Looks like I lost

You fucked me over and I hate you for that


1. I lost

I was so scared that while we had a thing that I was going to fall for you while I meant nothing to you. Well I fell for you and now it's all screwed up. I know that you didn't exactly screw it up from the start but you screwed it up even more. You told me you liked me and that you wanted to date me and now you won't even fucking talk to me. And now I'm left here wondering whether I should try and move on or if I should wait for you to message me or talk to me. I don't know if you never meant what you said to me or if you are waiting for the right timing or maybe you don't want to get hurt but you're hurting me and it's unfair. I hate what you're doing and it's so confusing and I'm left here trying to think what I done wrong or if I said the wrong thing. Because you're too much of a coward to tell me what you really want.
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