Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


25. Grief

Luke's POV:

"No no no, Alex, I changed remember!"

"Where's Michael gone?" She ignored me.

I closed my eyes as the world - or what I thought was the world - shattered around me into little mosaic pieces. Some of them glinted the good memories of Alex and I before unveiling the deep, dark bitter ones. When we were together, we fit like a complete puzzle, she was the connective to my sentence. But now, I can only compare her to an exclamation mark while I'm the little full stop.


"He went to the bathroom." I whispered.

"Why are you here?" She asked vacantly.

"Because I'm your boyfriend."

"Excuse me, don't bring me down to that level."

"I'm not lying Alex, you can ask Michael if you want to!"

She became quiet, shocked, almost believing me.

"When did we get together?" She was more calmer now.

"Not long ago, I made up to you, I changed for you."


I sighed, wishing this never happened.


Michael bursted the door open, eyes wide with anger.

"What happened?" Alex asked.

"Rudy that shit did this." He spat sourly. My jaw dropped and my anger went over it's usual limit.

"Who?" Alex asked innocently. I looked over to her and saw her big green eyes filled with confusion.

"We'll tell you later." Michael dismissed the question.

"Michael, she doesn't remember me."

"At all?" He was even more shocked.

"She remembers me to the point where I'm the school asshole."

"Michael is it true that us two are going out?!" Alex interrupts, gesturing at both of us in disbelief. I feel the broken pieces shatter again as I hide my pain.

"Yes, Alexis." He assures her softly.

She looks over to me calmy, sadly, trying to figure everything out.

"I- I'm sorry." She says to me.

"What- no! Don't be, it's not your fault Alex." I move by her side.


Her breathing quickens. A lot. Panic alerted my instincts.

"Alex, are you okay?" I ask.

She doesn't reply, she looks lke she's struggling to. Alex starts to sweat as my panic grows.

"Michael call the doctor!" Michael rushes out of the room screaming the doctor's name.

"Alex! What's happening?!"

Soon, the heart meter beeps fast. No. Please. Alex screams.



A constant line of a beep rings my ears. The heart meter reads "0". Alex stops screaming, stops sweating, stops breathing.



"I'm sorry." The doctor announces.


It was all I needed to hear to know everything. She's gone. I didn't have the energy to cry. Calmly, I left the room and the hospital. I walked and walked and walked...


I entered the park on my right where a little kid's drawing activity was going on. I went over to the stack of pencils and paper and grabbed one of each. i I then walked over to a small, isolated spot and I started to write. I started to write a letter to Alexis...


I arrived home at around 9pm. I bashed my door closed and turned the light on. I folded my precious little letter and kept it in a small spot under my pillow. This was private, and only I could know what words lay written in there.


*After one month*

"That was a great show guys, good job." Ashton praised us as we got off stage.

We're touring with One Direction remember.

We started a little late though, due to what happened back then.

"Yeah man!" Calum agreed, all chirpy. I nodded and went off to my dressing room.

You could say I'm still in grief, but you can't say that for the rest of my life. Let's just say that the past has changed me.



"I still don't get why you won't let us read that!" Calum whined at me.

"It's personal!" I yelled at him in anger.

"What could be so personal, it's probably a damn letter to your 13 year old self!"

"GET OUT!" I screamed at him.

Taken aback, he put his arms out in defence, leaving my bunk.



Hey Alex, just wanted to say that I love you.



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