I had played with him a lot and found out his name was Michael.

          “I have to go, I have to work tomorrow.” I said as I saved my game.

          “That’s cool where do you work.” He asked. I knew he lived in Australia because of the accent, I just didn’t know where he was from.

          “It’s this small pizza joint only a couple blocks from my house, Jojo’s Pizza.” I said.

          “I know that place, I go there every weekend.” He responded.

          “Well you’re out of luck, I only work during the week.” I responded, hoping that I would run into him, “But I better go, I’ll see you later.”

          “Bye.” He responded.

          “Adios.” I said. I had gone to sleep that night thinking about this mystery Michael.

          I was working my usual shit at Jojo’s when a boy with a sick fringe and tons of bracelets walked in. I would have to admit, he was kind of cute.

          “Can I get half of the pizza Hawaiian and half of it pepperoni?” He had asked while looking at me,

          “What’s the name that I should put it under?” I asked him as I studied his fringe, “by the way, I like your t-shirt.” His Green Day shirt was one that I hadn’t ever seen before, and I really wanted it.

          “Thanks, and the name? CliffCills95.” He said as he started to smile. I looked at him then looked down and giggled to myself. “Is there something wrong with the name?” He asked.

          “No, there is nothing wrong with it.” I said while looking up at him. He paid for his pizza and I went into the back to go and get it ready.

          I returned with the pizza box in hand and gave it to him. “Here is your half pepperoni, and half Hawaiian pizza.” I looked at him as he said thanks and opened the box. On the inside of the top lid I had written my username (GalaxyKat23) and next to it my phone number. By the time he had realized what I had written I was already behind the counter and helping another customer. Later that day I received a text: That pizza was pretty good ;D

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