Not In That Way *Completed*

There is always that one little thing that can keep a person stable. That one little thing that makes a person feel alive. The thing that can make a person smile even when they are having a bad day.

For Cora Smith that thing is more like a someone. Her someone is Zachary Dawson. Her long time best friend and the person that saved her when her life was in shambles. For years, she has been battling for his attention against all the other girls around her. However, little did she know she had him wrapped around her little finger since the very beginning.

Join Cora on her journey in discovering the truth about Zachary, while all the while she is consumed with the fear that, in the end, the only words she will hear from him are, "I'm sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way......"

*Based on the song, "Not in That Way" by Sam Smith*


3. Chapter 2

A/N: I just want to say that I am sorry that this chapter is going to be so short because it is only a filler, but it is graphic, so if you are sensitive to abuse I will put a summary of what happened at the beginning of the next chapter.  

Chapter 2

    The memories of this mornings activities made tears prick my eyes. It may seem to an ordinary person that this isn't as big of a deal as I am making it out to be. Well, Zach is all that I have any more. My dad is always drunk (like I said before), my brother's gone and Zach is my only friend. He is all I have left, I can't lose him... After I returned home after this mornings activities, I laid in bed for hours. I hoped that Zach would call me. You see things like this have happened before, but he never looked as serious as he did this morning. The look that he gave me seemed like he really was done this time. I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night (or morning), I drag myself out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. I splash some water on my face and I stare at myself in the mirror. I huff and continue the rest of my morning routine. I glance over at the clock, it reads 7:30 am. 

    "Crap. I love being late for school, it's such a joy." I grumble sarcastically.

    I skate down the stairs running out the door. Thankfully, I live just down the block from the school. It sucks most of the time, but there are some pros this being one of them. I push myself to run even faster. I arrive at school at 7:33, only 13 minutes late. I jog to the attendance office,  grabbing a late pass, and walking to first period. English. It just so happens that a certain boy named Zachary Dawson is in this same class. This is going to be an eventful day. 


    After three periods of staring off into space and ignoring everything, I finally make it to lunch. I walk to the cafeteria and I get into line grabbing an apple with a water bottle, my eyes already scanning the cafeteria, looking for the tall brown haired boy that I have yet to talk to. 

    "Next." I hear the lunch lady drone. 

    My feet remain planted to the spot, until I hear a voice coming from behind me. 

    "Can you move up, please." they say.

    I glance behind me and my eyes become the size of saucers. 

    "Zach...." I mutter.

    "Please move up." he whispers, not looking me in the eye.

    I finally move up and pay for my things. My legs have become shaky and my heart is beating 10x fast. I move to our usual table and Zach walks straight past me and to the table that held his girlfriend. He always sat with me at lunch, so that he can make up for when he has to ditch me to go on a date with her. I stare down at the table and stayed that way for the rest of the period. It's times like these that I wonder if I should even be here. I hope the rest of this day is better than it has been so far. 



    The day is finally over and it is time for me to get home before my dad does. Lately, it was like a game of hide and seek with my dad. I would get out of school at 2:20 each day and have to sprint home and hide in my room for the rest of the night. It used to be relaxing because I had Zach to talk to. Now I just have no one. My legs were still shaking from the run in with Zach, so I wasn't able to run very well. Once I got home, I had just enough time to run up the stairs and lock my door by the time that my dad came home. My dad gets home ten minutes after school lets out and he is normally already nearly drunk. I am stuck in my room for the rest of the night and I have nothing to do. This is going to be a joy. 

    Two hours later, I am laying in my bed staring at the ceiling wondering if I should do something productive with my life. Suddenly, I hear a loud crash from downstairs. I immediately sit up and wonder if I should go check on it. Screaming follows, so I shoot out of bed and yank my door open taking the stairs two at a time. Once I reach the bottom level I see my dad standing over a woman with a whip in his hand. She is screaming and crying, begging him to leave her alone. 

    "Dad?" I say. 

    He turns around and gives me a spine chilling look. His eyes are nearly black and his expression is one that I have never seen before. 

    "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU NOT TO INTERRUPT ME, YOU STUPID BITCH!" he screams, charging towards me. 

    Before he gets too close I turn and sprint back up the stairs and run into my room locking the door behind me. My dad is not far behind and begins banging on the door. I grab my phone and make as much space between me and the door that I can. I hurriedly dial Zach's number in hopes that he would help me, but it quickly goes to voicemail. I continue calling the number over and over again, until he finally picks up. 

"Zach! I need your help!" I whisper, hoping my dad won't here me. 

"I told you not to come running to me the next time you needed help, so I am keeping up with my end of the bargain and I'm leaving you alone forever. Now stop calling me, I'm not going to answer you." he says.



Damnit.... What am I supposed to do?

"Open the door you bitch!!" he yells. 

"Leave me alone!" I call, shaking from fear. 

Suddenly, all the banging stops, he stops yelling and there is absolute silence. I glance toward my door and then stare at the window. I carefully unlock the latch and push it up, hoping that I could get out in time. I place one leg out, the other one following. I am almost completely out when a hand grabs my ponytail yanking me back into the room. I yelp in pain. 
    "You are a stupid little girl if you think that I don't have a key to a door in my own house." he sneers, before launching me into the wall, my head connecting with the door frame. A groan leaves my lips as I feel the first trickle of blood on the back of my neck. 

    He grabs me by the neck lifting me up and smirking at me. 

    "You know I never wanted you. You were and always will be a mistake, so this is going to feel great." he smiles.

    He drops me to the floor, grabbing me by the ponytail and dragging me into the hallway. 

    "Bye, bye, baby girl." he whispers, before my body is launched down the stairs.

    My head slams into each step on the way down. Once I reach the bottom, my breathing is labored. Darkness clouds the edges of my vision. The last thing that I see before the darkness completely consumes me is my father's smirking face.


A/N: Hey Guys!!
Sorry that this is a day late, I didn't know that I would be so busy yesterday or I would have changed the update day. 
Again I am sorry if this was too graphic, but I really wanted to set some suspense to the story. Sorry for the cursing and the mistakes if there are any. Please don't hate me for the confrontation in this chapter. You will forgive me in the next chapter! I promise.

Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoyed the chapter. If you have any criticism it is welcome. Good or bad, just don't be rude about it...... Let me know if this is too graphic and I will go back and change it. 

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