Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


7. Dinner


I really need to change myself. Never will I be able to call that girl mine. I can't describe how I feel about her. Just look at her for God's sake! She's so perfect. Band merch, very little make up, great attitude and hotness overload. I don't know what I'm going to do to change her impression of me. I decided to make a good impression to her mum.

The next day was saturday which meant I had all day. I decided to go to the stores and buy a box of chocolates and a flower vase - with flowers of course. I was choosing the brand of chocolates when I bumped into someone I didn't expect to - Alexis. I accidently made her drop her CD. It was an album. I picked it up and gave it to her.

"Here you go, sorry about that." I started, as kindly as I could.

"Um, thanks Luke." she said, not knowing whether she should put a smile on her face. In the end, she did. It killed me, she was so beautiful.

"So, what's up?" I asked, trying to keep the conversation up. I bit my lip.

"You're really bad at making conversations you know." She said, laughing. She literally read through my mind.

"Teach me then." I said with a smile. A nice one, not a fuckboy one.

"Um, well I don't know, ask me something interesting?" She suggested unsurely.

"I don't know you well enough."

"Oh right."

"Maybe we should hang out more?" I suggested.

"No." She replied as soon as the words left my mouth. A strike of pain hit my heart emotionally. She had no trust in me. "Get away from me Luke, I'm not letting you mess with me."

"Alexis, I'm trying to-"

"No. I need to go. Goodbye Luke."

I felt like that was the last time I was going to ever see her.


After I payed for my items, I went home and wrapped the chocolate box. On the tag I wrote:

For the lovely neighbours who I am living next to.

From Luke xxx

I waited till 8pm, knowing that Alexis was going to be having dinner soon. Hopefully they might invite me too.

At 8pm, I put on a leather jacket on top of my band shirt and jeans and left my house with the presents. I knocked on Alexis' door and took a deep breath. I did not know what to expect to happen. Soon, the door opened. A woman in her early 40's stood there, she had light brown hair like Alexis but had emerald green eyes.

"Hi there. I'm your new neighbour. I wanted to give you this as a "nice to meet you present"." I started. I handed her the box of chocolates and flowers as she stared and gasped in awe.

"Oh my, welcome to the neighbourhood darling! This is so sweet. Why don't you join us for dinner? We were just about to tuck in." Bingo.

"Oh well, I'm sorry to interrupt. If you wouldn't mind any company, that's fine by me." I said as kindly as possible.

"Please, come in! Make yourself comfortable." She took me in as I took my shoes off. "Lexi honey, we have a handsome young man joining us for dinner today."

"Who is it?" I heard Alex from upstairs.

"Our new neighbour!" Replied her mum. Alexis came running down the stairs, not believing her mum's words before she saw me.

"Isn't he wonderful, look what he got us!" I went up to Alex to make a formal greeting.

"Hello there, I'm Luke, your new neighbour. It's nice to meet you."

"Hi, I'm Alexis." She said, acting kind. This would take a while to settle between us.

"Alex, why don't you help Luke here settle down while I get the food." interrupted her mum.


"Why are you here?" whispered Alex as soon as her mum was out of the room.

"You didn't hear me out at the store. I'm trying to change Alexis, I really am."

"But why all of a sudden?"

"That's a little hard to explain right now. You'll soon know why. Just have faith in me please."

"As soon as I know why you're changing, I might believe you." She said, crossing her arms.

"I love you." I whispered as quietly as I could, so Alexis couldn't hear me.


"Nothing, I didn't say anything."





"So Luke, tell us about yourself." said Alexis' mum as we were having dinner. Firstly, may I say that this is the best pasta I've ever had and secondly, Alexis' mum is a complete sweetheart.

"Um, well, I'm 18 and am now living on my own. My mum is a photographer and my dad works with music. I have two older brothers, Ben and Jack, which makes me the youngest and best child." I explained with humour at the end. I glanced over at Alexis. She was staring right through me until she realised and looked down at her plate, smiling. I wondered what that was all about.

"That's nice! Funny thing is, Alex here is 18 too!" I saw Alexis look down in embarrassment, it was cute.

"Mum, I'm not looking for a boyfriend yet." She said as she sighed.

"Ahaha, don't worry Alexis, I won't force you to date me." I said, jokingly. She rolled her eyes and smiled.


After dinner, I offered to help clean the dishes but Linda (Alexis' mum) insisted. So instead, I had to sit with Alex, and talk.

"I'm going to show you that I'm changing, slowly, step by step and you won't hate me. This is a promise I'm not ever breaking." I started, catching her attention.

"Why are you telling me? I mean, you should be telling all the girls who you tore apart."

"I'm telling you because- well... I'm crushing on you Alexis, real hard. I want to change for you. I want to make you happy. Do you know how honoured I would be to be the reason of your happiness? But the thing is, you're just too perfect for me. I need to reach your level to be with you and I won't give up. Watch me Alexis, watch me."


Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What's going to happen between them next? What's Alex's reaction to this confession? Does Luke even deserve Alexis? Will be updating soon x



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