Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


4. "Do you like-"

Alexis' POV:

The next day at school, I hung out with Michael because Alyssa turned out to be sick. I planned to suprise her at her house after school with roses, chocolate and 21 and 22 Jump Street DVD's.

I realised it had been nearly 2 weeks that I hadn't hung out with Mikey. We caught up with each other's lives til today in Maths.

"Miss Brian and Mr Clifford, is there something you need to share with the class?" said our mean, old maths teacher, Mrs Beanwood. We shook our heads. "Then I suggest you stop talking!" She finished with a rude look on her face. I rolled my eyes when she turned around while Mikey shot middle fingers at her. A few people around us sniggered.

"Miss Beanwood, Alexis put her fingers up at you. Her middle fingers, to be exact." said some guy at the back. I turned around to see who it was and saw Luke giving me an evil smirk. What. The. Hell. I quickly became so annoyed and mouthed a "You're dead." face to Luke before I turned around, dreading to see old Beany's face.

"Is that so Mr Hemmings? Well I guess that's a detention tonight for you Brian. Half an hour in here after school. Miss it, and that's a detention with the Principal."

What even. How dare Luke? What was his problem?

"Calm down Lex, I'm coming with you, I don't care what that brat says." whispered Michael. I told him it was fine but he insisted.

At the end of class, Luke came behind me and whispered, "You don't look cute when you're angry, you should smile more." ending with a painfully beautiful smile. I shot him a glare as we went seperate ways for break.


Michael's POV:

I was really confused about what was going on between Luke and Alex. I mean, yesterday, they seemed just fine and today they're enemies... again. Alex told me that she was going to hang out with Marina, one of her distant friends, for break.

"Bye Lexish!" I said, starting our everyday ritual.

"Bye Mickey!" she replied with a smile. She's so beautiul. I'm the luckiest guy to be her bestest friend.

I went over to find Luke, Cal and Ash, who were probably in the Music Room as always. When I got to the music room, I saw Luke and Cal playing on the acoustic guitars while Ashton held an African Drum between his legs. I set my bag down and grabbed a guitar as we jammed a bit. I mean, I dont know if you know but, we're in a band. 5 Seconds Of Summer is our name. We only started just recently and it was great! My troubles would float away by the strum of a guitar.

After playing two songs, I decided to ask Luke about what was between him and Lex. There were only a few minutes til the next lesson so I had to hurry up.

"Yo Luke, come here, I need to talk to you." He came over without a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

"What's up?"

"I just wanted to know what was going on between you and Alex. I mean last night over text you guys seemed fine and I thought you had made up over your pointless enemity but I guess not."

"Nothing's going on. We have the same enemity as before." He stated with a few shrugs of his shoulders.

"Then why add her to the groupchat?" I noticed that Luke started blushing and couldn't believe my eyes. Lucas. Robert. Hemmings. Was. Blushing. Luke has never blushed in front of us or ever and has never had any interest for a girl. His standards were way too high.

"Wait. Oh my God. Do you like-" The bell rang for next lesson, interrupting my question.

"See ya." said Luke as he walked out of the music room. Oh God! I really wanted to know now! Should I tell Alexis? No, not yet. I need to be 100% sure. Though it all makes sense now.

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