Memories in the Wind || Joey Graceffa

The best memories are usually remembered for the rest of your life, right? Not in this case not for 22 year old Rowan Rose who was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts. She was diagnosed with memory loss at 6 years old after getting into a car crash with her now deceased father. She now lives in Los Angeles making her life the best of it. What will happen when she runs into a boy she used to know back in Massachusetts? ©Copyright Shyviolin 2015. Please no duplicating.


3. Chapter 3

  Rowan runs out of her house into Joey's car on the driveway. She hops in being greeted by Joey, Luke, and another friend of his named Sawyer. They soon take off to the party location.

"So Rowan, what do you do?" Sawyer makes conversation with her as they both sat together in the back.

"Oh, I draw." She stares off in the distance out the window.

 Sawyer looks over at Luke confused. Luke points to the side of his head circling his finger in sign of that she was crazy. Joey sees Luke gesture, shoving him. Joey eyes Sawyer in the rear view mirror shaking his head.

"Draw you say? What do you like to draw?" He ignores Luke's remark going on with the conversation.

"Anything really. It makes me smile whenever I draw."

  No one said nothing more until they reached the house of the party. They all climb out going to the front door ringing the doorbell. A girl with brunette hair and blue eyes opens the door greeting them all as they walked in.

"Whitney this is Rowan, the girl I told you about earlier." Rowan shook Whitney's hand confidently with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Rowan."

"Same here."

"I like your crown."

"Thanks. I like your dress."

"Thanks." They smiled at each other before they were interrupted.

"Hey Whitney, you gotta come see James! He's chugging down two whole gallon of soda!" She gets pulled away from the group under stairs to where everyone was.

"Let's go!" Rowan walks up behind them meeting more of Joey's friends partying.

"Hi, I'm Lucas, you are?" The boy shouted at Rowan over the music.

"Hello, I'm Rowan." He motions her over out of the house going outside to the backyard. A servant passes by them holding out a tray of drinks to them. Lucas reaches out for two handing one to Rowan as the servant fled.

"Sorry, I don't drink."  She pushes his hand away shaking her head.

"It's alright. I thought you drank." He places them down nearby a small table. She bites her lip looking down at the ground. "So Rowan, what do I need to know about you? Are you smart? Goofy? Quirky? Beautiful?" He gave a toothy smile moving closer to her. She backed away pushing him back.

"Whoa. Did you have a whole bottle of an alcohol drink?" She plugs her nose waving her other hand in front of her face.

"No. Just a good look at you." He grabs her arm bring her closer to him wrapping his arms around her waist. He glides his hands up and down her body, tugging at her sweater.

"Get off me!" Rowan squirms her way out of his arms running back in the loud house. She turns back to see if he was following behind her. She immediately crashes into Joey falling over.

"Whoa! Rowan you alright?" She shakes her head. Her eyes well up as she gets up running down the flight of stairs.

"Wait! Rowan!" Joey runs after her reaching her side as she tried getting out. "Rowan what happened? Please tell me." As she was about to answer, Whitney comes out jogging over to them.

"Joey, I saw you run-" she stops as she sees Rowan crying. "Rowan you okay?"

"N-no. I have to go. I'm sorry." She tries pulling away from Joey's grip.

"Hey! Where you going sweedoms?" Lucas stumbles out of the house reaching Whitney's side.

"What are you doing here?! You're not allowed!" Whitney shouts, making Rowan and Joey jump.

"Oh c'mon, I know you still love me." He smiles as he sways back and forth.

"What did you do to Rowan?!" Whitney grabs him by the collar of his shirt bringing him up to her face as he had fallen.

"Nothing!" He spat.

"Rowan tell me what he did to you."

"H-he touched me. Look, I really need to leave." Rowan pulls away from Joey's grip running down the street. She continues to run until she reaches a bus stop. After waiting a while it began to rain. She sighs hugging herself.

"Need a ride?" She glances up to see Joey in his car with the window rolled down.

"I'm fine Joey, really. I just want to be left alone." She walks off being followed by him.

"You know I won't leave you here alone. I brought you here and it was my mistake to leave you alone at the party. That was messed up for me to do that. I take the blame. Now please come with me." She hops in without saying a word.

This night was one of the biggest disasters for Rowan.

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