Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


8. The Kiss

Alexis' POV:

I didn't know whether to believe Luke last night. I was still hyping over the fact that he had dinner with us last night. Maybe I was in love with him... I needed Michael. I called his phone and he picked up after two rings.

"Hey Lex, what's up?"

"Mikey, come over for the night, I need your company."

"Sure, I'll be there in twenty." He hung up as I went downstairs to inform my mum.

"Mum, Michael's coming over to stay for the night, just letting you know."

"Okay honey, I was going to go to the supermarket. You want anything?"

"Umm, could you get popcorn, Doritos with the salsa sauce and vanilla ice cream please?" I asked, patting my eyelashes at her and acting like a five year old.

"Of course hun."

"Thanks mum, I love you!" I really did. I went back upstairs and sat on my bed as I waited for the arrival of Michael.

After about 15 minutes, Michael was in my room.

"Sup." He said as he set his school bag down. I remembered we had school the next day. Ugh.

"I needed your advice."

"That's all?"

"Of course not! We're having a Netflix marathon together." I said with a grin.

"That's the sleepovers I know." He said. "Anyway, what advice do you need?" Here I started.

"Basically, you know how I told you that I was going to have a new neighbour... the neighbour is Luke."

"What?! Really? That's so cool! I mean, that sucks for you, right?"

"Yeah, but the thing is, I bumped into him at the store yesterday and he was being like really kind and asked if I wanted to hang out more. That's when I knew I was his next target to break apart."

"Right..." He said slowly, trying to keep up.

"But then, he came and joined us for dinner as he brought us a present for welcoming and he said he was trying to change because... he loved me. I don't know if I believe him though."

"Really now? He told you, but didn't tell me."

"What?" I asked, confused.

"When you met my band, I asked him if he liked you and he started blushing. And you know Luke, no ones ever seen him blush."

"So... you think he likes me?"

"Yes Lex, I really think that. Have you seen the way he looks at you? He wants you to be his, he's never looked at anyone the way he looks at you, and I don't blame him."

"Mikey!" I say playfully.

"But what did you want advice for?" He asked.

"I think I like him Michael, but I don't want to go down the drain if all of this is just another plan. I'm so confused. He looked so amazing last night in that leather jacket. It's so hard to not take my eyes off of him."

Michael smirked. "I think I can help you two out." Just then, my phone buzzed, indicating the fact that I had a new message. Surprise, surprise, it was from Luke.

"I see Michael through your window, could I join you two? I'm bored :(("

Michael read the text over my shoulder. "Let him, it'll be interesting. In fact, you should let him stay for the night." He smirked.

"Alright." I texted Luke back.

"Yeah why not? Doors open, just come into my room." Almost instantly, I got a reply.

"Thanks, you're the best. :)" I rolled my eyes and smiled. Michael laughed at me and I blushed.


After two minutes, there was a knock on my bedroom door. "It's Luke!"

"Yeah, come in." Luke came in, and just like Michael, he had to bend down a little to get through the doorway. He was wearing a  All Time Low shirt with black skinny jeans and his hair was beautifully quiffed. He smiled at the both of us.

"Hi guys, sorry if I'm interrupting." He started.

"No, not at all, we're going to have a Netflix marathon soon, you can join us." replied Michael before I could say anything.

"Yeah, mum's just gone to buy us snacks and all." I said with a smile. "Come sit down." I gestured to the space in front of me and Michael. He came and sat down, he was so close I got goosebumps on my arms. Mikey quietly chuckled at the sight.

"So, you guys are in a band..." I started, breaking the awkward silence.

"Yeah, it's cool, you should come to band practice sometime." said Luke, staring straight into my eyes, making me feel weak.

"Yeah, a second opinion would be nice." added Michael.

"I would love to!" I said with more enthusiasm than I was expecting.

"You're very pretty Alexis, how are you so flawless?" said Luke, changing the topic. I felt myself starting to blush again.

"Oh um, thanks Luke, you're not too bad yourself." I replied trying to bring a normal smile to my face. I could feel Michael smirking next to me and I wanted to nudge him.

"I need to go to the bathroom, give me a second guys." said Michael, faking it very badly. Luke and I nodded and awkwardness filled the room rapidly.


Luke moved closer to me, and looked into my eyes. I couldn't keep up my gaze so I looked down, but Luke lifted my chin up with his index finger, making me return his stare. His face moved closer to me and I realised what was going to happen. I didn't know if I wanted to, but then again, I might never be able to after this, so I went with it. Soon, his lips touched mine as they moved in sync slowly. A vast amount of chills spread through my body. I adjusted myself so it was easier to kiss him and more comfortable. He perfected his angle as he held my face. I played with his hair as we kissed,  I didn't want this to stop.

"I love you Alexis." He whispered as we were catching our breaths.

"Please, call me Alex." I replied as he laughed with relief. We heard the toilet flush from the bathroom as we moved apart. I knew I was blushing so I looked down at the bed while Luke played it cool. Michael came back to the room and examined both of our faces. He sat next to me and acted confused.

"Everything okay?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah." Replied me and Luke in unison. We all laughed at it. I looked up at Luke as he gave me a heart melting smile.

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