After being ranked an uncommon rank, Charlie Wescott is attacked by the Diministrates, and in the process loses his mother and brother. Hoping to find a new home, Charlie heads into the dangerous mountains, where many dangers and secrets await that have been hidden from society for years. Book One of the Saga. Rated Yellow for some language, disturbing parts, and violence


1. Introduction

What is a society without law? A society where the soil is soaked with blood. A place where nobody can be trusted, but you have no choice, but to trust to survive. We are all savages, running through the streets in search of a new hope, while being watched by the hawks, also known as, Diministrates. The Diministrates are what keep our world in order, in a screwed up way. You either follow law, or die.

My society has only two ways out; win the local race, or take the dangerous path; the mountains. You only have one chance, but before you make it to the mountains, you must jump across a ten-foot long trench, otherwise you fall to your death. Many have tried, but are too weak to make it across, and stick the landing. Even if you make it, you are still far from safe.

The mountains are full of dangers, and only the strong survive a two-day long hike. No food, no water, just you and the dangers that await. Nobody has ever made it. The mountains are an endless maze, with only one correct path. By the end of the hike, you are either too weak to continue, or you are devoured by your own insanity, ending in suicide.

My name is Charlie Wescott, and I am a savage, driven by one thing; hope. Some call me "Wes," for short, which I don't mind. My one inspiration for everything is my brother, Preston. He has been there for me, keeping me out of trouble, due to the Diministrates killing my father, because he refused to follow law.

My father was a rebel, and followed his own law, ignoring the Diministrates. He tried to start a rebellion, but nobody wanted to fight back against the Diministrates, because they all knew the consequences. My father was a one-man army, and attempted to assassinate the lead Dimistrate; Borgans. However, my father didn't make it far, and was slaughtered at the gates.

Borgans can only be described as a lead Nazi officer, in my eyes, because that's what he looks and acts like. He's in his early sixties, stands over six feet tall, wear's a black uniform with badges on it, and relies mostly on his pistol to do his talking for him. Borgans has a slang voice, is very clever in many ways, and ruthless to his victims, never showing them mercy, only fear.

My mother was devastated when my father was killed, but continued on, obeying Borgans, who keeps an eye on her, constantly. She was pregnant, at the time of my father's death, with me. When I was born, Borgans had thoughts of killing me, as a severe punishment, but he let me live.

As I grew, Borgans saw my father in me, as if my father were reborn. Borgans had every right to believe I was my father, reincarnated, because all my life, I've been a rebel. Preston kept me out of trouble, because the Diministrates didn't care how old you were. If you disobeyed law, you were dead in the water.

Preston and I both were rebels. We had been places that the Diministrates forbid us to ever go, but Preston and I were both aware of how the Diministrate's security system worked, and knew how to jam it, if we needed to. Borgans made a huge mistake letting me live, because Preston and I were indestructible, as a team.

I stood on the edge of Polger Cliff; a location not too far from my home, staring at the mountains. I didn't know if I was hearing things, but I swore that I could hear the screams of the people who had failed to jump the trench, and fell to a painful death.

The breeze blowing into my ears had a distinct humming sound, nearly piercing my eardrums. The sound was of a terrified person, screaming at the top of their lungs, as they plunged to their death. I didn't know who it was, only knew that it wasn't my sanity playing tricks on me, and the dead were speaking to me again.

Suddenly, the humming stopped, as I stood up from my knees, feeling a presence behind me.

"You going to stare at those mountains all day?" said the stranger.

It was my brother, Preston.

"More like, listen to them," I replied.

"You were called here, again?" asked Preston.

"No. I woke up here, so I don't know how I got here."

"What stage was it, when you woke up?"

In my world, there are no hours, or minutes, only stages. The order starts at stage white, which is the mildest stage, where you have your opportunity to get to safety, before the next stage; green. Green is the lockdown stage, when there's a short period of time, before the gates that outline our society close.

The next stage, is the black stage, when the savages that didn't make it back to safety during the white stage, are left to fend for themselves. The final stage, is the red stage, which is when the savages are fed, or feed on each other. This stage is know as "the Murder Stage," because of how much blood is shed, just to make it through the red stage, and the cycle starts over, the following day.

"It was red," I said.

"Why red?" questioned Preston.

"Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea why."

"Red is the most active time of all the phases, and the most dangerous."

"I'm aware of that. The Red Phase is when all the savages come out, and devour whatever they can, a.k.a; the Murder Stage."

"This has happened three days in a row. Do you think your body is trying to tell you something?"

"Possibly. I've been hearing screams, coming from the trench, but for all I know, that could be my sanity playing tricks on me. Do you think it could be a warning, and that danger is in our midst?"

"I'm not sure. It could be, because there is a race coming up."

"What?! Who's the participants?!"

"Peter and George. Their reasons are, because they have seen an increase in the Diministrate's activity."

"You know as well as I do, they will never make it. I've examined that track close, and know there's two massive jumps. One is over fifty yards long, and the final one is nearly, seventy yards. They need a ton of horsepower to even make it."

Preston looked at me, with a sincere look, in his eyes.

"Bro. The Diministrates killed their family's," said Preston.

"What?!" I exclaimed.

"Keep your voice down!"

I obeyed, and continued to listen to Preston.

"It was sickening," said Preston. "It happened the other night, and Borgans told them to keep their mouth's shut, otherwise they'd face the ultimate consequence; death."

"Why?!" I exclaimed, disgusted.

"No reason. Borgans saw them as weak nuisances, and killed them, in cold blood."

"Wow. I knew that bastard was cold, but never that cold."

"You should know by now, never underestimate Borgans, or any other Diministrate, and never trust them either."

I nodded my head, showing I agreed.

"Come on. Let's get you home," said Preston, helping me up.

I grabbed Preston's hand, as we made our way back to our small home. On the way back, I watched, as the Red Phase came to an end, and the sun rose in from behind the mountains.

* * *

Preston and I made it back into town, only to see the aftermath of the Red Phase; there was bodies in streets, slaughtered to death by the other savages. The ground was soaked with blood, along with severed limbs, and other body parts. Usually, somebody would want to puke from the sight, but I had seen this sight multiple times, so I wasn't even phased.

In the distance, Preston and I heard a group of vehicles, and immediately, recognized the noise as the Diministrates coming to clean up the aftermath of the Red Phase. To avoid getting caught, Preston and I scrambled into an abandoned building, climbing through a broken window.

An abandoned building is the last place you wanted to hide, because that was the burrowing areas of the savages, but Preston and I were experts when it came to defending ourselves against savages. We had trained ourselves how to survive an onslaught against enemies, which in this world, could be anybody.

The building was an old market that shut down, due to a lack in economics, so Preston and I hid underneath an old register, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Outside, the tanks passed, but that didn't mean we were safe, because Borgans wasn't fooled easily, so we continued to stay quiet.

We sat, hearing Borgans commanding the other Diministrates to pick up the remains of the Red Phase, hoping he didn't suspect that Preston and I were in the market. All was fine, until, out of the darkness, Preston and I spotted a savage, approaching us.

The savage was of an older age, very skinny, and covered in blood. They were muttering something, as they came closer.

"F-F-Food!" said the savage, as they lunged at both Preston and I.

Using our feet, Preston and I kicked at the savage, attempting to keep it as far from us as possible. The savage wasn't very strong, so they didn't manage to get past our kicks very well. We were just hoping that we didn't draw any attention.

The savage wasn't giving up, and continued to lunge at us, gritting his teeth. We had no choice but to get violent, so I threw a punch at the savage, and broke their jaw. To finish the job, I snapped the savage's neck, putting an end to their life, and freeing them from a terrible world.

Preston was angry, because killing someone, was against our family's law, but I had no choice. I hid back in the shadows, praying Borgans didn't hear anything. For once, we were lucky, and Borgans was too busy outside. Preston and I waited for the tanks to leave, which took about a half hour, then we scrambled out of the old market, back to our home.

Both of us ran, hoping not to be seen by the Diministrate's security cameras, scrambled all around the town. We stayed in the shadows, hoping to not be seen, rushing through the streets. Our home was in sight, so Preston and I used every bit of speed we had in our body's, and made it back home, with ease.

As we entered the house, mom was pacing in the kitchen, worried about Preston and I. She was relieved when she saw us, but a bit angry too, which she expressed by putting her hands on her hips.

"Where have you been!?" she exclaimed, starting to cry.

Before I could even respond, mom hugged both of us, which we both accepted.

"I'm sorry, mom," I said. "It happened again."

Mom released her grip from us, confused.

"What happened, again?"

"For the past three or four nights, I've woke up on Polger Cliff, during the Red Phase."

"Do you mean, like sleepwalking?"

"I'm not sure, mom. It just started happening, and if I had to take a guess, I'd say, it means danger."

"Do you think Borgans has seen you?"

"I don't know. I never remember anything."

Mom hugged me again. "I'm just glad you're safe," she said.

"Me too."

Preston still had an angry look on his face, but kept quiet about the encounter with the savage, knowing mom was stressed.

* * *

Preston and I sat on the couch, in the living room for two hours, thinking about what had happened earlier. I had never had to kill a savage before, and it was eating at me, even though I had no choice, otherwise Preston and I would be sitting at the Diministrates headquarters, awaiting our punishment.

It was nearing the time of day, when Borgans gives us the report on what to do today, so Preston, mom, and I all sat, waiting for Borgans ugly face to appear on the television screen. To be honest, Borgans face was the last one I wanted to see right now, especially after hearing his cold voice earlier. Plus, he was the man who killed my father, so I hated the bastard with ever bit of hate in my body.

I clenched my fists, even though there was nothing I could do about it, and expressed an angry look on my face. I was no more than a pawn in Borgan's game, even though I hadn't been ranked, yet.

The ranking system works, depending on how you act, and your background information. Preston was ranked a few years ago, and was ranked "S," which is the rank for the strong, bold, and brave; the top ranking. The lowest rank, is "W; the ranking for the weak. Qualifiers for the rank W, are usually disposed of immediately.The order of ranking, is S, A, C, M, and W.

A is the rank for the smart, creative, and intelligent. C is the rank for the people who actually care, and get to work in their own little slot of society. M is the rank for the fast, fearless, and daredevils, and get to work with the Diministrates. To keep our ranks sorted, we are branded by the Diministrates, usually on our backs or right shoulder.

When I'm ranked, that's the last thing I look forward to, because Preston said it stinged like a bitch for hours, but if he could do it, so could I. However, being ranked, means you give up your freedom to the Diministrates, and are forever bound to society, which was kind of against my personality. I refused to be controlled by somebody else, and that nobody could control me.

My thoughts were interrupted by the daily report being recorded on the television. Borgan's face appeared in the center of the screen, expressing a fake smile, to keep his reputation of being a "successful leader," true to all the viewers, even though everybody knew who Borgan's really was.

"Good day, fellow citizens. Today, we have a very special report for you, involving new candidates for being ranked."

Once I heard the announcement, my heart dropped.

 "The candidates are the following; Bessy Contrada, Thomas Torway, Ross Mantleton, and lastly, Charlie Wescott."







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