Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


24. The School Asshole

Michael's POV:

No no no no.


This couldn't be true, please. They couldn't have.

I rushed to the hospital as quick as I could. I needed to get to my closest friends as soon as possible.

After 10 minutes, I had arrived at the hospital. I barged through the door and staff, heading for the reception.

"Mr Hemmings and Miss Brian." I told the woman behind the desk before she typed away on her computer.

"Mr Hemmings is in Room 7 and Miss Brian is in Room 12."

Room 12 - just like her mother's.

No. Shut up Michael.


I went to Luke's room before Alexis' because his came first. I peeked through the window before walking in, shaking. Luke sat on the bed and became wide-eyed in relief to see me. He had a huge white cloth around his forehead with a big spot of blood on the right side. Scars occupied his face. I sighed in pain.

"Michael." Luke finally said. His voice was hurt and broken.

"What happened?" I asked, my voice so quiet, I barely even knew what I said myself.

"A lorry." He whispered in disbelief. "What's going on, Michael? What's with these motherfucking lorries?!" He raised his voice. I walked over to soothe him.

A doctor walked into the room abruptly and nodded at my greeting.

"How's Luke, doctor?" I asked.

"Well, he's fine. He luckily saved himself from a sharper blow on the head and-"

"Alex," Luke said in realisation. "What about Alex? Is she okay? Doctor, tell me!" Luke and I looked at the doctor hopefully.

"She is suffering from short-term amnesia. This means that she has lost 70% of her memory, though the 30% she can remember."

(a.n: guys idk what short term amnesia is i made this up dont kill me)


"No." Luke answered back in disbelief, in shock. We stared at the doctor, wide-eyed, hoping that maybe, in some way, he was joking with us.

But he replied to our gaze with a blank expression.

"Can we see her, please?" I asked.

"Of course. However, Mr Hemmings needs another hour of rest before he can see Miss Brian." Luke sighed in pure annoyance.

"Okay, thanks." I replied blankly. The doctor walked out of the room, flooding the room with silence.


"Go see her." Luke started after 5 minutes.


"Go see her. Don't leave her alone like that. You have an hour. Come back in an hour so I can see her. Make sure she's okay." His lips formed a hard line.



Luke's POV:

I waited as patiently as I could for an hour. The only thing that raced through my mind was Alex. All we were going to have was a nice dinner with my family. Simple. Why is this happening?

Amnesia - she might not even remember me.

Stop it Luke. She will.

"Your turn." said a voice known as Michael's. I looked up to see his eyes puffy and red. This couldn't be good.

"Wh- what happened?" I asked, shakily.

"Nothing, you'll see anyways." He was making everything so mysterious.

"Does she remember you?"

"Yeah, thank God she does." He replied, relief in his voice.

I walked out of bed, holding onto balance before I made any quick journeys. I slowly took a few steps and headed for the door.

"Room 12." Michael shouted before I walked out.

Familiar, I thought to myself.

I paced down a few doors before I reached Room 12.

I stood outside it, evaluating all the things that could've happened to her.

After a few moments, I walked inside.


God, could I ever have seen a sight worse than this.

Bruised eye, broken cheekbone, broken arm, broken ribs,

Broken girl.

I sucked in a tight breath at the scene as a tear dropped down my face.

Alex looked at me, confused I guessed, and put on a smile.

A fake one.

"Alex?" I whispered, my voice hoarse.

"Hi." She said, as if I were a distant friend.

"Alex, do you know who I am?" I asked, calm but anxious.

She studied me for a minute.


"What? No? Alex, it's Luke!" My voice grew louder. This could not be real. "Luke, Luke Hemmings!"

She suddenly gasped in realisation.

"Luke, the school asshole right?" She questioned in a rude tone. "What are you doing here? I don't need you to break my heart when it's physically broken already." Her voice cracked a little.

Tears ran down my cheeks. I fell to the floor, my knees too weak to handle all of this.

She doesn't remember me,

She doesn't remember us.


A.N: Hey guyssssss! Thanks to everyone who reads and comments for this movella i truly appreciate it! Could you do me a favour and choose a number: 1 or 2.

(it decides the ending of the book !)




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