Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


3. Groupchats

Alexis' POV:

After school, I was tidying my room when my phone buzzed - I got a text. I checked my phone and found that an unknown number had texted me. That was weird.

Unknown: Hi :)

A: and this is?

Almost instantly, I had got a reply.

U: Your lover

A: and your name is?

U: Gosh you ask so many questions.

I decided to save the number so I could see the person's profile picture. I saved it as Creeper and went back to Whatsapp and refreshed my contacts. When I went back onto the unknown the person, the profile picture was someone I hoped it wouldn't be. It was Luke and one of his friends, Michael. It had to be Luke because I already had Michael's number. Michael was a great friend, he was nothing like Luke. I don't know how they became friends to be honest.

L: Now you're leaving me hanging. Did I annoy you?

A: Yes you did Luke. I replied

L: How did you know it was me?!

A: Gut instinct.


I left my phone on the bed and went downstairs to get a snack. I met my mum in the kitchen, making dinner.

"Hi honey, dinner will be ready in an hour." she said sweetly. Mum was the best, she understood everything I did and was proud of me. I couldn't have asked for a better mum.

"Wait, are you making lasagne?!" I asked her excitedly. Lasagne was my favourite.


I grabbed some Powerade, realising I was thirsty and headed back upstairs.


I checked my phone again, for any new messages and was surprised by the amount - 56 new messages from 2 chats. I realised that Luke was clingy as fuck. I also realised that I'd been added into a groupchat with Luke, Michael and two other people, but I didn't know who. I sighed with annoyance.

Michael: Looks like you've finally met Alexis, Luke. Oh and hii Alex!

Luke: I met her ages ago. :/

Alexis: Could I just ask how you got my number Luke? And hii Mikey!

Unknown 1: Wait is Alexis a girl or a boy?

Unknown 2: It's obviously a girl if Luke says he met *her*, Cal.

So, Unknown 1 was Cal... this was frustrating.

Luke: I found your number, Alexis. and yes Cal, it's a girl. Btw Alex, that's Calum and Ashton.

Calum and Ashton... got it.

Alexis: I didn't give you the right to give me a nickname Luke.


Alexis: Nice to meet you too Calum.

Ashton: Hi Alexis, great to meet you! I'm Ashton, the daddy of this group.

Alexis: Haha great to meet you too. :)

Michael: Alex already knows me so skip my introductory.

Alexis: Yupp, that's Mikey right there.

Luke: Hang on, why does Mikey have the right to give you a nickname??

Alexis: Because I know him well and he's like a brother to me.

I wasn't lying. Michael was the sweetest guy I'd known and could help me out with anything. If I had any problem, my first instinct would be to go to Michael, and he would do the same. He was amazing. Mum also accepted him as my proper best friend and we were able to have tons of sleepovers and Netflix nights, not to forget the food challenges we had. I really couldn't have asked for a better bestie.

Luke: Oh.

Ashton: That's sweet, aww!

Calum: Alexis do you have a boyfriend?

Luke: Shut up Calum, she won't want you.

Calum: And she'll want you instead?

Luke: Maybe Cal, you never know...

Alexis: No Calum I don't, though I'm not planning to have one soon.

Ashton: You're very pretty Alexis, I just saw your dp.

Alexis: Thanks Ashton, I gotta go guys. Byeee.

"Alex, come down, dinner's ready!" shouted mum from downstairs in a rhythmic tone. It had already been an hour? Wow. Time went fast. As I went downstairs I was thinking about the four guys. Ashton seemed nice. Calum seemed like cool but rushy and Michael wasn't a problem. It was just Luke. Why did he add me into this groupchat? How did he get my number anyways?

I decided to clear away my thoughts and eat my food in peace. I would tell Alyssa about this tomorrow.









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