Not In That Way *Completed*

There is always that one little thing that can keep a person stable. That one little thing that makes a person feel alive. The thing that can make a person smile even when they are having a bad day.

For Cora Smith that thing is more like a someone. Her someone is Zachary Dawson. Her long time best friend and the person that saved her when her life was in shambles. For years, she has been battling for his attention against all the other girls around her. However, little did she know she had him wrapped around her little finger since the very beginning.

Join Cora on her journey in discovering the truth about Zachary, while all the while she is consumed with the fear that, in the end, the only words she will hear from him are, "I'm sorry, believe me, I love you, but not in that way......"

*Based on the song, "Not in That Way" by Sam Smith*


11. Chapter 10

"I've always been telling Zach that we have too much space here, but he never wants to leave. He never wants to change anything in any of the rooms. He is such a weird boy. Speaking of which, where is my son? I thought that he was at the hospital with you." Mrs. Dawson beams.

"Yeah, he was. I think that he is angry with me. I said some things that he didn't like very much and he told me that he had things to do." I mutter, glaring at the floor.

"Well he never was one for manners. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly did you say that made him so mad?" she asks, taking a sip of the tea that she had made.

"Well he was over exaggerating the situation like he always did. Before we were able to leave the hospital, I received some rather upsetting news and I fainted. He went crazy when I woke up and I said that he needed to calm down. I was trying to play it off as if it was nothing and he said that it wasn't nothing, that he was worried about me. I mentioned that I didn't know that he cared at that much and he got angry. He started saying things like, "Of course I care! Why wouldn't I?" Then I happened mention how he is always with his girlfriend and he got pissed." I say, picking at my fingernail.

"Hmm, well I do have to admit the girl is horrid." she replies.

I look up at her in shock trying to contain my giggles.

"I never liked her. She seems like such a slut." she continues.

I let a laugh out at that. 

"You are right though he is always with her. He never used to be and then in there last couple of months he has been attached to her hip. I wish he was dating someone else. Someone like you!" she exclaims.

I look down at the counter, my cheeks stained red.

"That isn't ever gonna happen. He doesn't like the innocent ones..." I trail off.

"Sweetie, I know. I am his mother after all. That's why I'm saying he should be with someone like you. You two were the original twins, weren't you? Not him and that Becky or what ever her name is." she jokes. 

I giggle staring down at the ground, "Yeah, he does deserve someone better than her. I just don't think that I am the correct fit."

"Don't be silly. He could go for you any day of the week, just you wait." she giggles. 

I laugh along with her, until I hear the roar of an engine. 

"FInally!" Mrs. Dawson exclaims, walking out of the kitchen and to the front door.

I peek around the corner just in time to see Zach walking into the house and his mother slapping him over the head.

"Aye! What was that for?" he whines, rubbing the back of his head.

"You have no matters, mister. Let our guest walk in to our house when she doesn't even know her way around." she glares.

"I thought you could show her around." he says.

"And I did, but you were the one that asked her to stay here in the first place! Now go in there and apologize to her for everything.!" she commands, pointing towards the kitchen door.


"No buts Zach.. Go, Now!" she says again.

"Fine. You treat me like I'm five." he grumbles.

"I only treat you like that because you act like it." she sasses.

I back away from the kitchen door sitting back down on the stool I inhabited a few minutes ago. Once I got into the house, Mrs. Dawson showed me where everything was and gave me a tour of the house. She let me put  my stuff away in my room, then led me to the kitchen where she made tea and struck up a conversation. 

My eyes raise from the floor as Zach enters the kitchen. His eyes burn into mine and I have to fight myself from looking away. 

"I'm sorry." he spits.

"Don't say it, if you don't mean it." I whisper.

"Good, because I don't." he sneers.

"Zach...I hope you know that I really didn't mean to upset you earlier. I was just saying that lately you have been stuck to her hip. Even your mom sees it." I exclaim.

"What are you two like best friends now?" he says, glaring coldly at me.

"You know that I am close with her. She came into my life a couple months after my mother died. She is like a second mother to me." I growl, glaring back at him.

"I really hate that you are always against me. Everyone is always against me!" he shouts, storming out of the kitchen.

I jump up, running after him. 

"You can't do this Zach! Not again! I didn't mean to make you mad, just calm down and we can talk about it." I yell.

"No we can't talk about it! You are always going to be against her! You will never even consider getting to know her!" he screams back.

"That is only because I know that she doesn't make you completely happy!" I shout.

He walks into his bedroom slamming his fist into the door. He turns back to me, his eyes on fire.

"I am plenty happy with her! Besides how would you even know?" he says.

"Because I know you. Just calm down and we can talk about it, please." I beg.

"Well then talk. It isn't like I haven't heard it all before." he huffs, sitting down on his bed. 

"Zach, I don't mean to make you mad. That is never my intention. You asked why I didn't think that you cared and it's because you are always with Nicole. You haven't paid much attention to me lately and I've noticed. People have noticed. Your own mother has noticed. Zach I see the way that she treats you, like you are nothing, but eye candy. I don't know why you always get so pissed off at me for anything I ever say about her, but I'm getting tired of it." I explain. 

"I am not always around her! I am always with you! I barely spend anytime with her." he argues.

"That isn't true and you know it." I glare.

"Okay, so maybe I am with her a little more than usual, but she is my girlfriend. It isn't exactly illegal." he adds.

"Yeah, but going from seeing you every single day to maybe twice a week is a bit of a change. How do you think that makes me feel?" I ask.

"Have I really been ignoring you that much?" he mutters.

"Yeah, that time in the grocery store was the first time that I had seen you all week." I answer.

"Look I'm sorry. I didn't know that I was ignoring you. It didn't seem like I was." he apologizes.

"It's okay. As long as you talk to me more." I joke.

He lets out a laugh," I think you are right though. These past few weeks with her has been rough. She is just so damn whiny and clingy. She gets pissed off at literally everything. She is having some serious mood swings." 

"Are you sure she isn't pregnant?" I question.

"What?! No! Of course she isn't pregnant." he exclaims.

"Are you sure? Cause I know how all over each other you guys are." I murmur.

"Um, yeah. She's on the pill." he mutters, flushing red.

"Thank the lord." I reply.

"Anyways, what I was trying to say was that I haven't been the happiest I could be. I think I got so mad because I knew you were right." he explains.

"Sweetheart, I am always right." I brag.

"Sure you are. Now off to your room, you have homework to accomplish!" he commands.

I giggle before slipping out the door, "You're a dork." 

As I enter my room I hear a faint "I know."

That fight was one of the easiest and quickest for us to resolve. It was one of the worst though. I had never seen Zach so angry over something so small. He had never been one to express his feelings, he always kept them hidden away. I can only hope that Zach can eventually come to his senses and realize that Nicole isn't the best thing for him. He seems to have that idea and he's taken a step on the right direction by telling me about it. I just hope that he doesn't decide to switch paths halfway through...

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