GRAPHICS GALORE (Formerly 'Cover Couture')

TECHNICALLY CLOSED BY YOU CAN STILL REQUEST AND SEE IF I BOTHER. If you need a cover, full steam ahead. I also do any other form of graphic. I'll do wallpapers, draw you a map, make a promo banner, etc etc. Please specify if it's for personal use or for use on movellas.


12. VICTORIA RAVEN 1 (Manipulation)


The only difference between the two above is the tiny changes in colour. If these aren't what you were expecting, pllleeease say so I can change them :3 or make new ones. Depends how bad I failed hahaa xD


The reason for the sepia sort of tone is because you said it was historical fiction, and you wanted warm tones, so yeah. But if this isn't what you wanted or mean, please say :3 soo..

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