this is a collection of poems.
About life.
What life Can brings you


1. Goodbye <3



I don´t know what i can say to you.

you tried to help me, but i woldn´t received your help.

Thank you because you tried,

but it isn´t your fault that I died it´s my own.

there wasn´t anything you could have done to save me,

I was so messed up,

nothing could have saved me.

so don´t blame yourself, be mad at me for giving up,

but remember that I love you, 

and it isn´t because of you, that I am dead now.

it´s because of all my problems,that messed up my head,

and the people that called me all of those nasty things.

Even if life gets cruel, for you don´t be like me,

and give up on life.

you are the most amazing persom I knew in my life.

you are ging to be the most amazing person, in this world.

I just know it, and the whole world,

are ging to look up to you.

If you need me, so just remember that I will always be with you,

in your hart.

I nderstand if you are confused and mad, at me.

there were just no place for me, in this life.

you were the only thing,

there kept me on this earth.

I am  so sorry you have to go through this,

I know this is hard, but it´s going to be okay again.

I just couldn´t live anymore,

cause my mind was fucked up, 

almost everything was wrong with my life.

I am so sorry about everything.

Love you 4-ever, i will always be with you.

Goodbye sweety <3




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