Too Close to the Enemy

He thinks he's cool for breaking all those girl's hearts.

I won't be one of them

even if he's hard to resist...


1. Detention


Alexis' POV:

Detention for 3 days. It isn't that bad for the fight I had. I'm not complaining I'm just surprised.

I had a fight with two other girls, aka my enemies, Mercedes and Brittany, in which I won, as always. By saying "I won", I mean that I had got my way, as always.

You're probably thinking that I'm one of those popular, bitchy girls who are just mean and stuff but I swear I'm not. Have you ever had the popular bitches just annoy you so much, you just want to stand up to them, and everyone else who gets in your way? Yeah, I'm that girl. I don't just sit in the corner and take hate for no reason, I actually make them get away from me.

Well, I've kind of become known in the whole school now, so all the arses want to challenge me and to be honest, I'm not even up for it. I'm tired of it.

What happened with Mercedes and Brittany? They decided to spread rumours about me being an unknown prostitute. Surprisingly, everyone seemed to believe it which pissed me off even more. Who the fuck is that gullible? Anyway, I decided to go up to them and ask what their problem was.


"Hey, I'd like to talk to you both." I said, knowing I interrupted their own little gossip time.

"What do you want, Brian?" they hissed. I hated people calling me by my last name.

"What are your problems? What have I done to you to make you guys want to spread shit around the school?" I asked angrily, nearly raising my voice a bit too high.

"We were just telling the truth to everyone. After all, you are a little slutty hoe tryna get all the guys at once." said Brittany in an innocent voice which was getting me up to my temper.

"Excuse me? Don't you dare call me a slut." I said in disgust.

"What'll you do?" Mercedes smirked. I had lost it after that.

I punched Mercedes straight at her stomach and she bent down in pain. I quickly punched Brittany's face, aiming for her nose. They were both on the ground because they weren't used to physical fights. I believe this is their second one. I kicked both their legs hardly just before a few teachers followed by the principal arrived. I'm glad I took self defense lessons.

*End of flashback*

So, I've been given detention for 3 days, as it was my first physical fight. I thought they would give me a week but good enough.

I went into the detention room and sat down at the back of the class. The teacher was too intrigued into whatever was on his laptop to even notice me go by. He was probably watching porn.

I put my bags down and sighed. 2 hours of detention with no shit to be done. Great. A girl came up to me to congratulate me on my courage. I thanked her and smiled. We started talking about random stuff and got to know each other. After all, I am actually a very kind girl, you just have to get the best of me. Her name was Alyssa and she got in detention for putting a few pins on her history teacher's chair as a dare.

She told me about her crushes. She seemed to trust me already and I felt happy about that. Who would I tell anyway? Turns out she likes my worst ever enemy. The arch nemesis, Luke Hemmings. He was a cheat, a player. He would target gullible girls and pretend to crush on them, as soon as they "go out on their first date", he would just leave them there, waiting for him, a guy who never even liked them. I don't trust him at all.

But you're asking why he's my arch nemesis. Well, he's tried to target me. Though I'm not falling for his trap. I'm nowhere near falling for him. He might have the best blue eyes and blonde hair with a lip ring on the corner of his lip making him look extra hot, but he takes advantage of it in a bad way. And, he already has lost my trust, with all the things he's done. I don't see how anyone believes him nowadays.

Back to Alyssa. So, she understood that Luke was an idiot and she would never let him get the best of her, though it's hard for her to not admire his beauty. Which cheat could be such a hottie?

I knew what she meant. I've been there. And I feel like I'm going there again...

A/N: oooooh! I hope you like this. More will be coming soon. Won't do many a/n's cos I realised it's annoying. Anyway, pls like/fave/fan and thank you for reading. ily xx


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