Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


17. Mr Rudy Cray

Alexis POV:

Tears flooded my eyes as I listened to the three words I feared come out of the doctor's mouth. This could not be happening. I dropped down to the floor and curled myself into a ball. All that surrounded me anymore was darkness. Luke and Michael came on either side of me and rubbed my back.

"I'm so sorry Alexis. I can't believe this is so real." Michael whispered. He only ever calls me Alexis when things became really serious.

"I'm sorry Alex." Luke said.

"How could this..." was all I could manage to say. I couldn't take any of the information in me. My mind totally had blocked the thought.

"Miss Brian, would you like to go inside?" The doctor asked as I looked up with red, teary eyes. I nodded and got up slowly. Luke offered to help but I denied it. As soon as I had stood up, my stomach felt weak. I was destroyed. I couldn't hold myself up and started dropping down again. Michael quickly caught me as the two of them helped me to Room 12.


The first thing I felt when I walked in was the cold air... or maybe it was just the feeling of grief. I looked over to the bed where the bump of my beloved mother's body lay. It was as still as a stone. I let my tears take over my face as I walked to her side. One side of her face was brutally damaged. Her cheekbone was exposed and her eye was surrounded by dry blood from her forehead. She looked so peaceful, as if she had found Enlightenment. Her body was covered by silky white sheets. I soon took in the sound of the heart monitor as it beeped at a constant pace. She was gone.

I rested my head near her shoulders as I silently cried. I heard Michael cry behind me as well as Luke just stared at the body, tears dripping down his face, one at a time.

"Why?" I whispered several times - my question to life and death. Or should I say, everyone's question to life and death. Suddenly, something clicked into my head.

"Where's the lorry driver?" I croaked as I turned to the doctor.

"He has been called by us to come and see what has happened. Should be arriving soon."

Oh I'll be waiting for him.


After about 10 minutes, a middle-aged man with a strong jawline walked into the room with such pride. He was wearing a shirt that said "Baig Logistics", which was probably the name of the company he worked for. I realised that he was the lorry driver when the doctor had greeted him. 

"Hello there." He said to Luke, Michael and I with a smile. He was acting as if nothing had happened.

"Are you serious?" I said, starting to raise my voice. "Do you have any idea of how much damage you caused?!"

The man looked at me blankly.

"You fucking killed my mother!" I screamed at him as he took a step back in shock.

"Miss Brian, I know this is quite hard for you but please calm down." The doctor said.

"I need to go to the bathroom, sorry." Michael excused himself.

"I'm sorry Miss Brian, I really am." The driver explained, although his tone of voice didn't match his words."But, you have a father anyway."

Did. He. Just. Say. That?

"Excuse me?" Luke interrupted, true anger in his voice. "Do you know what it's like to lose one of the most important people in your life? Do you know what it's like to be heartbroken? Do you fucking know what it's like to lose your mother? Because I guarantee you, when you do know what it's like, you will be fucking sorry you ever said that."

 I was shocked by Luke's words. I ran up to him and hugged him, burying my face into his shirt. He kissed my head as he sniffled.

"Well Alexis, as I said before, I'm sorry." said the driver as he walked out of the room.

"That son of a bitch." Luke cursed disgustedly.

"Wait, did you hear him?"

"I fully did. Does he have no sympathy?"

"No, Luke. He knows my name. He said Alexis, I don't know who he is!"

"Doctor, did one of your staff tell him my name?"

"No, Miss Brian."

Michael walked in and noticed the shock on my face.

"What happened?" He asked, half-scared.

"The driver knows Alex's name, but she doesn't know who he is."

"He did look familiar to me." Michael quietly said.

"Who did he remind you of?" I asked curiously.

"I- I don't want to say that right now. You're going through a hard time."

"Doctor, what was the driver's name?" Luke asked him with big eyes.

"Mr Rudy Cray."

"Oh. My. God. No!" Michael shouted in horror.

My mother's death was not an accident. It was murder.

Sorry I haven't updated! My laptop isn't letting me. Anywayss thank you everyone who is reading this! Ily xxx


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