Was it a dream?

My name is Lauren, I`m 17 years old and an orphan.
And I`m stuck in a world behind a white room.


1. Proloque

“Was it a dream? Was it a dream? Is this the only evidence that proves it A photograph of you and I” 30 seconds to Mars Lauren I am going to met my lawyer. He is helping me to get my own flat. I am 17 now. My birthday was just 2 weeks ago but I want to get away. My parents died in an car crash when I was three years old, and I survived. A miracle. Nobody knows why I didnˋt died that day. I hope everything works as we planned it because I really hate the children's home where I lived till now. It was the St. Saviours children's home. Which means I have a good religious knowledge. But that doesnˋt mean I believe in Jesus or God or anything. Till now I shared a room with two other girls. When I say I am not religious it doesnˋt mean I go to parties, do drugs or whatever... But these girls were like that. Every weekend they left at night and went to parties or whatever they did. And on the other hand they were extremely girly. Like they love shoes and wear tons of makeup and so on. We had one pink wall. You probably guess that I am the complete other side of these girls. If I get my own flat I hope I donˋt see them again. I donˋt care about makeup or my shoes. As long as they are comfortable and I can walk in them they are good. My favourite colour is dark blue. Like the eyes of my mom. I got the eyes of my dad. A mix between green, grey and brown. My hair is also brown and you can hardly do sth with it. It is completely straight and thin. So I hope this is going to be the story of me living in my own flat and starting completely new. I have one friend. Her name is Trixi. Sheˋs really nice but in the last few months we didnˋt met that much. She has a boyfriend and other friends. I am number 4 or something on her priority list.... Well, new school, new people and hopefully new friends. Weˋll see.... Jack I'm 19 years old. But that is nearly the only thing I know about myself. I was found by other people like me. Who can go into that room. But they all know who they are. They think I was pulled into that room like the others they save but got out by myself. Maybe that's what they do. Let people forget who they are... But...who are they and what is the use of making people forget who they are? If that is what they do then I want to help. Nobody deserves to live like this...
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