Not In That Way *Completed*

There is always that one little thing that can keep a person stable. That one little thing that makes a person feel alive. The thing that can make a person smile even when they are having a bad day.

For Cora Smith that thing is more like a someone. Her someone is Zachary Dawson. Her long time best friend and the person that saved her when her life was in shambles. For years, she has been battling for his attention against all the other girls around her. However, little did she know she had him wrapped around her little finger since the very beginning.

Join Cora on her journey in discovering the truth about Zachary, while all the while she is consumed with the fear that, in the end, the only words she will hear from him are, "I'm sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way......"

*Based on the song, "Not in That Way" by Sam Smith*


9. Chapter 8

The amount of nervousness that I felt throughout my body as we stood at the front desk of the hospital, was almost unbearable. My hands were shaking and my head felt as if it would fall off of my shoulders. The nurse was speaking to me, but not one word registered. I felt as though I was about to throw up. I haven't got anymore information on my father's case and I am growing restless. All that I have been told is that he is in jail. That didn't help much because who knows how long he will be. He could get out tomorrow and I wouldn't even know.

"Cora?" I hear Zach whisper softly. "Are you listening?" 

"I-I'm sorry, what?" I stutter.

"The nurse was speaking to you." he whispers, again.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have spaced out." I mutter.

"That's alright sweetie. I was just saying that you need to be very careful on your arm and leg. While they are healed, they are still very fragile. You must also be careful not to bump your head into anything. Your brain is at a very delicate point right now and you can easily get a concussion. Now you have a final release date set for two weeks from now. Since you are eighteen years of age, you do not have to sign any paperwork pertaining to living with Zach. Now if you would sign and date right here, then you are officially able to leave!" she says brightly.

After signing my name, Zach takes my bag off of my shoulder and clasps his hand around mine. 

"Oh and Zach?" the nurse calls.

"Yes?" he asks, spinning on his heels.

"Just between us, I expect you to keep a good eye on your girlfriend here." she pauses, sending a wink my way. "We wouldn't want her to accidently hurt herself now would we."

"No, mam, we wouldn't. I'll keep an eye on her." He answers, ending with a smile.

Butterflies explode in my stomach as he tugs me out of the hospital, keeping our hands closely linked together. He didn't say that I wasn't his girlfriend! Once we make it to the car, Zach chucks my bag in the trunk, before helping me into the passenger seat. 

"Wait!" I hear a voice call.

Zach looks over his shoulder and I poke my head out to see a face that I haven't seen since my first night in the hospital. 

"Sweetie!" the lady calls, squishing me into a hug.

"Um..hi?" I murmur. 

"I was so worried about you!  Oh, let me get a look at you!" she says, before taking a step back.

At this point, Zach is looking at me like I have three heads. I glance back at the lady in front of me. Remembering back to the day that she came to visit me and the doctor thought that she was my mother. She worried so much about me. She didn't even know me, she still doesn't. The woman is clearly doing this out of pity. I had taken my father's wrath and distracted him, when he was going to hit her. She must feel sorry for me..

"How are you doing?" she asks, with a smile.

"Um, I'm good. Completely healed. Everything is good. I have a final release in a couple of weeks, but other than that I'm free. They let me stay here until I was completely healed because of my father." I explain.

"Oh, well that is wonderful! I am so glad that you are better! I assume that you know about your father?" she replies.

"Well, they only told me that he has a court date in a couple of months and that he is in jail. They never told me anything else." I state.

"Okay. Let me fill you in then. After the cops came, they immediately questioned your father. Although, he tried to play it off as if you simply tripped, but they quickly caught on and saw that something was wrong. Then they found me. He had tried to hide me away, so that they wouldn't see me. They barged right into the room 5 minutes after they showed up at the house. I guess the dumbass kept glancing over at the door." she pauses, her lip curling into disgust. "I was able to convince the cops that he had pushed you. Then they took him away. As long as you testify and tell them what he did, he should go to prison for a very long time!"

A grin breaks across her face as she looks down at me. I suck in a sharp breath. As long as you testify.... 

"Cora?....Cora!" I hear Zach call before everything goes black.


My eyes flutter open only to be met with blinding lights. I flinch snapping my lids closed. 

"Cora?" Zach whispers, placing his hand on my arm. 

I slowly open my eyes, allowing them to adjust to the light before looking over at Zach. 

"Hey." he murmurs, dragging his fingers over my cheek.

I glance around the room noticing that I am back in the same hospital room that I was before. 

"Back in the hospital again! How fun!" I joke.

"How are you feeling?" he says, with all seriousness.

"Um, alright I guess. I only fainted. Not that bad." I reply, trying to play off the whole ordeal as if it was nothing.

"It's not nothing! I was worried about you, Cora! One moment you were fine. The next you black out. After what the nurse said I didn't know what was wrong!" he exclaims.

"I'm sorry, Zach. I didn't know that you cared that much." I mumble.

"You didn't think I cared?! Of course I care! Why wouldn't I?" he nearly screams.

"I don't know. You barely make time for me anymore. You're always with your precious girlfriend, Nicole." I answer, sarcastically.

"Damnit, Cora. Don't even start with that shit again! Come on we're leaving." he yells, storming out of the room.

I let a large breath that, I didn't know I was holding, out. Pulling back the blankets and standing up, gripping onto the side of the bed, when my legs almost give way. Picking up my bag from beside the door, I haul it over my shoulder before angrily wrenching the door open. The nurse at the front smiles a toothy smile at me before I run out of the front sliding glass doors. 

"Zach!" I call, as I see him roll his eyes and get into his car.

"Get in!" Zach shouts.

"Damn, what's up his ass?" I mumble to myself.

I jog up to the car door sliding in easily. 

"What's wrong with you?" I ask, looking over at him. 

I notice that his shoulders are tense and his hands are gripping the steering wheel to the point where his knuckles are white.

"What's wrong?" he growls, glancing over at me.

"Yeah. Why do you always get so mad when I talk about her?" I mutter, my lip curling in disgust at the thought of her.

"She is my girlfriend, Cora. If someone is going to say anything bad about her, I'm gonna get mad." he sneers, starting the car and pulling out of the parking spot.

"But I didn't say anything bad about her." I say.

"You had that tone of voice, Cora. I know what you were gonna say. It's the same thing every time." he grumbles, stopping at a stop light.

I let out a sigh and let my head lay against the window. For the rest of the drive, neither of us utter a single word. Zach is the first to break the silence after we pull into his driveway. 

He reaches into the back seat and grabs my bag, before saying, "My mom should be home. She'll tell you where to stay." 

"Where are you going?" I ask.

He throws an icy glare my way, "Out. I have things that I need to do that don't involve you."

My anger flares and I get out slamming the door behind me, stomping up the driveway. I turn around just in time to see Zach speed away. I let out a quiet scream, not loud enough for Mrs. Dawson to hear. I plop down on the stair, putting my head in my hands.

Zach is so freaking infuriating. Why would he possibly get so mad about such a little thing? He was so sweet at the hospital when he offered to let me stay with him. He was so loving. Then I pass out and he was still there for me! One little snarky comment about his whore of a girlfriend and he blows up. Why does he have to be so confusing? I thought that we were supposed to be the confusing ones. Why would that make him so mad? Unless he is finally starting to believe the things that I am saying....

Just that thought brings a humongous grin to my face.


A/N: Hey guys!

Zach is being a bit of a jerk isn't he? Now don't worry there is plenty more Zora (Zach and Cora's ship name) love to come!!

Anyways, I hope that you like this! I worked pretty hard on it! 

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