Student 102

Olivia and Dylan are normal schoolkids who had their whole lives ahead of them and then their dreams and ambitions were snatched away from them and dangled above them. Olivia and Dylan will have to overcome horrors no person should ever have to see. Will Olivia and Dylan survive?


1. Chapter 1: Olivia

Olivia was a normal girl, she went to a normal school, she had a normal family; you know loving, caring and hopeful of their daughter, Olivia generally had a normal life. But one day her life began to change when her parents had decided to send her to a new school. A rather large place judging by the detailed images that Google had provided her parents with. Olivia in fact didn't want to leave she would miss Dylan her only friend that understood her; Olivia's friends were mean, the main girl, that hated her the most was Catherine; Catherine was a mean and stuck up girl who never treated anyone right. Catherine had friends obviously she scared them so they became friends with her. Annabelle and Sarah, they were horrible and ghastly like Catherine. Catherine had dark brown eyes and her eyes mirrored the exact shade of brown her hair was. She was a little over weight but she always bragged as if she ate nothing, Olivia would dare say anything to her about her as she would be bullied relentlessly. But there was one person who understood her. Dylan; he was a tall guy with messy black hair and burning blue eyes. He had a cute personality and a quirky sense of humour. Olivia found it impossible to not love him. Catherine and the other girls hated him and told Olivia forget about him and never look at him. Olivia couldn't bear to not look at him and talk to him about her favourite books and films. Olivia would often sneak off with him when the girls were having their lunch and they didn't care but there cared if she was talking to Dylan. Late in the summer of 2019, Olivia was getting ready to say goodbye to St. James school and hello to a new school, somewhere where she would be respected and never bullied. Even better Dylan had persuaded his parents to let him move school with her too. So Dylan and her would be able to be together as friends instead of Olivia being bullied about her friendship with Dylan. Olivia's parents were happy to take Dylan under their wing over the summer holiday ready for them both to go to the new school.   That day at 3:30, Dylan and Olivia were released from school, he waited for her and had his bags to take to her house. As the new school was going to be a boarding school. Olivia didn't mind as long she saw Dylan. They never stopped talking as they walked home from school to Olivia's house. They didn't talk about the things normal teenagers would talk about; they talked about the things they loved. Not the gossip, they finally reached Olivia's house, they went upstairs and watched videos on YouTube. They laughed until they were crying and their stomachs were hurting. No one could love Dylan more that Olivia.
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