this is a collection of poems.
About life.
What life Can brings you


2. brother



even after all those years 

I still see your face

 when I close my eyes.

It hurts so much that I lost you

at such yong age.

I never notice how messed up you were.

I didn´t understand it then

but I do understand

how it is  that nobody is there for you.

you try your best best to be perfect 

but your siblings are always better than you.

sorry, sorry that you felt that way.

I was five when you died

I couldn´t do anything.

I wish that I could have done something

to save you from the pain you felt.

maybe if I was older at that time I could have helped you

but I was just a child.

your my older brother

I love you.

I lost you 4-ever

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