Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


14. Tennis Smirks

Alexis' POV:

I woke up the next day feeling fresher than ever. It felt so good. I opened my curtains to reveal the sparkling sunshine blazing into my bedroom. It was a beautiful day. I was about to go to the bathroom when I heard a knock on my door. Must've been mum. I opened the door and saw my beautiful mum, ready for work.

"Hi honey, sorry I'll be home late. Mark's invited me to dinner for his engagement celebration!" Mark was the music guy I told Ashton and them lot about.

"That's okay, tell him I said congratulations. Oh and mum, could he come over some time? Michael's band are amazing and I think Mark could help them out."

"Sure hun. Okay, I better be going."

"Bye mum, take care." I gave her a kiss as she left.

I started getting ready for school. It was halfway through the last week of school, before spring break. Yes! I decided to wear my Nirvana crop top with high-waisted black jeans with rips on the knees - one of my favourite outfits. I quickly washed my hair before doing so along with brushing my teeth as I checked myself in the mirror. I looked good, I felt good.


When I was done getting ready, I noticed there was half an hour before I would have to leave for school. I decided to text Luke.

A: You awake?

I went downstairs and decided to eat some cereal.

After 3 minutes, I got a reply from Luke.

L: Actually, I'm all ready.

A: Me too! Come over?

L: I'll be right there babe x

I put my phone down and started to eat my cereal. I soon realised how hungry I was, remembering only having a slice of pizza last night.

Ding dong.

I went to the door and opened up to a Luke Hemmings with freshly quiffed hair, black shades, a nirvana tee - which replicated mine - and black jeans with a few rips here and there. We looked like those couples.

I watched him cringe to himself, as I mirrored his actions, and soon we were laughing. I lead him to the kitchen, where I was eating cereal. He sat down opposite me as we stared into each others eyes.

"Mind if you could put me some please? I barely have stocked up on anything yet." He looked at me with pleading eyes. I suddenly felt so bad.

"Oh my gosh, yes of course, I'm so sorry! I should've asked, stupid me."

"Hey, don't worry about it." He gave me a reassuring smile, making my heart melt into a huge puddle of slobbery love. He soon realised that it didn't give me the effect it should've given me, so he bit his lip. Right. There.

"Don't." I said plainly, trying to avoid showing any feeling. He smirked and did it again, but this time, he scrunched his face pleasurably on purpose. My jaw dropped open as I took the beautiful sight in. "If you do that again, I'll-"

"You'll what? Fuck me?" He smirked once again as I forced myself to turn around and continued to put some cereal for him. He quietly chuckled as I did so.

"Can't handle all the sexiness?" He joked as I rolled my eyes when I gave him his cereal. I watched him as he slowly ate his cereal, he was careful and waited for the excess milk to drip before putting the spoon into his mouth. He soon realised I was watching him.

"You imagining being the spoon huh?" He joked again as I laughed and shook my head. Soon he was finished and we left the house to walk to school.


At school, no one could control their eyes - once again. They officially believed the rumours they had been told as they watched Luke and I walk together, our hands entwined. Everyone was quite shocked. Luke never had a proper girlfriend, he never even held any of his "Heartbreak Girl's" hands. A few girls stared at me enviously and I tried my best to ignore it. I mean, what harm will they do to me?

Our first class was PE - my favourite. I was quite a sporty girl and absolutely loved basketball. The best thing about PE right now, was that our topic was basketball - and Luke was in my class. Before, we would sometimes be opponents and it never went down well between us. We would always fight and he would always cheat. It was the worst. Well, I guess this would be a different lesson then.

I quickly got changed and jogged to Luke in the basketball court. He put his arm around me and moved closer to my ear.

"I would've loved to see you change." He smirked.

"I know, too bad you're a guy and can't be in the same room when I'm changing you know." I replied sarcastically. He smiled as we walked over to the coach.

"Alright everyone, change of plans, we're playing tennis doubles instead because one of our hoops are broken. Sorry." Coach Bradwell announced. What?! I was so looking forward to this! Luke noticed my annoyance and told me to calm down.

"Get into pairs please!" shouted Coach Bradwell as he got the tennis nets out with a few others. Me and Luke looked at each other to be partners and laughed afterwards. Afterwards, we all went over to the coach as he set the pairs to opponents.


"Alright, who's next?" He asked, after setting the last pairs to a match. Luke and I took a step forward to indicate being next to be matched up with. The coach stared at us in shock. He knew our history. "Alexis and Luke? What happened between you two? Did someone get amnesia... or were you blackmailed?" He asked seriously, with a hint of sarcasm. Luke and I laughed as the coach waited for a suitable answer.

"Nothing happened coach. We just started being... nice." I replied. He whispered a "wow" to himself and gave us a pair to verse.


"3,2,1." Coach Bradwell shouted as we prepared to start. He blew his whistle and the game began. The pair we were versing were not bad, but not good either. One of the girls hit the tennis ball really high to our side and I jumped and smashed it to the ground on their side, as it came down. Luke and I high-fived after scoring 1-0. The second girl got ready to serve, she threw it up and hit it hard to our side. It was coming to Luke so I let him take care of it. He jumped up and hit the ball as hard as he could with a moan. It sounded hot to be honest. He looked at me afterwards and winked before I started blushing.


Luke's POV:


After PE, Alex got a phone call from her mum. "That's weird." she whispered to herself. I noticed that her phone was  ringing and answered the call for her, as she realised that she was staring at it in confusion for so long.

"Hello, mum?" she asked curiously.

"Uh, yes. Where's my mum? Who are you?" she asked, panicking. I noticed her tone of voice sounding worried and scared so I decided to pay more attention.

"Oh my God!" Alex whispered as tears fell down her face. She was shaking and nearly dropped her phone. This couldn't be good.


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