Smokey Mirrors

Sage Ellie Xavier is your average druggie. All her life she's been jumping from grade to grade. Now that she's in college, she must get serious. She knows that her moms would want her to finish college, so she's hesitant to stop her addiction and focus on graduating.

Ashton Fletcher Irwin has had good grades since he was in 1st grade. All though he's never meant to get them. He's in college now and all he can focus on is parties, girls, and everyday college boy things. He studied hard and gets good grades during the week, but the weekend is filled with parties, alcohol, and drugs that he gets from his roommate.

After the two are put in the same dorm, things get twisted. Sage and Ashton want the same thing; to graduate, but a series of events and problems almost get them BOTH kicked out for good. Though they've just had a couple flings here and there, a real romance blossoms.


1. College & Ecstasy


We walk up the stairs to the next floor where my dorm was. Tomorrow is the first day of college. Though, I don't think it will be that hard, my classes are never hard. My room was number 420, so I'm really fucking hyped to see who my roommate will be. Since this college has mixed-gender dorms, my roommate could be a guy or a girl. It doesn't matter to me though.

"I hope you have room for all of this shit." Danielle says as we approach the door. I shove the key in the lock and open the door. The room looked somewhat big, I guess it was the white walls making it look bigger.

"There is plenty of room." I say and she sets two boxes on one of the beds. I brought a box of decorations and posters, and a box of my bed sheets, blankets, and pillow cases.

"Start hanging up your posters and shit. I'll make your bed." She sighs and opens the box that contained my bed sheets and blankets.

I tore open the other box and got the posters out. I had brought tacks to hang them up with, so I started hanging them up quickly. They were mostly band posters, one poster had the marijuana leaf on it. "Sage." Danielle motions toward the ceiling. "Look, isn't it great?"

"Dani, are you high?" I laugh and put up the last poster. She might be high, most of the time she is. Hell, when she's high, I'm high.

"I could be. There's no smoke detectors OR cameras. You could do whatever the fuck you want in here." Her eyes widen and she laughs. "Or whoever the fuck you want."

"I am not smoking pot in here. Besides, I'm sure my roommate wouldn't approve." I look at my bed she just made. My sheets were white and my blanket was black. My pillows matched, but I had a little plush turtle that was bright yellow so it didn't match.

"How much more stuff do you have to hang up?" She asks and digs through a box. She pulls out a map that I had of the whole world. "You still have this?"

"Yeah." I take it and place it right above my bed. She hands me a tack and I push it through the paper and it stays on the wall. This map was really important to me because in the 7th grade, Dani and I made a plan to visit all of the places that had a yellow dot on them and when we visit them, we change the dot to red. So far, we've only made 3 red dots; The U.K., Ireland, and we've been to Hawaii.

"We need to visit some more places when you graduate." She sits down on my bed and looks at the map. "We haven't been to The Philippines."

"We can go during Christmas. Just you and me, having a kick ass time." I say and unzip my suitcase. I start hanging up clothes in the little closet that was next to the door. The closet wasn't that big, but it was big enough for all of my clothes.

"Do you think weed is legal there?" She asks. I swear, all of her questions are drug related. She once asked me if I had any Roofies. Why would I have a fucking date-rape drug? I had It though...

"Google it." Is all I could say without laughing. Weed is legal in lots of places, it just depends on if it's for medical use or not. Even that doesn't stop us, I had Dani pretend she had a medical problem so she could smoke weed-it didn't work.

When I get all of my clothes hung up, all my posters up, and everything is nice and neat, I lay on my bed next to Dani and try to relax. "Dani, I can't believe you're all the way down the hall. You should've been my roommate."

"I know. I really wanted my room number to be 420. It's not fair." She fakes a pout face and laughs. "Hey, do you want to see my dorm? I put all my stuff in it yesterday."

"Sure. Wait, that's where you were yesterday? I thought you were with Dylan yesterday?"

"I was, he helped me move in." She emphasizes the last two words and smirks.

"Ew. Was your roommate there?"

"Do you really think we'd do it with someone there? I'm freaky, but I'm not that fucking freaky." She laughs and I laugh along. I swear, this girl will be the death of me.

"Alright, let's go." I sit up and walk towards the door. She pulls herself off the bed and follows me as I open the door and walk down the hall. Her room number is 402. It's 420 if you scramble It though, so it's almost cool.

She gets her keys and opens the door. Her room was way cooler than mine. She had an obsession with Star Wars, so she had an R2-D2 alarm clock, Darth Vader bedsheets, and a light saber that was on the wall above her bed. Not to mention how I got Harrison Ford to sign it, he played Han Solo. It was for her birthday.

"I have some Vodka, if you want some?" She opens a mini fridge that she had beside her bed and pulls out a water bottle that had the label torn off.

"You put it in a water bottle? How did I not think of that?" I say and look at her. "I don't want any though."

"Suit yourself." She takes a sip and looks over at the R2-D2 clock. "It's getting late, you should go see if your roommate had arrived."

"You just want me to see if it's a hot guy, don't you?" I ask and turn to the door. "You have a boyfriend."

"I'm just saying that if it's a guy and he's hot, then you should definitely get with him." She says really slowly as I open the door.

Before I walk out I say "I'll make sure to ask you for the Roofies." I hear her laugh when I close the door and I continue to walk back to my room. The halls didn't echo, so that's good. Hearing my footsteps echo is the creepiest thing ever.

When I get to my room, I open the door and go inside. My roommate had been here. The other side of the room was decorated and the bed had blankets on it. They were regular white blankets. The decor was rock band posters and there was a pair of drumsticks on a shelf. My first thought was that it was a boy, but it could be a girl, gender roles aren't cool, dude.

I sit on my bed and plug my phone up to the charger. I had 43% but still, I like my phone being charged fully. About 10 minutes later, a boy walks in. He had brown hair and was wearing an AC/DC shirt with black jeans. To be honest, he was hot. Really hot.

"Hey." He says and sits on his bed. I notice how he gets his phone out and starts typing something, I can tell because of the little clicking noise.

"Hey." I say and look back at my screen. I had my messages pulled up. One message from Dani, she said "Are they there yet? Do you need any Roofies? xD" I laugh and text back: "He's here and he's fucking hot. No Roofies tho."

After a second after sending the message, he looks over and says "I'm Ashton." I look up from my phone and he has a slight smile on his face.

"I'm Sage." I grin and press the lock button on my phone to make the screen go black.

"Whoa, cool name. What does it mean?" He asks and shifts around to where he was lying on his stomach.

"It's an herb that's used in medicine. Mostly for, like, period pain medicine. I don't know, my moms were just really high when they named me. That explains my initials." I tell him and end up lying on my stomach too.

"What are your initials?"

"Sage Ellie Xavier. S-E-X."

"That's awesome. Wait, did you say moms?" He rolls over on his side and looks at me.

"Yeah. I have two moms. They're lesbian. Problem?"

"No, no. I think that's fucking awesome how you have two moms. So are you lesbian too?"

"No, I'm not. I'm actually bisexual, but I like to think of it as being heteroflexible."


"It means I'm straight, but shit happens. So it's like a less bland meaning than bisexual."

"That's the best sexuality I've ever heard. You're pretty cool."

"Enough about me, what's your story?"

"I'm Ashton Fletcher Irwin, I am afraid of ducks-"

I burst into laughter and almost fall off the bed. "Why are you afraid of ducks?" I say whilst laughing.

"Because one tried to bite me once. They're really fucking weird."

"Wow. Do you want some vodka?"

His eyes widen. "Do you actually have some?"

"No, but my friend Dani does. We can go get some of you want?"

He sits up and looks at the door. "Let's go." I get up and open the door. No one was out in the halls, so that was good. Ashton follows me as I walk down to Dani's room. 402.

I knock on the door and she quickly answered. "What?" I could see she wanted to be alone, her roommate was a guy.

"Vodka, please." I whisper so no one happens to hear it. She looks at Ashton, laughs, and walks over to her freezer.

"I have the Roofies if you really need them. I even snuck some pot, its not a lot but I'm sure I could give you some." She says as she hands me a water bottle that had vodka in it.

"Not now, Dani." I shake my head and motion toward Ashton. She gives me a smirk and I turn to walk away. She stops and stuffs something in my back pocket. "You'll need it later." She says. I catch up to Ashton and we go inside the room.

He sits on his bed and I hand him the bottle. "Here." I say and sit on my bed. I reach in my back pocket and pull out the crumpled paper that Dani put in there. It was a condom. What the hell does she think Ashton and I will do? I just met the guy. I put it in the drawer in the desk beside my bed.

I unzip the pocket on the back of my suitcase and look inside of it. I find some Bobbie pins, a bracelet, and a little plastic bag with pills in it. They were circular, colorful, pills. I know none of my pills are dangerous, so there is only one way to find out what they are.

"Hand me the vodka." I say and look at Ashton. He hands me the bottle and looks at me funny.

"What's in that bag?" He asks.

"Pills. Nothing dangerous though." I pick up a blue one with a smiley face on it and put it in my mouth. I drink some of the vodka so it will go down and I finally figure out what it is. "Yep, this is ecstasy."

"Did you just find some random pills and just take them?"

"Yeah. You want one? Ecstasy is my favorite for just, like, chilling."

"I guess." He shrugs and I hand him a pink one with a sad face on it.

He puts it in his mouth and I hand him the bottle of vodka. "We can't let Dani have any, last time she was crying because she thought her fingers were pickles. This stuff does shit to you."

I lay down and I feel it kick in. It felt like I floated up from my own body and was looking at myself. Heavy shit, dude.

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