It's Called Murder, Baby

They thought they could cure our insanity with pills and test, when in reality they were the mad ones.

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3. Greetings From the Devil


The world is a filthy place; It's a filthy goddamn horror show. There's so much pain, you know?” - Tate Langdon, American Horror Story:Murder House


"Norman Bates, as in the Norman in Psycho?" I can already imagine Luke stuffing a dog.

"Yes, he attempted to kill a woman who resembled the description of Marion Crane."

"Damn," I mutter.

"Just make sure he stays out of trouble." Jake says.

"Of course." I fake a smile at him.


I saunter towards him. He's leaning against the wall with a cigarette between his lips. He smirks as he sees me staring and lets out a puff of smoke in my direction, making me hack and cough.


"No smoking in the common room." I cough. Some people can be so inconsiderate.

He continues huffing out wisps of smoke until I reach for the single cigar. With a flick of a wrist he slaps me across the face and, since he caught me off guard, I stumble backward. His smirk grows as he breathes out of a cloud of smoke, right in front of my face. His hands reach for my neck and he firmly presses against it. My lungs struggle as the smoke swirls in my throat. I cough and cough until I nearly pass out. Soon, a pair of arms pulls me backwards and another tugs Luke's arms away.


"Doctor!" A voice yells.

"Just breathe." The person in front of me starts pressing my stomach. In the back of my mind I want to just let go. The thought of letting the darkness lull me into peace  was comforting, especially while seeing the frantic shuffling and shouting of workers. My eyes grow heavy as I strain to keep them open.


"Hang in there, don't give up." A voice shouts in my ear, nearly making me deaf.

'I can't,' I whisper in my head. I'm hanging from a thin thread until, suddenly, it snaps. My vision goes black as the darkness engulfs me. Memories that I keep in the back of my head play like a movie, they're the memories I ran away from and tried to destroy. One. Two. Three. Action.


There a little girl stood with a single ribbon in her hair. She was alone and walking. Kids passed, but she kept her head down. Then I realize, it was me. As the others raced each other home, I watch as the girl kicked the rocks until they rolled into the road. Then, a scary thought entered the girl's mind. 'What if I fall into the road?' She thought to herself. She was going to find out, there was no one to stop her. Not even mom nor dad could stop the stubborn little girl. But, right as her foot touched the road, a sound stopped her.

"Don't do that!" two voices said in unison.

She froze, turning her blonde head around, facing the two people.

"Are you crazy?" The boy on the left muttered, shaking his head in disapproval. She remained silent and continued glaring at the two boys. However, both ignored her silence and continued speaking.

"Why would a girl be walking into one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles?" The boy with pastel dyed hair asked the girl, running his fingers through his hair.


"Cause what?" The boy in the bandana cut in.

"Just because I wanted to." Her small voice managed to say.

"Well that's one bullshit of a reason." The pastel boy murmured.

"I'm Michael." He said.

"Ashton at your service." The other boy said.

"I'm Arabella." She mumbled.

"Nice to meet you Arabella." Michael put out his hand, but the girl just turned away and ran in cowardice. She took a look behind her and they were still there, staring at her. She ran even faster afraid of the two boys. She ran into the small brick house but, when her foot stepped on the floor, it vanished. Into a forest.

"What are we doing?" The same girl, but older mumbled, her hands shaking slightly in the pockets of an old army jacket.

"Shhh." Ashton said, underneath his black hoodie. He pulled out a small gun.

"Whoa." Her eyes widen, taking a step back.

"Ready to learn how to hunt?" Ashton handed her another gun from his pocket. The girl hesitantly took the gun into her shaky hands and slowly grasped the handle of the gun.

"Aim for that rabbit." He pointed to a small white rabbit resting on the ground with its eyes closed.

"I-I can't." She whispered, putting the gun down.

"Trust me it's fun, anyway, we're saving the rabbit from starvation and being eaten by a vulture." Ashton reassured, giving her a pat on the back.

"If you say so." She hesitated, slowly aiming the gun at the rabbit with her finger on the trigger. She went silent as she aimed towards the rabbit.

"C'mon Bella, you got this." He smiled at her.

Boom! The sound echoed throughout the forest. Ashton gave a thumbs up as the girl shuffled towards the bloodied rabbit, probing it with her finger. She let out a disgusted groan as the blood covered her index finger. Her head looked at Ashton again and he smiled. She turned back around to see the rabbit licking its tainted blood from her finger. She froze.

"Ashton, it's alive!" She yelled out at the barren forest.

"No Arabella, it's dead, it couldn't possibility be alive."

She turned back to see the rabbit gone, her jaw went slack and she fell back.

"Ashton, it's gone now." She said in fragments.

"Arabella, your just imagining things, let's go back home." He grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the forest.

The scene of Ashton and the younger version of myself soon faded.

"Her pulse is becoming normal."

"Her limbs are moving!"

"Huh?" I shot up, but halfway through I was caught by the wires attached to my body. I start breathing heavily, my head turns in all directions, frantically. White plaster walls, needles and syringes. My heart rate starts to slow down as I realize where I was, the nurse room. I lay back down onto the bed. I let out a sigh as I listen to the steady beat of the machines, slowly lulling me back to sleep.

"Ms.Woods?" A voice woke me up.

"Yes?" I yawn sleepily.

"Are you feeling alright?" The nurse asks.

"Yes." I repeat.

"Would you mind heading to the Office, Mr. Hellbert would like to see you."

"Of course." I mumble, rising out of the bed and start walking down the hallways. I let out a groan, I miss the comfort of the nurses room. Cell after cell, I get closer to the office. My feet are slowly dragging in dread. As I stand in front of the door, I close my eyes and reach for the knob. Don't let them control you, I motivate myself as I slowly open the door.

"Greetings." I see the devilish smirk, god I'm screwed.


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