Memories in the Wind || Joey Graceffa

The best memories are usually remembered for the rest of your life, right? Not in this case not for 22 year old Rowan Rose who was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts. She was diagnosed with memory loss at 6 years old after getting into a car crash with her now deceased father. She now lives in Los Angeles making her life the best of it. What will happen when she runs into a boy she used to know back in Massachusetts? ©Copyright Shyviolin 2015. Please no duplicating.


1. Chapter 1

  It was a beautiful summer day, dogs running around freely, children splashing in the ocean, people laughing around a bonfire as memories were being made. Everything was right. It was something she had at least remembered.

  It sometimes stressed her out to see people having fun, while she sat around trying to remember what she had just done. Rowan never had a fun day to remember, and even though she tried there was no use. All she ever wanted was a memory.

  Rowan constantly jotted down notes in a booklet of important things to remember. Like what time her doctors appointment was at or how to get back home from the market. She had no space for the fun memories everyone had.

  She strolled down the beach of Santa Monica, glancing around at the beautiful view of the sunset. The beach was filled with smiling people all around bonfires, waving around marshmallows on sticks. Rowan sat herself on the edge of a big rock, feet dangling over the beautiful blue ocean.

  The young woman rummages through her bag full of seashells pulling out a gold wire crown placing it on her head. She takes in the view of the scenery smiling. She enjoyed the view as the sun started going down on the horizon. She inserts in her earbuds listening to her music on shuffle.

"Hey Joey catch!" The boy glances back as climbed up the big rock. He jumps forward stretching his arms out to the football, tripping over the girl falling over with her into the sea. They both shout before dunking in. The girl swims back up followed by the boy going to shore.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" He places his hand on her shoulder staring her in the eyes.

  Rowan didn't say a word. Instead, she began to think about something she was missing. Maybe she didn't forget everything. "My crown!" She shrieks, running back into the ocean.

"Hey! Be careful! The waves are coming in bigger!" The boy ran after her pulling himself back as a wave came crashing in. He searches around not finding the girl. "Oh no!" He begins to panick splashing the water around as if he was able to move it.

"Joey what's wrong?" The boys friend, Luke, joins his side looking worried.

"The girl! She went back in the water looking for- a crown?" He furrows his brows trying to remember if that's what she had said.

"The girl is probably insane! We should get out of here before she comes back dragging you in!" Luke pulls his arm dragging Joey behind him.

 Suddenly, the girl pops back up from the water with her gold crown in the air. She places it on her head before arriving back to shore. "It's all good. I found it." She sighs in relief.

"Are you crazy? You could of killed yourself!" He yelled at her in terror.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" She asks, twisting the salty water out of her hair.

"I'm Joey. This is my friend Luke." He held his hand out to her. They shook hands with each other saying 'hello.'

"I'm Rowan." The boys eyebrows raised in concern.

"That name seems awfully familiar. You don't happen to be from Massachusetts, are you?" He questions.

"No. Born and raised in California."

"Hm. I must have mistaken you for someone else. Sorry about that."

"It's alright." Utter silence followed after, making the air around them tense. He clears his throat looking around.

"Well I have to get going." She slowly backs away from them towards dry land.

"Oh uh- take my towel!" He jogged up to her wrapping his warm green towel around her petite frame.

"Oh, thanks." She smiles warmly at him.

"Sorry again!" He waved to her.

 The two boys watched as she wandered off into the crowd of people on the beach. Luke turns to Joey thinking. "Something seems off about her. She seems- different."

"And what's wrong with different?" We aren't even the same Luke. What makes her different from us?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe becuase she was crazy enough to go in the ocean for a scrap of metal! What else?" He exclaims, getting some attention from passerbys.

"Look Luke, she is not different! Maybe that crown is very important to her. Don't you have something treasured to your heart?"

"Yeah, I guess your right." Luke nods putting his head down.

 Joey sighs, feels not guilty that he practically shouted at his friend. He looks down in shame. "Hey, what's this?" He kneels down picking up a leather/metal bracelet. "It says, 'Amnesia.' What?" He scans more on the bracelet to see if anything else was written on it.

"Isn't amnesia when someone forgets things?" Luke takes the bracelet from Joey dangling it up in the air.

"Yeah. Wonder who would have this as a bracelet."

"Maybe it belongs to Rowan." Luke points out.

"Well she did have a lot of bracelets on. Too bad we can get it back to her." He shrugs shoving it in his pocket.

"C'mon, let's head back my place and play videogames! Last one to the car is a rotten egg!" Luke sticks his tongue out at him childishly running away.

Joey rolls his eyes smiling as he ran after him.

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