GRAPHICS GALORE (Formerly 'Cover Couture')

TECHNICALLY CLOSED BY YOU CAN STILL REQUEST AND SEE IF I BOTHER. If you need a cover, full steam ahead. I also do any other form of graphic. I'll do wallpapers, draw you a map, make a promo banner, etc etc. Please specify if it's for personal use or for use on movellas.


19. XCDIVA 1 (Wallpaper)


I tried to make it like the others but I'm beginning to stuggle with that because I'm running out of images to use xD I try to make everyones wallpaper/cover/image unique y using photos I haven't used before. I usually would have merged a few images together to create the background, but I only used one because I'm running out and need to download a software to allow me to download more :3 I could always try with images from google if you want a more complicated wallpaper, but I find they don't work as well.


In the lower image, I tried it with the same images the other wallpaper I done (that you said you liked).


I was trying to replicate your one like that but I couldn't get it exactly the same again.


if there is anything you want changed, just say! Or if you want a different one completely because you don't like that, say too xD

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