It's Called Murder, Baby

They thought they could cure our insanity with pills and test, when in reality they were the mad ones.

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5. Who Dunnit


"One person's sanity is an others reality.” - Tim Burton


"You kill people, why is that?" I question him as we walk back to the cells, Luke kills people like it's some sort of a game and every innocent person dead was just another tally.

"Darling, you've been to high school before right?" I slowly nod my head hesitantly. High school.

It was all a blur, the longer I stay at Griffin the more I forget about my past life.

"You know how everyone would sit on a specific table, not daring to go to another one." He breathes out. I stare silently at him. Then, a flashback pops into my mind. It was just me, Ashton, and Michael sitting at one table all alone.

"I was the kid sitting at the Populars' table and then, one day, I sat with the Nerds and everyone laughed." He scowls bitterly. I can easily imagine it, Luke being the school's golden boy, sitting with the nerds.

"I killed every one of those people who laughed." My heart stops. Then, my imagination projects an image of Luke walking calmly into the cafeteria. Then suddenly, he takes a gun out as everyone screams in horror. His finger pulling the trigger, pointing the gun at the heads of many students as one by one they crumple onto the ground, laying in a puddle of their blood.

"They can cry, kick, and scream for their lives, but I don't feel remorse or regret," He chuckles,"I don't feel anything." I stare at him. I give him the stare far worse then I received. He wasn't even a human, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a heartless machine.

"And, the scariest part is, I love it." For a second I could easily mistake him as Norman Bate, from both his words and actions. The way he handled his emotionlessness awed me. He was a masterpiece of all criminals.

"You hate me, don't you?" He speaks, coldly meeting my stare. I open my mouth, but he cuts me off. I hate him. Images of bloodied dead bodies with Luke towering over them cloud my vision. I never thought I could ever hate anyone, but Luke proved me wrong.

"You know, I was a kid too, I was labeled and rejected, this place is a cruel world, filled with nothing but monsters." His voice cracks slightly as his eyes slightly water. That catches me off guard, I wasn't expecting him to almost cry. I almost want to give him a hug, almost.

"Luke." I say firmly, but he ignores me.

"This world is inhabited by monsters, run by monsters in fact, and we're slowly manufacturing more monsters." With that said Luke goes eerily silent. Again Luke succeeded at convincing me, but I just can't get the thought of Luke killing people out of my head.

We sneak behind a drunken guard and make a beeline toward the common room. And with that I leave Luke. He's too overwhelmingly difficult, he's a math equation without an answer. The way he talks about killing people, he sounds so inhuman it scared me. However, the way his voice cracked and how his body went still made him seem something I thought I would never see, vulnerable.

"Arabella?" I flinch as Vera appears in front of me, her arms wrapped around her chest.

"Oh, hi." I murmur distantly, my mind still thinking about Luke.

"What's wrong?"


"Cut the bull, I know something is wrong. Arabella, you can trust me." Trust. The word echoes in my mind. The word that scares me the most, only five letters but so terrifying.

"I swear, it's nothing." I lie, looking down at my feet, trying to distract myself.

"You know, I always came clean to you and I never ever lied to you." My heart cracks a little. I want to burst and just tell her everything, to come clean. However, the image of Luke bent over Jake retrieving the bloodied knife flashes into my mind.

"Vera, trust me okay, it's nothing." I struggle to look her in the eyes and see a glint of hurt clouding her eyes. She turns away from me, leaving me alone to play cards by myself.

I sit there with guilt drowning me. I feel like I'm trapped in a glass case filled with water. I silently choke on the musty air of the hospital. Soon, the sunset disappears and the full moon is shining brightly above the sky. Then, my heart clenches as my eyes water as the memories pour inside my mind. About them.

It was a tradition that every full moon we would go there. A place that nobody ever knew of except me, Michael, and Ashton. It was a place hidden from everyone's eyes, but showed everyone. We called it the Skyline. A small abandoned tree house that overlooked Los Angeles. We would sit there for hours, staring at the glow of the lights of the passing cars and the occasional blinking red light in the sky which was a plane. After finals we wouldn't go to parties and get drunk, we would go to the Skyline and just stare off into space. The city you thought you knew looked so different from afar.

We stopped going though. The last time I was there life decided it wasn't going to be fair. I had climbed up the rotting wooden ladder, excited to see Michael and Ashton before summer started. I pulled open the hatch and hoisted myself up, only to be greeted with an empty room. Did they forget? Was it my fault? I thought anxiously to myself letting all the "what ifs" fill my brain. However, in the far left corner of the room was note thumbtacked to the wall. The word, Australia, was messily written in what looked like Ashton's writing. They moved, they've gone forever. I'd turned around, trying to drown myself in the beauty of the city lights. But I saw nothing but blackness. No light. Not even a dim flicker. I'd never felt so alone. I tried to reach for the note that they have written for me, so I could silently cry with it, but it was gone. The thumbtack and the evidence of Ashton's and Michael's disappearance, gone.

"Darling?" A smug voice says behind me. I quickly snap my head back to see Luke leaning against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his uniform.

"What." My voice is hoarse and weak, I'm still staring at the moon, unable to even take a glance at Luke.

"Let's play 20 questions." He suddenly suggests and I furrow my brows. 'What?' Being Luke, he continues.

"What's your favorite color?" Come on, seriously?



"Because of the song." Suddenly Coldplay starts to play in my head as I silently hummed along. Luke studies me carefully.

"Your turn." He murmurs.I hesitate, closing my eyes trying to think of a question.

"Why are you here?"

"Because I belong here." He sighs, combing his fingers through his hair. 'Bullshit.'

"No, you belong in an asylum." I say absentmindedly. For once I see Luke's expression change, for just a second Luke looks hurt, the calm and collective face he normally wears disappears.

"No comments, just questions." We continue firing questions back and forth until it was Luke's last question.

"If you could kill anyone in this room, who would it be?"

"No one," I answered with a shrug. The thought of ending someone's life sickened me, unlike Luke.

"Are you sure?'' Luke raised his eyebrow, unconvinced.

"I-I don't have the heart to kill people." I looked away trying to avoid eye contact. I couldn't even kill a rabbit.

"That's what you say, but I see right through you." Luke darkly chuckled. As I turned my head towards him. Sure he did.

"Luke, I'm not a psychopathic killer like you," I whispered.

"So that's what you think of me, a psychopathic killer?" He smirked lighting a cigarette. I didn't answer too stunned to even breathe.

"I don't go around killing people ruthlessly without a thought!" I snarled.

"I know who you would kill." He whispered softly. I chuckled inside of my head, he doesn't know shit about me.

"Who then?" I mumbled in the same soft tone. Surprisely I was curious to see what he thought of me.

"Me." For a second I didn't blink, move, or thought. A part of me knew it was true, I wanted to killed Luke Hemmings. After seeing what went down in my cell I was absolutely convinces he's a danger to everyone, including mental patients.

"See I knew it,you are so easy to read." He said cockily blowing a steady stream of smoke into the common room, I didn't bother nagging him because I was too shaken to speak. I wanted to roll my eyes and to laugh it off, but the truth still stung.

"People are these puzzles," He suddenly breathed out,"we try and try so hard to figure them out, but then you end up hurting them." 

"But see I have this talent, I know how people act, how they feel, and what they think." I stole a glance at Luke he looked like he was in a trance, lost in his own words. In an instant he blinked as he came back to reality. I stared dumbstruck at Luke. He was too smart for his own good. Maybe if somebody kept him on the right road he wouldn't be a sadistic serial killer. What am I even thinking? I slowly battled my inner voices as Luke continued.

"I may be a psychopathic killer, but I'm a smart psychopathic killer." I believed his words. He sounded so god damn convincing. It scared me how easy it was for him to convince me. Snap out of it! I silently screamed at myself.

"You think I'm crazy?" And for the first time I shook my head. He stared at me for a couple of seconds with a blank face until he looked away. Then he handed me a knife. 

"W-what?" I stuttered quickly shoving the knife back into his hand.

"If you want to kill me so bad here's your chance." I hesitanted. I couldn't even kill him, not even if he killed someone.

"Would you kill a man that killed a thousand people?" Damnit Luke! I thought to myself. He knew my weakness now. He has all the power in his hands now.

"I don't know." I answered honestly. He was screwing with my head, badly.

"The thing about Arabella is no matter what the situation is or the person you would never kill a person." He figured me out. The asshole figured me out in three days. He smirked smugly as he put the knife away into his pocket. 

"Oh Arabella, but you'll learn because you and I we are going to kill far more than a thousand people." My heart stopped as I looked in horror at Luke. He was charming, cunning, and absolutely horrifying, he was Luke Hemmings. Criminal, mastermind, even Norman Bates Jr.

"You don't talk a lot do you now darling?" He tilted his head. Again I shook my head.

"What a shame you do have a beautiful voice." Any girl would of batted their eyelashes and blushed, but all I did was lean forward and started throwing up. Non-stop. I couldn't stop to even take a breath I just kept on going and going until finally there wasn't any left. I was too busy to notice that everyone was staring at me, disgusted. I thought what it would of looked like a sick 19 year old girl crouching over and vomitting. The stared at the puddle of vomit as an acidic after taste smothered my mouth. 

A nurse came in and walked me to the nurse room for the second time in two days. She cleaned me up silently not even uttering a word. She nodded at me and finished as she handed me a bottle. I furrowed my brows in confusion as I studied the pills. There were 8 pills that were clear and transparent. 

"You have to take two a day." She left after that leaving me alone, confused. A guard led me back to my cell as I continued to study the pills. It was the size of my fingernail. I took one and gulped down a handful of water from the sink. Waiting for it to go down my throat. As soon as it hit my stomach my eyes widen as I quickly took another pill. I kept on swallowing pill after pill until I was done. I collapsed onto my bed as my body went numb.

My eyes opened as it felt like an elephant was break dancing in my head. I groaned as I slowly rubbed my temples with my fingers. I slowly got out of bed as a sharp pain pulsed in my left arm. I continued dragging my feet and rested my head against the door. My mind felt jumbled and cloudy as if I got hit by a bus. I strained myself trying to recollect any memories, but all I could see was a giant blank space.I silently cursed at myself as I hobbled across the hallway completely ignoring all the stares. 

I tumbled into the common room almost landing on my face. However, no one was there. I frantically looked all around the common room searching for somebody, anybody. Until I saw Vera. I quickly ran up to her nearly tackling her. A wave of relief washed over me.

"W-what happened?" I heaved out of breath. 

"Someone died last night."  My back stiffened. Dead? First Jake now this. 

"Where's everyone." My voice echoed in the barren common room. Even the record playing wasn't playing.

"Outside," She sighed,"Everyone is a suspect now after Dr.Harrison died." A shiver snaked it's way down my back as she mentioned Dr.Harrison, the idiotic psychologist that got me here in the first place. Vera took my hand dragging me outside where all the patients were feverishly waiting. They were all lined up shoulder width apart as someone unfamiliar strolled looking every one of the patients dead in the eye. 

I tried to hid behind Big Gus, but there was no hiding from the stranger. His eyes boared into mine searching me. I went into a trance as his eyes slowly studied mine. Then, he looked away to the next person putting me out of the trance. 

"You all know what you're here for, right?" His booming voice echoed. We all nodded our heads in unison. Murder.

"To refresh you memory I have something to show you." The stranger snapped his fingers as a casket was placed in the center so everyone could easily see. The latch was unhooked as the guards pushed open the top. Gasps and guttered groans filled the air as I cringed my nose and squeezed my eyes shut. Inside the casket was a corpse caked in blood. They didn't even give the poor man a wash. He could of been any man really. An image of Jake's bent body flashed into my eyes as I bit my lip.

I looked to my left to see Vera. Shaking with terror written on her face. When the stranger came around and gave her eye contact Vera looked away. Could I possibly be her? No. It can't be. She was biting her lip as her eyes fell to the ground.

"See this innocent man was ruthlessly murdered last night." I scoffed as he said innocent. Innocent my ass. I could see some of the expressions of the patients looked relieved seeing their worst nightmare laying dead in a coffin while most remained the same, expressionless. My mouth hung open slightly as the body was taken out of the casket. The guards held Dr.Harrison up letting the dried blood shine in the warm sun.

"And I suspect one of you, idiots, killed him." His eyes were trained on Luke as Luke looked away. God it's so obvious that Mr.Hemmings did it. The stranger kept his eyes in contact with Luke as his hands touched the dead body. I shivered as his hands slowly got dried blood on them.

"You see, I am the owner and leader of this place,"

"You may not of seen me often, but I'm always watching." The cameras. Everyone's breath went shallow and their body stilled. The thought of being watched scared me. That no matter where you go they can see. Many think the guards are worse, but I believe the cameras were ten times worse. They saw everything, caught everything, and had solid evidence. An eye witness is one thing, but a piece of hard cold evidence was much more.

 "I am Mr.Hood owner and leader of Griffin Mental Hospital," He announced as he smirked at our terrified expressions. He cracked his neck as he continued,"Today is the last day for that person to come forward and face their sins without punishment." Even though I was innocent his words gave me chills. Then, my gut started to wrench as I felt a feeling of wrong in my stomach. I felt so conflicted. Like something was killing me inside.  Everything went silent as Mr.Hood studied every one of the patients. 

"Oh well I guess no one." Mr.Hood said bitterly. Once again he snapped his fingers as the guards put the corpse back in closed the casket and carried it away. Everyone's eyes slowly followed the casket, except Luke. In the corner of my eye I could see Luke staring at me deeply. I wanted to stick my tongue out, but I was too busy watching the casket disappear. We were all dismissed being brought back to the common room. However, the record player was still mute. 

In the common room I tried to search for Vera, but she wasn't there like she disappeared into thin air. A sickening feeling bubbled in my stomach, she was real wasn't she? I spent the rest of the day pacing back and forth questioning Vera's existence. She's real right? She has to be I played cards with her every day. I even touched her hand. But then again Ashton and Michael existed to me for seven years and they disappeared. I'm losing my mind.

Before I nearly went mad a very shaken Vera walked into the room out of the corridor. She quickly sat down in the nearest chair. She propped her head on her elbows as she stared off into space. I slowly made my way towards her. She was mumbling to herself as her hand quickly combed through her blond hair.

"Vera?" I whispered. The friendly calm Vera was no longer there. She slowly turned her head towards me giving me a weak smile.


"Are you okay?" Was all I could manage to say.

"Yes." She replied quickly looking away from me.

"Don't lie to me." I furrowed my brows taking the seat across from her.

"But you do." She mumbled.

"I-I don't." I choked on my own words. I didn't even believe my own words.

"I saw Luke and another figure outside at midnight," She took a deep breath,"I think Luke and someone else are trying to kill everyone here." My eyes widen. I knew it, that bastard Luke.

"And I told Mr.Hood that, but he didn't believe me," She paused,"he thinks I did it."


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