Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


23. Interruptions

Alexis POV:

It was the afternoon of the day I was meeting Luke's family for the first time.

I. Was. Nervous.

I had been thinking about it since I woke up. I mean, it's Luke's parents.

"You'll be fine Alex, I fucking promise you." Luke said calmly, bringing me out of my thoughts. It must've been the 5767th time he's said it today.

"I'm sorry Luke." I sighed.

"No, I understand. I'm a little nervous too." He planted a small kiss on my lips, giving me goosebumps.

"Ooh, fuckboy getting nervous?" I joked.

"I am not a fuckboy." He defended.

"You are."

"Prove it." He said, crossing his arms firmly.

"I'd rather have you prove it."

Luke smirked, followed by a lip bite causing my inner goddess to explode. I tried my best to make no expression whatsoever.

Luke slowly moved closer, his hand on the back of my neck as his lips touched my jawline. I shuddered a bit at the contact. Luke moved down to my neck, sucking softly as I tried to resist the pleasure. His other hand grabbed my butt and squeezed it. I played with his hair and straddled myself onto his lap. He started to suck on my neck harder. I guessed he was aiming to leave marks there. I let out a small moan, unable to keep it in me anymore. Soon, we were vigorously kissing again.

"Um..." A voice said. Luke and I broke contact in a sudden to see who it was.


"Sorry, I just wanted to-"

"Can't you see we're fucking busy here?!" Luke shouted at him. It startled me but also made me glad again.

"Oh... um."

"I recall you telling Alex that you would follow her rules and I'm sure she would like some privacy right now, right Alex?" Luke carried on harshly. I nodded in agreement. "So I suggest you come back later." He ended with a fake smile.

Richard hurried back up the stairs to his room like a 5 year old as Luke and I sighed.

"Well that ruined the moment." I stated.

"I don't like him."

"But you like me don't you?" I said slowly, my hand moving down to his trousers. Luke smirked at my actions and straddled me onto his lap again.

"I sure do." he whispered, guiding my hand across his length.


"How do I look? And be honest!" I asked Luke, looking at my outfit for the night.

"Absolutely beautiful, babe." He comments, eyes wide. I blushed and giggled.

I was wearing a knee-length black dress. It was lacy from the top and the skirt was fabric. It was one of my favourite dresses. But Luke kind of beat me on dressing. He looked super hot in his all black attire. He was wearing a black shirt and tie with his skinny jeans and a casual blazer on top. I couldn't stop staring.

"Stop looking at me!" He whined.

"Why's that Lucas? There's so much to admire." I noticed a faint shade of pink grow on his cheeks.

"Oh my God." I exclaimed.


"ARE YOU BLUSHING?" Luke stared at me in horror before checking himself in the mirror. "BUT YOU NEVER BLUSH, OH MY GOD." Luke covered his face with his hands causing me to giggle.

"You're so cute when you blush."

"Yeah of course." Luke replied, not believing me.

Something felt odd. Not between Luke and I, but between the atmosphere. I felt like someone was around us. Someone else. Right next to me. A chill ran down my spine.

"You okay?" Luke asked curiously.

"Yeah... um have you seen my razors?" I asked randomly.

"Aren't they in your cupboard?" He replied. "Wait, why? What are you going to do? Please don't tell me you're-"

"Luke." I whispered reassuringly. "I'm not doing anything, promise. Just checking."


I walked over to my cupboards knowingly, to find my razors. But-

They weren't there.

Now I was anxious.

"Luke. They're not there."

"What?" He asked in disbelief.

I searched my whole cupboard to not find any razors. I sighed deeply, turning around.

"Let's just leave, don't wanna get late." I said. I probably hid them somewhere else to not use them.


"Yeah, let's go."

We left the house after informing Richard.

Luke hurried after me to the car. He opened the passenger door for me with a smile.

"After you, my lady."

"Thank you, Luke."

Luke hurried to the driver's seat and started the car.

"Ready to go?" He asked me.

"Yup." Luke backed out of my driveway, onto the road.

We were silent for a few minutes as I watched him drive. He looked so good and sophisticated like this, not like the shit he was in school.

"Whatcha lookin' at?" Luke says, shooting the silence out of the car.

"My future." I complimented. Luke turned his face to me, just for a second, shocked by those two, simple yet meaningful words.

The car stopped at a traffic light as Luke faced me again. His deep, blue stare burned into my dark, green one. We were completely different, but still the same.

BEEP! The car behind us let out a tragic, annoying sound, informing us to go. Luke slowly left his gaze from mine, and back to the road.

As the car moved, I looked out of the window. I saw a big van, quite a big van. It could've been a lorry. It was coming fast at the junction. I felt like it wasn't going to stop. I felt like it would crash with us. It was going to crash with us - on my side.

"Luke!" I yelled terrified. Luke looked over to me, confused before he noticed the lorry. Luke quickly jolted the car to the right, opposite to the lorry.


But it was too late.


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