It's Called Murder, Baby

They thought they could cure our insanity with pills and test, when in reality they were the mad ones.

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8. The Truth Is Revealed

"We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones." - Stephen King


 "We need to go now Arabella!" Jake grabbed my arm pulling me towards the door.

"No! You didn't even answer my question." I planted my heels firmly into the tiled floor. Jake let out a frustrated growl.

"I shouldn't of brought you here, what was I thinking?" Jake punched the wall. Woah. This was a side I never saw of Jake.

"We're leaving now." Jake kicked open the door, knocking the door right open.

"Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Arabella." He said sternly his eye twitching.

"Jake." I mimicked. He gave me a look of annoyance as he hesitanted. Suddenly his big hands were on my shoulders pushing me into the door. The vision of my high school started to fade, but the sound didn't. The sound of gunshots pierced my ears. Then, it went silent as I was once again falling into the darkness.

Open your eyes. My eyes fluttered open. Where am I? I was standing in an unfamiliar place. The walls were lined with bookshelves, the room was dimly lit with a single candle while the walls were all wood. I staggered backwards as my foot made contact with something. I slowly turned around to see a box of files. Written in cursive was 'Patient files, KEEP OUT'. My hands started to itch with curiosity.

ShouldI? I gulped as I continued to eye the box. It was so tempting. Yet-

"What are you doing here?" I flinched as a nurse towered over me. It was nurse Moira. Her reddish hair was in a tight bun as she wore the classic nurse outfit. She tapped her foot impatiently.

"I-I, uhh.." I struggled to form words.

"I must report this right away." She grabbed my wrist as I immediately pulled back. She gave me hard glare.

"No!" I suddenly screamed. Rule one of Griffin never scream at authority or there will be consequences. Moira pursed her lips as she dragged my across the room. I kick and flailed, but it was no use. Then an urge overcame me. I grabbed the file box then smacked it across her head. Slam! She instantly hit the ground. Her chest isn't moving. I put my index finger on her neck, no pulse. I tried to find a pulse in her wrist, nothing. My eyes widen as I crawled into the back of the wall. I killed her. I killed Moira, what's wrong with me?

"Good job darling." Luke's voice said inside my head. This couldn't be happening!

"But it is." Then Luke's voice went silent leaving me with only a dead nurse for company. A few minutes passed as I tried to regain my senses and sanity. The files inside the box still intrigued me, but I didn't even want to go near it. Hell no one would ever go near it if they knew it was a murder weapon. Something in my gut was yelling at me to get the box, but in my mind I knew something in their was something I didn't want to know.

I sighed as the curiosity got the best. Curiosity doesn't kill everything, right? I started from a distance, observing it waiting for it to move or grow six legs and a pair of eyes. Then, I finally gained the courage to touch it. My thumb slowly slide over the plastic corners of the file box. My finger frozen as I felt something sticky and wet, blood. I bit my lip trying not to scream. Blood scared me to death, no wonder I failed health class. I quickly wiped the fresh blood from my finger as I continued.

I closed my eyes as I reached for the vanilla folders. I shuffled through them as I blindly chose one. I opened one eye as I read the folder, 'Arabella Talia Woods'. I swallowed a lump in my throat. Convenient.  I debated inside my head if I should open. Why have fear? You know everything, so there shouldn't be a surprise. Right? I hope. I whipped open the file as I skim read it. 

Name: Arabella Talia Woods

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Mental Disease: Schizophrenia


May 17,2009: ---------------------

June 13,2010: Accused for assault. Victim: Niall Horan

The May 17 was whited out. What happened on May 17? I closed eyes trying to think of something, anything. All I could see was a blank spot. I remembered nothing. Minutes passed, nothing. How could I not know?

"Arabella." My head whipped back. Mr.Hood was towering over me with his hands in his pockets. Crap. Damnit. I'm screwed, no that's an understatement I'm dead meat. I gulped as I slowly got up. My arm was slightly shaking as my throat felt dry.

"What are you doing here?" He folded his arms giving a glare.

"I-I don't know." I answered honestly. I don't know anything. Jake threw me out of the door and poof, here I am.

"This place is strictly prohibited to patients and is heavily guarded. How could you possibly end up here?" I just wanted to scream. To say,"I don't know anything anymore." Which is the truth. I was going insane.

"I. Don't. Know." I repeated more firmly. Mr.Hood's jaw tighten as his fist clenched..

"We found two guards outside, dead." My eyes widen. It's Luke isn't it? He's at it again. Norma Bates Jr. has no mercy.

"It's Luke! Oh god he's making all of us insane." I cried out in semi-relief, rubbing my temples. Mr.Hood slowly lowered his head as he went silent.

"No Arabella. Luke didn't, it's you." My jaw dropped as I staggered back. No. No. I don't kill people. I never had. The horrible feeling started bubbling in my stomach again. Images flashed in my head. A bloody knife, the file case, and a rusty crowbar. It couldn't be. The pills, those fucking hallucinogens Luke drugged me with.

"Arabella Woods you have been charged for the murders of Jake Stadford, Harold Harrison, Moira Wilson, Fredward Abernathy, and Boise Hopkins."

I am a murderer, a psychopath, a killer, and more importantly a monster. I don't want to believe it. It's Luke. I would mumble in my head. I saw him with the knife as he relentlessly stabbed until his hands were caked in blood, but Mr.Hood's words echoed in my head,"It was your imagination." My sadistic cruel imagination. The schizophrenic girl who believed she was the sanest person in this hellhole turned out to be the killer all along. Plot twist.

But I don't believe it. I won't. I will never. No matter how many videos they showed me, all the bloody knives with my fingerprints, or the snapshots of me. It's all lies. They probably showed me a fake video or they planted those fingerprints of purpose because they wanted someone to blame, their scapegoat. Everyone was hungrily waiting to pin the problems on me.

Now here I am under high security in a dark room with no human contact at all. It's been three days since I saw the light. After Mr.Hood accused me I was quickly cuffed and pushed into an unknown room. Now I knew what it felt to be the ant that I would trap under a box. Waiting for the door to open and for everyone to say it was a mistake. A big fucking mistake. I waited. I started imagining what it would be like for me to be set free and for them to be wrong. To see Luke being the real killer, I could already hear the clicking of the handcuffs as they latched onto his bony wrist. A sick smile crept up my face. Seeing Luke with his face frozen in horror as he was ushered into the same pitch black room, but the only difference is he wouldn't ever return. Never, he needed to pay for all the murders he committed.

Click! My heart stopped. Relief flooded my veins. The door slowly opened. My eyes started to burn as the blinding white flourscent flooded the room. A hiss left my mouth as I covered my eyelids with my forearm. Thump! Thump! The steady footsteps started to near.

"Up,now." I quickly stood up at the sound of the voice. This was all wrong.  The guard was suppose to let me free and to tell me they were wrong. That all the evidence was lies and I was more innocent than Bambi. Soon, I felt a fabric covering my eyes, the guard was blindfolding me. I wanted to protest, but I didn't want to anger the guard in fear of ruining my chances of freedom.

The guard clutched my wrist as he led me outside. I never felt so weak, so powerless in my life. I was blindly following a strange man into nowhere. I prayed to god that this mess would be quickly resolved. The thought of going to court and facing a judge gave me a headache.

"Halt." Another voice boomed. My heart skipped a beat.

"I have the patient." I was quickly handed to another pair of unfamiliar hands. I hestiantly followed behind, but the other guard was impatient shoving me forward. I heard a door swinging open as I was ushered inside.

"Welcome Ms.Woods," A strange voice echoed in the room. The blindfold loosen as it slid down my face. A shady-looking man in a tweed suit was resting on the chair. He gave me a grin showing his yellow-tinted grimy teeth. A shiver went down my back, nasty. The guard scoffed as he closed the door leaving me alone. In a room. With a strange man.

"Why don't you take a seat." The man's smoky voice croaked. I slowly slid into the seat across from him. The creepy smile was still plastered on his face.

"I'm Christopher nice to meet you." He held out his head, I just stared at it. Then a childish voice inside my head mumbled,'Mommy says don't talk to strangers.' I hope that goes for shaking hands as well. He got the idea and retracted his hand.

"I am you're lawyer." He added. My facial expression relaxed. Then again a feeling of disappoint lingered inside of me. This man is your last hope, your savior, and he smells like expired milk mixed with a dead goat. I nodded.

"Now let's get to the business part." He plopped his briefcase as he placed his glasses on the bridge of his nose. He pulled a stack of documents and placed it in front of me. They all had the similar words. Murder. Death. Killed. Mental. I mentally sighed, they just wanted to shove my 'crimes' in my face didn't they?

"Now we must talk about our defense." My shifted away from the documents. I remained silent. If I acted like what I wanted to in all those scenarios I played in my head I'd be jumping for joy. But I'm not.

"Your situation, Ms.Woods, is not looking good. Well for you." My eye slightly twitched. The urge to choke the man to death until he told me what I wanted to hear made me clench my fist.

"I still have a chance,right?" I whispered in a small voice. The lawyer looked at me through his glasses slightly stunned for me talking.

"Honestly, no." I banged my wrist against the table causing the lawyer to jump. It wasn't suppose to be like this. All of this is wrong. I kept repeatedly banging my wrist on the wooden table. My vision became blurred with tears, my wrist was throbbing, and inside I felt destroyed. To my surprise, the lawyer didn't call for the guards. He waited until my crying subsided to sniffles as he sat back down.

"Ms.Woods, I wish this could be different. You look like a young girl who deserves more than this, but I can't be God and change it." The words stung in my head. The truth hurt. The thought of me killing people seemed so preposterous. That was what the truth was, the most absurd fucked up thing to ever hear.

"What can I do?" There has to something. Anything.

"Admit you are guilty to the court." My eyes widen. Like hell I would do that! I wanted to go down with a fight. I wasn't going to hold my head down and admit to the world I did something I personally think I would do.

"I can't do that sir." I rose my head giving the lawyer a cold stare.

"You need to Ms.Woods," He paused as he removed his glasses. He leaned forwards looking me in the eyes,"If you won't they will do much worse." Death. How could they even give a death penalty  if I 'killed' only four people.

"Arabella, I would just admit it even though you don't believe it." A tear ran down my cheek. I couldn't lie to myself. It was worse than lying to someone else. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing I lied to the person I loved the most, me.

"Look," He took a deep breath and massaged his temples,"you don't have the best record plus with all this evidence against you it is nearly impossible to come out of this with no charges." Record? One stabbing wasn't even heinous.

"What do you mean 'not the best record'?" I frowned at him. I was as innocent as Luke. Well that could be argued, but I knew my record wasn't psychopath material.

"I don't think I am the person that should tell you this." My heart sunk.

"If you won't tell me I will scream rape." I smirked smugly. I could see the lawyer's adams apple bobbing up and down. I really wish I didn't have to blackmail the poor guy. I didn't like the thought of giving in to a criminal's ways of threatening, but it had to be done just like what happened to Moira.. My thoughts trailed off.

"You wouldn't do that you're a sweet-" I rolled my eyes, please. I leaned forward until my lips lightly touched his ear and mumbled in a venomous voice,"Don't underestimate me." His eyes widen as I slowly pulled away from him. I gave him another smirk as I cleared my throat.


"Stop." He cried out. I froze in midsentence as I smiled at him. He mumbled to himself and started to shake his head. He pulled something out of his briefcase. It was a newspaper. He tossed it across the table landing perfectly in front of me. My eyes dropped as suddenly my jaw tighten as I read the headline:

Westfield Highschool Newspaper

My bottom lip quivered as I continued reading:

It was a normal sunny day to every highschooler in Westfield High. Prom was just around the corner, the football team recently won a game, and the mathletes brought home a victory. However, at 12:08 pm on May 17,2009 all hell broke loose. No the cafeteria didn't run out of food nor did the board cancelled journalism club it was something much worse.

Right there in the cafeteria a gun was brought out. No one knows how the gun got there or why the person even brought it just that they knew they were going to die. Here's a thing, they didn't. The shooter didn't even care about the people. First they shot at the windows making the window shatter into millions of fragments, some were injured because of this. Then, they shot the ceiling lights, but they didn't stop there. They held the gun against the prom poster and shot it multiple times over and over again.

By then the police were there and the shooter was pinned down. We all saw the shooter. We were too caught up in saving our lives we forgot about the bastard, can you even call a girl a bastard? Yes a girl. It was a girl that went by Arabella Woods. We all thought she was insane and crazy, but harmless. Boy we were wrong! Who could of thought an innocent-looking soul like her would open fire? No on one did.

Also, for more insight (not trying to scare our students at Westfield) this isn't Westfield's first shooting. The first was during December 6,1975 in the gym. 20 lives were taken this day. This time there were two gunmen. Both identified as Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. According to officials both boys had a history for drug use and animal abuse to a dog they shot while they were drunk. However, they are not alive since they shot themselves on the crime scene.

I wish all our peers well and a safe recovering. This has been a tragic episode of the Westfield Highschool  Newspaper. May we learn and heal from this experience.

-Jake Stadford

Head News man at Westfield Highschool Newspaper

The newspaper slipped from my fingers. Suddenly the gunshots became familiar and the cries invaded my hearing. Inside my heart I felt convinced, that I was capable of murder. That I had the possiblity of being the heartless killing machine I saw Luke.

"No." I cried out. I began hyperventilating as I banged my fist against the table. I felt like Vera for a minute, my vision red with nothing but anger in my veins. I wanted forget about the laywer, the case, and everything for moment. My wish was granted. I threw myself to the wall as my head smashed against the dry wall. I let out a moan as my vision started to blur until it became darkness. The void of nothingness was beckoning me, calling me to fall freely with open arms. My heart opened as my body gave in to the void.


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